How to Hang Guns on Wall | 8 Elegant Ways

How to Hang Guns on Wall

Guns don’t only pose for your safety and hunting accessory, but also do a lot more. When not in use, you have to store them carefully, in a safe and secure manner. 

As they are built from metal, they will rust in humid areas. The best thing to do is hang them on your wall. Or even build a rack to keep them on the display. 

Here we have come up with a few ways how to hang guns on walls so that they can be in good condition and act as decorative pieces too. 

Hanging Guns on Wall | Decoration for Hunters

Antique and Rustic Gun Mounting

If you are a gun lover and go on hunting occasionally, then these ideas are for you. They will. Not only store your guns but also honor the gun itself. 

Antler Gun Holder

Rifles and shotguns can be put into this bad boy. You can buy some antlers from the hunting gear store and turn them into wall hangers. 

All you need to do is cut the antlers into your desired size, glue them on a wooden board of your choice, or maybe screw them from the back, and you’re all done. 

It will bring out the hunter in you and also lift your gun’s antique value. 

Wooden Box 

This one is old school. You can make a box for your guns. If you have just one or two guns to mount then this is definitely for you. 

Build a box with an open front face, and attach some gun hooks in it. You can burnish it in natural wood color for extra glaze. 

Place it anywhere in your living room, and place your gun in it. 

DIY Rack With Distressed Look

This rack is easy to build. With just a couple of distressed wood planks and a  few gun holder clamps, you can turn it into something rustic for your rifle, shotgun, or even modern combat weapons. 

Advanced and Functional Gun Arrangements

For all gun enthusiasts, this is for you. You can store more than one gun on the wall, and can even turn a corner of your home into an artillery display in no time. 


Slatwall is an amazing backdrop for your arms decoration. You can put up a lot of guns side by side with the featured wall highlighting them.

All you need is some 2”x4” and arrange them horizontally or vertically. Although traditionally they are designed horizontally. Then paint them black. Paint them white on the gaps of the Slatwall. 

Install the number of gun hooks you want, and there you have it. 

Display Racks With Led Top

Metal or wood works great for both. This display rack is pretty straightforward and has an open-head display. 

Over the top, you got your LEDs positioned down onto your guns. While the guns can be positioned upwards or sideways, the light will reflect on them giving a precious feel. 

Vertical wooden gun mount rack

If you are a traditional gun person, nothing beats the vertical wooden gun mount rack. Just put together some wood on 3 sides. And a thin one on the back. And you are done.

Additionally, you can allocate spaces for each gun by adding dividers in the vertical mount. It will separate and elegantly place each gun individually. No cramped up together. 

Out of the Box Over Head Gun Mounts

Over the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace with a high ceiling, simply install some gun-holding wall hooks and place your guns there. 

We suggest two guns facing both sides for the aesthetic feel. It is also a great idea if you have some antique rifles. 

Invisible Wall Holders

You can also hang guns using the same wall color holders. Simply buy them from any home depot and install them according to your gun size. Or you can also paint them according to the color of your gun and it will give them the same look. 

And behold! The gun is hanging over thin air.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wall hanger gun?

A wall hanger gun is a way you can hang a gun on the wall. You will either need hooks for that or you can hang the gun by its belt or holster. There is also a wall hanger of different types to hang your handgun. 

Where is the safest place to hide a gun?

The safest place to hide a gun is always a gun safe that keeps the gun in a vertical position. So whenever you need it, you can pick it up. On the contrary, you can hide your gun inside an empty cereal box, under a fake electrical outlet, inside a fake book gun case, and so on. 

Where is the best place to store a gun?

The best place to store a gun is a clean, dry, and cold place. Always empty the ammunition before you store your gun. The best and safest way to keep them safe and out of reach is a gun safe. You can also put up a gun mount that is out of reach of children. Remember to store them with the muzzle downwards. 

Why you shouldn’t hold a gun sideways?

The only reason you shouldn’t hold your gun sideways is due to a lack of aim. If you are a pro at this, then there is no reason to not hold a gun sideways.


A gun is not only for hunting and personal safety, it is also an asset for decoration purposes. Enthusiasts will know how much they mean in the long run. As antique guns always rise their value, you can always buy the rarest guns and store them in pristine condition. Which will turn out to be almost as same as gold afterward. 

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