How To Remove GE Wall Oven Microwave Combo?

How To Remove GE Wall Oven Microwave Combo

GE wall oven microwave combo is the modern kitchen cooking solution for modern houses with both conventions. If you are thinking of changing the look of your kitchen, you might need to remove the GE wall oven micro combo from the wall. In modern houses, these GE wall oven is a built-in feature of a home. The best part of this oven is that it can be controlled by a mobile app or voice control.

How Do You Remove A GE Wall Oven?

If you want to remove the pre-installed GE wall oven from your kitchen wall, You need to do it manually. If you have basic knowledge about electric work, you can simply remove the GE wall oven by following some steps:

Step 1:Turn Off The Oven. A GE wall oven is circuited through the wall, so you won’t find any plug or switch to turn it off. So, You need to turn off the kitchen circuit breaker or the kitchen oven is on.

Step 2:Find The Electric Junction Box And Check. If Your GE oven is hardware, You need to find out the Junction box; It might be located near the GE oven Cabinet or above the oven cabinet. Now check the wire’s voltage with a No-Contract Voltage Tester; press the tester button and put it on each wire to ensure no voltage flow. If the sensor beeps or lights up during this process,  there might be some electric flow on the cables, which you need to disconnect immediately until you find no sensor response. You can skip this part and safely start for the next step if the Tester is null while checking the wires.

Step 3:Open The Junction Box And Remove The Ground Wire. If You have experience with Electric work, Unscrew the junction box and remove the clamps connected with the oven to the wall. If you are confused about the color of the ground wire, simply check the manual book or call an electrician for suggestions. Most of the time, the ground wires are green-colored or bared.

Step 4:Remove The Oven. Check if the oven is screwed to the wall from both sides before taking out the oven. Unscrew them and gently take off the oven with the help of someone because these GE wall ovens weigh almost 160 pounds, So it’s not possible to remove them just by one. If the Oven’s plug is still on the wall, pull it off gently and put it down steadily.

Step 5:Close The Junction Box. After the Safely removal of the GE wall oven. Put capes on the bare junction wires to avoid short-circuiting, and close the junction box. You can terminate the wire if It’s a single wire connected to the oven.

How To Remove A Wall Oven From Wall?

Before removing the wall oven from the wall, turn off the circuit breaker and put off all the racks from the oven to avoid damage while taking it off. Now remove the oven door following the oven model process. 

Generally, oven doors come off when you pull it up, opening it at a 45-degree angle from the oven. Check before pulling if it’s screwed to the oven. Take the screws off and use a flat screwdriver between the door and the oven to pry it off. Then unscrew all the screws which secure the oven to the wall. Remove the upper case of the oven to check if there are any screws left. Put them off as well before pulling the oven from the wall. 

Now slightly pull the oven from the wall and check behind the stove if it’s plugged or wired directly to the junction box. If plugged, unplug it or remove the screws from the wires that connect it with the power circuit of the junction box. Once the wires come off without damaging them, remove the oven from the wall.

How Do I Remove A Built-In Oven and Microwave?

A Built-in Microwave is attached to the wall with a wooden chamber trim and a stand to secure it to the wall. When removing a Built-in Oven and Microwave from the wall, take off the circuit breaker connected to the oven. 

Then, Unscrew the screw attached to the trim around the stove and microwave chamber. Take off the edge by unscrewing it using a Philips screwdriver with the drill, To make the unscrewing process faster. Now you’ll find a stand underneath the oven and a microwave attached to the wooden wall shelf. Remove it as well, and your oven is ready for taking off. Before removing a Wall oven and microwave, Place a table before the oven, gently remove it without tilting, and place it on the table. 

Behind the Oven and microwave, you’ll notice the usual sockets with which the oven is plugged. Remove the plug, and the process is done. 

How To Remove A Wall Mount Micro-Wave?

It’s Generally an easy process to remove a wall mount micro-wave because this type of oven weighs less than the other ovens. Do The basics before starting the process for safety measures. Now Unscrew all the screws attached to the cabinet to the microwave. If your oven still doesn’t come off, it might be because of the lift mount attached to the back of the microwave, which works like a toggle bolt.

Take off the upper case of the grill from the microwave there; you’ll find two latches on each side; pushing this lock will close the mount hooks back off the wall and then pull the microwave safely from the wall.


Removing the GE wall oven and microwave may seem easy for an electrician or a skilled person. Before Starting to remove a wall oven, research the current model, you have installed in your home because not all GE wall ovens are installed the same way. 

Not to mention, always keep a helping hand before removing a GE wall oven because these types of ovens are much heavier for one to take off. Don’t stretch; try taking off the stove because this might damage the interior wiring and range. These GE wall ovens and microwaves are costly, and you don’t want to leave your home with bare circuits. Always consult with an electrician. Better hire them while you are Removing the GE wall oven by yourself.

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