Most Popular Circle Wall Shelf Decor Ideas

Circle Wall Shelf Decor Ideas

Today, people like to have minimalist and simple wall shelves in their homes. You have many options in choosing a wall shelf because there exist various shapes and sizes of wall shelves. Circle shelves are the most famous wall shelves due to their style and services. You can have more artistic, unique shelves without mainstream characteristics in the circle wall shelves. 

However, a wall shelf not only keeps our required things organized but is another thing that helps us to decorate our walls and raises the beauty of a room. So, selecting a perfect and stylish wall shelf to decorate our walls is essential. 

9 Stylish Circle Wall Shelf Decor Ideas

If you want to impress your visitors with outstanding circle wall shelves, then read the article. Because here in this article, I will share with you some perfect and stylish circled wall shelf decor ideas. These ideas will work amazingly to be a centerpiece of your room. In addition, these ideas also can function well in the display or storage of your favorite items. 

1. Circled Wall Shelf with Modern Gold and White Style

This wall shelf with the amazing combination of modern gold and white circle wall shelf can bring a lot of contemporary, glamorous appearance into the space. You can impress your visitors with this outstanding item. This wall shelf can add more storage options to your room with its 24-inch diameter. 

2. Gray-washed and Simple Style

You can have this floating shelf with a unique grey-washed finish that complements a farmhouse twist in a modern appearance paired beautifully. This idea can be an amazing addition to lifting your empty wall spaces in a room. Moreover, you will get a unique t-shape shelf that seems artistically adjusted and gorgeous on your wall. Again, you can express your latent talent by hanging the circled shelf on the wall so that people can know your creativity. 

3. Circled Wall Shelves with Rustic Metal Mesh, Galvanized Iron, and Wood

This idea is great if you want to use rustic industrial decor for the interior. You will be amazed by the unique mesh metal style that brings a bold retro vibe to your wall. The product has three different wooden shelves on that you can place your favorite items on them. Again, you can use the shelve to place your heavy items because the shelve has a sturdy structure. 

4. A Contemporary Modern Style

This shelving unit serves a lot of storage options with a contemporary modern style. You can organize any decoration or household items due to the four multi-level shelve on the wall shelf. Moreover, this contemporary circled iron wall shelf is versatile because you can use it in multiple interior design styles. 

5. Two Sets of Circled Floating Shelf with Modern Glam Style

The pair of shelve is a great option for you with a modern and striking glam appearance for any wall. This idea of a wall shelf comes with two different sizes of shelves. Again, you can blend the shelve perfectly with other wall decor items. So, it can be a focal point for your wall. 

6. Wood, Metal Touch, and Amazing Rustic-inspired Touch

This wall shelf has a compact size with a vintage touch and rustic vibe. You can keep the wall shelf in a very tiny space because there is no need to have a huge space in a wall to hang it. However, the distressed circle metal adds some farmhouse appearance to the shelf. You can use the shelf to display any small items, such as small vases, picture frames, and succulent planters. 

7. Three Set of Circled Rustic Style Wall Shelf with Iron Mesh

You will get three different shelves with this circled wall shelf. In this idea, you can use your creativity and imagination to arrange the shelve to get the perfect look you want. However, in the shelve, the iron mesh can serve a lot of rustic effects when you can highlight your treasure through its shadow box style. 

8. Industrial Style Barrel

This circled wall shelf idea is absolutely wonderful because it combines a rustic look with its metal barrel design. Again, you can get a charming feel with its authentic wood shelf. Though the shelf is quite large and about 35.5 inches, it will be a great option if you want an item that can serve you a lot of extra storage space in a gorgeous way. So, do not delay in grabbing the wall shelf. 

9. Circled Metal Wood Barrel Wall Shelf with Hanging Rope

You can blend this circled wall shelf that has a hanging rope with any rustic, coastal or industrial room decor style. In addition, in these ideas, the metal wood barrel design will serve an attractive and unique appearance to your wall. Especially this wall shelf will be a great addition to your bedroom or living room wall. 

These ideas will make your wall a worthy meaning and give a special look to your entire room. 

How Do You Attach a Shelf to a Plasterboard Wall?

It is very convenient to attach a shelf to a plasterboard wall. First, you have to put up a shelf on your plasterboard wall. Then you need to find two studs to anchor the shelf brackets. Between the two studs, one stud is the upright wooden support in your wall to which your plasterboard is attached. After that, it is time to use the stud detector to figure out them and draw two guides vertically along the lines of your studs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Put on the Bottom Shelf of My Bookshelf?

A bookshelf is a place you can arrange books. But if you want to make it look more useful, then you can put your storage containers such as baskets, bins, lidded boxes, and crates on the lower shelf. Using the bottom shelf of your bookshelf as your storage container will give you hidden storage, and it will make a visual weight on that bottom shelf to anchor the bookcase.  

Can I Use Command Strips to Put up My Shelf?

Definitely, you can use command strips to put up your shelf. But you have to be aware of doing this task. Before placing anything on the command strips, you have to make sure that you have researched the amount of weight that the command strips can hold.

Can I Attach My Floating Shelf without Screws?

It is not impossible to attach your floating shelf without screws. Actually, there is no need to drill your wall when attaching the floating shelf to it. There are many options when one does not want to drill a wall. 

How Do I Style My Deep Shelve?

If you want a more stylish deep shelf, you have to arrange them differently. Since a deep bookshelf serves you the luxury of playing with layers, then you can lean artworks along the back of your shelves and then anchor them with the help of heavier objects or books. To decorate the bookcase on the deep shelf, you have to place a few small pieces of creative art near the front of your shelf. It will give your deep shelf depth. 


Nowadays, a wall shelf is not only a luxurious item for a home but also a necessary thing. You can decorate your wall shelf with plants, books, candles, vases, candle holders, art prints, pictures, photos, wooden prayer beads, fun woven baskets, risers, and so on. The items will make your wall shelf smart and more stylish than before. 

You can place your wall shelf about four to five feet from the floor or at eye level. If you place the hanging shelf above your furniture, then measure about ten inches from the top of the couch or desk. 

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