Can a Handyman Change a Light Fixture | Answered!

Can a Handyman Change a Light Fixture

Changing a light bulb might make you feel like a genius. This might also make you think, that you can even put up the whole house fixture all by yourself! 

As easy as it seems, putting up fixtures needs a lot of experience. With the wire gauge and voltage output connecting them to the correct switch, everything has to be considered while putting up a fixture. 

Even the slightest wrong wiring might leave you without electricity in your house. Worse, it can damage your other electronic equipment. 

That is why whenever you are changing or putting on a new light fixture, you should call a professional. But can a handyman change a light fixture? How much do they charge for that? Are they trustworthy? 

We are going to talk about all that in today’s article. 

Can a Handyman Change a Light Fixture?

A simple T8 light fixture doesn’t mean much labor. Or even a single wall lamp. 

But as the bigger the fixture gets, the harder it is to deal with. Especially if you are going for some modern design hanging lights

A handyman, well, is the superman of the electrical trade. Hiring them doesn’t only mean getting the fixture up, but also installing it in the proper and secured way. 

Here are the reasons you need a handyman.

Work and Time Efficiency

They are the superman of electrical work. Like a magician with all his handy tools. Hence, they are the handyman. 

As they have many years of experience, changing a fixture is like flipping a pancake, but always perfect. 

The time they take to put up a fixture will amaze you. And if you have a lot of them, it might even take you hours to put up by yourself. For a handyman, just a few hours. 

Easy Installation With Advanced Gadget and Gear

There is critical and confusing wiring in the house. By yourself with limited tools, it would be hard to get it done correctly. 

A handyman not only has tools but also gadgets that make the work get done without any fuss. No accidental drilling or short-circuiting the whole house. 

How to Select the Perfect Handyman

As we live in the modern world, there is more than one way to select the perfect handyman. Here are the ways you can get the best handyman to change your fixtures. 

Online Review

There are a lot of online handyman pages out there. They not only take online booking, but you can also read reviews about them and their team of workers. Efficient, effective, and time-saving. 

Referral From Close Acquaintances

If you are not a fan of online reviews, there is always a person who knows another person. That’s how it was done in the old days and still is one of the best. 

Check with your friends and family for their suggestions for a good handyman and contact them for an appointment. 

Work Experience

Some handymen are known in the area you are living in and are legends in what they do. This is because of their time in this field and the experience they have gathered. Even online professionals have their past work records. So go for the one with the best experience. 

Cost Outline

A good handyman will always provide you with a cost estimate even before starting to work. There is no hidden charge or extra materials out of their list. If you find one of them, you know they are the one you are looking for. 

Can a Handyman Work on a Contract

Yes. Handymans’ main profession is working on different building and office contracts. They have a team of workers who work in groups. If you are looking to wire your house, call a team and set up a contract. They will take care of the rest. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an electrician to change a light fixture?

Yes. Especially if it is a big and complex one. As modern-day light fixtures come with a lot of safety components and wires, it is easy to get confused. At the same time, an electrician will install a fixture more efficiently than you.

Can anyone change a light fixture?

If you have prior experience with household appliances and have safety gear and proper equipment, then you can change a light fixture on your own. Otherwise, you cannot possibly pull it off with a pair of pliers and screwdrivers

How much does it cost to have someone change a light fixture?

Electricians or handymen charge between $65-$165 per hour depending on the state that you are in. It also depends on the fixture you are going to change. Small-size fixtures don’t cost much but bigger chandelier quality fixtures take a lot of time and money to install.

How much would an electrician charge install a ceiling light?

An average electrician charges from $35 to $100 for any light fixture. And that too charged based on the hour of work. So you can look from $70-$120 to install a ceiling light. As it takes at least 2 hours.


A handyman not only installs your light but also regulates the electric line and wires. They use volt meters, connectors, and other equipment to make the line secure. If you did it on your own, you wouldn’t have bothered about the meter and other stuff. But as electrical malfunction can even put anyone’s life at risk, it is best to take the help of a professional. 

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