How To Install Ekena Millwork Panel Wall Panels (4 Steps Guide)

How To Install Ekena Millwork Panel Wall Panels

Elena wall panels are plywood or wood designs manufactured for wall insignia. Installing millwork wall panel are very easy and rental-free. One can easily install it and make their home view aristocratic and traditional.

How Do I Install Ekena Millwork Panel

Elena millwork panels are designed wood strips used for making your boring wall look artistic. These millwork products are well-finished and rental-free for use directly. You can color them before or after you have started working with them.

These products come in very handy packages and the best part of this product is you can customize the design as you want.

If you are thinking of making your rental flat look more like a royal house, you can order them and design your house just by yourself because this product is easy to install, one can install them just by himself.

If you are thinking to put up a millwork wall in your home. you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose the Wall

When you are thinking of putting up a wall, first you need to choose a wall that has a wide view of the room and can be easily focused from any corner of your room. Mainly the wall needs to be wide and prominent.

Step 2: Make a Design & Measure

Sketch the custom design you want to add to your wall, it can be any kind of square, symmetrical or irregular which makes you feel your wall look amazing, you can make it look modern, traditional, aesthetic, or popular. Then measure the whole wall alone with the long design, you want to add. Proposition the designs to the wall and measure them. 

If you don’t want to do difficult math for your wall, divide the wall into sections add a symmetrical design and draw the line, outline the measure and for asymmetric design just draw the design and measure.

Step 3: Cut the Panels According to the Design

Take the plywood or wood panel and cut them using a large band saw for the smooth and angular cut because you don’t want them to look awful. Measure the angles properly and cut accordingly. Square, rhombus, and rectangular shapes panels need a 45° angle cut. But, If you have made any other shape measure out the angle and cut competently.

Step 4: Place the Panels on the Wall

The last and final step for transforming your wall. Hold the panels to the wall, if it’s symmetrical design alone with the carpenter’s level. Check the bubble inside the tube to be sure it’s leveled with the wall and use a nail gun to attach them to the wall. Lastly, paint the wall if you want.

How Do You Stick Wall Panel To The Wall?

You can choose any of the 3 methods for sticking your panel to the wall. Nailing, gluing or taping. You can nail directly your panels to the wall, this process won’t require any sanding of the wall. You can easily spray paint the new wall to hide the nails. Gluing can be a tough process as it needs proper sanding to the wall to hold the panels with adhesive also weather and room temperature can affect the glue to come off. Lastly, You can use command strips for attaching the panels but In this process, you’ll be needing a lot of attaching strips to add the panels.

How to Install Panel Trim?

The wood panel trims need to be mathematical and attaching those panels fit with each other and create nice security. Hold two of the panel on up another at a 45° angle and draw a line just from the intersection of two panels, cut the top and then, hold that on another one to cut it as well. Secure you do a nice trimming for your panels.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you install mdf wall panels?

MDF panels are super affordable and can be easily installed. Measure your wall and remove all the pins, socket board, and ground molding which you are going to attach again after installing the MDF panel. 

Now, cut the panels according to the measurement and make sure to create socket holes as well. Add adhesives to the back of the sheets and attach them vertically or horizontally with the help of a carpenter’s level. After gluing the panels add some nails with the wall to the stud line to secure the panels with the studs. Lastly, install all the socket boards and ground molding to make it look professionally installed.

How do you install drywall panel sheets?

If you are installing drywall panel sheets to your wall, install them horizontally and attach them with pins to the wall. Cut out the excessive parts using an anti-cutter. Always keep a minimum ½-inch gap in between every panel and cover them using paper tape, mesh tape, and pre-mixed compound to make them appear professionally done. Use ½ inch drill to drill screws to the wall to secure with the studs. After you are done adding screws use the compound to cover them and paint.

What is the best adhesive for paneling?

The adhesive is the best way to attach any kind of paneling to the wall without any hassle of nails and scores which can cost you over 100$ because these require machines like a nail gun to escort. Adhesives can be a reasonable choice compared to nails and screws. The best adhesive that can be suggested for paneling is liquid nails Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive, which comes in handy packaging and easy installment facilities. 

Do some sanding on the back of the panels with which the adhesive is going to be added, make sure the panels, as well as the wall, are dry enough, and ¼ inch continuous lines of glue to the panel and attach it to the wall with a hard press towards the panels to stick them together.


Decorative panels can add warmth and texture to your boring walls. When you are adding horizontal walls to the door or window space, Don’t cut them before attaching, attach them first and cut out the gap to make the panel edge pretty. Add the upper part and cut out horizontal panels than the other.

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