How to Make a Rustic Light Fixture | A Detailed Guide

How to Make a Rustic Light Fixture

When you are stepping into your dream home, you can’t help but admire the space you have. No matter how small, old or big it is, it is still home! And it’s all yours! 

While arranging the furniture, and the little collectibles on the fireplace, you wonder, if a rustic light fixture would be the perfect addition to your home. It’ll not only provide you with light but also change the whole vibe of the place. 

But how do you make it? It easily costs hundreds to get one. That is why we are here today to show you how to make a rustic light fixture for your home. But in a very inexpensive manner. 

DIY Elegance: How to Make a Rustic Light Fixture

We come with a few of the best rustic light fixture ideas. No matter if you are planning to hang it in a small room, above the kitchen counter, or living room, we all got it covered. 

Old Farmhouse Light Fixture

Nothing calls out more rustic than an old farmhouse-style light fixture. It’s simple, yet elegant. The simplistic design and selection of the perfect light with the dark color of the wood make it an amazing piece of lighting equipment for your home. 

What you will need:

  1. 4 ft long, 4 inches thick, and 6-inch width wood plank. 
  2. Hanging rod. (according to size) 
  3. 4 or 5 Edison bulbs. 
  4. Bulb sockets (metal finish). 
  5. Electrical wire. 

How to Put it Together:

  • Start by making holes in the wood plank. Measure the distance of your bulbs. They should stay away from each other leaving the same gap. 
  • Cut down the rod according to the height you want the fixture to hang above your head. Measure it out and then cut it. 
  • When all the hard work is done, install the wiring and bulb sockets. Make sure you curb some lines on the opposite of the wood plank to hide the wires. And install them to the sockets by a daisy chain
  • Put in the bulbs and check if they are working perfectly before putting them up. And you are done. 

Tip: You can color the plank and hanging rod a darker color to give it a more rustic feel. Simple wood color can do that.

Wood Log Barn Rustic Fixture

If you have a piece of huge log laying around, you can give it a square shape or just turn it into a barn rustic light fixture. The process is almost like a farmhouse fixture but with less equipment and time. 

The things you will need are:

  1. A good amount of wire. (Double the regular needed amount). 
  2. 5-6 bulbs of your choice. (We suggest going for an incandescent or LED replica) 
  3. 5-6 light sockets. 
  4. A metal hanging pole. 

How to Put it Together:

  • Turning the log into a fixture is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is dry it off perfectly. Because moisture will destroy the wood along with the fixture. So go for aged wood for this one.
  • You might want to leave all the uneven sides of the wooden log to keep the more rustic vibe. Do the wiring in the loop and make a bundle out of it. There is no drilling or screwing involved here.
  • When you have wired all the light sockets, put on the bulbs and check if they are working. If they are good to go, time to set your log in its place.
  • Use a thick heavy-duty metal pole that can take the weight of the log. And secure it to the center of the log with some bolts. You might want to bolt it to your ceiling too.
  • Afterward, take your wire chain and loop it on the log as you wish to decorate it. Just like a Christmas tree. Secure them in place from the top with wire clips so that they don’t slide down. Make an uneven gathering so the lights hang from different heights.

And plug it in. You have your own rustic wood log barn light fixture!

Mason Jar Light Fixture

Mason jars are not only used for making pickles, cakes, and ice tea but they can also be turned into amazing light fixtures. However, you will need a few of them. A mason jar is rustic itself, so no wonder they bring in more value.

Here is a list of things you will need:

  1. 6 small-size mason jars.
  2. 6 Edison bulbs or incandescent bulbs.
  3. 6 bulb sockets.
  4. A bundle of hanging rope. (Jute texture)
  5. Electrical wires.
  6. A switch and plug. (Optional)

How to Put it Together:

  • Start by drilling holes in the mason jar tops. Measure the bulbs sockets and drill them accordingly, we want the sockets to stick into them. Otherwise, the bulbs won’t have a ground to hold on to.
  • Cut the hanging rope bundle to your preferred length and design. One end will keep all the ropes together and the other end will go into the jar securing it. It is the hanging material for your lights.
  • Twist the electrical wires around the rope and into the mason jar. And connect the socket and secure them on the jar lid. You can use a glue gun to make it more secure if it is a bit wobbly. 
  • Place the lights in place and connect the wires together in a phase. Then to the switch. Turn it on and watch an eye-pleasing site around the corner of your room.

This fixture is more of a small room decoration rustic light fixture rather than for an open place. You can turn it into a chandelier of sorts by using bigger mason jars and bigger lights if you want. 

Stag Antler Light Fixture

This one is for adventurers who love hunting and dears. Stag Antlers are everywhere during the hunting seasons and you can buy them for an inexpensive price. No matter how odd they might look, you can turn them into a rustic-looking light fixture.

The things you’ll need are pretty straightforward. The hard work is in conditioning, aging, and securing the antlers.

Still, here is the list of things you will require for this light fixture.

  1. Stag Antlers 4-5 pieces.
  2. A  round light fixture. (Metal or Wooden) 

How to Put it Together:

  • You can always build your rustic fixture from scratch. But why waste time when you can get a simple round one in an inexpensive deal? Get one of those round border chandelier types of the fixture with no accessories or designs. 
  • Take out the bulbs, if they come with them. And drill in some holes where you want your Antlers to hang. 
  • Also, drill on the bottom of the Antlers. But before that do speculate on how it might turn out by placing them side by side. 
  • Assemble the fixture and Antlers together with stainless steel screws or nuts. Give the Antlers a glossy coating and you are done. 
  • All you need to do is install the bulbs and put them up using the fixtures chain. Connect the wires carefully and turn them on. 

You have yourself a trophy rustic fixture! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I make a farmhouse light fixture?

Farmhouse light fixtures are mainly made from metal and wood. The design depends totally on you. But the aesthetic part of it is you leave the light bulb exposed. A simple wire running down a log or wooden plank or a series of them can make a farmhouse light fixture. Even a round globe structure, old fan case, antlers, or anything that wreaks old school can be turned into a farmhouse light fixture. 

How do I make a homemade light fixture?

To make a homemade light, first, you need to have a design in mind. If you can’t figure out anything, Pinterest, Amazon, and Etsy is your best friend. Select a design, get some good wires (recommend gauge), your choice of lights (incandescent, halogen, LED), and a switch. Then you can put it all together and come up with a homemade light fixture. Additionally, you’ll need a drill, Soldering iron, screws, chains, and metal or wood structures according to your design. 

How do I distress a light fixture?

Distressing is totally different from one individual to another. You can use tape, spray paints, brush paint, and anything that will stick to your fixture. But we suggest taking off the bulbs and wires, along with the sockets. Then use a temperature-resistant paint to distress your fixture according to your choice. 

Can I make my own light fixture?

Yes. You can make your own light fixture from scratch. All you need is a few meters of wire, sockets, bulbs, and a base foundation for the fixture and you have your self-made light fixture. A trip to the home depot will have you packed with everything you’ll need. 


Rustic light fixtures have no distinctive design or pattern. Whatever looks old, raw, and vintage can be called a rustic light fixture. So you have the freedom to design your own. And there will still be room for more customization. But make sure you follow safety measures while plugging them in. Always turn off the electrical breaker before you install a light fixture

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