Types of Picture Frame

Types of Picture Frame

Photo frames give a home a more welcoming feeling and complete it. In addition to that, choosing framed photos is a great way to customize a new space, or just to update your current space. The beauty of frame photos is that they can be customized according to your tastes. Do you prefer an old-fashioned farmhouse look? If so, choose a wooden frame. Looking for something sleek and modern? Go for a classic black matte or white frame. 

As there are different types of picture frames available, the first step is to select a frame style, then make sure the picture fits in it. The following guide will help you decide what size picture frame do you need and how to use them. Just make sure the dimensions of your photos correspond to the frame size.

Different Types of Picture Frame

Gallery Frame

These are the frames that give a museum-like feel right in your home for their premium material and polished finish. These are the frames for selective art pieces and precious pictures that need to be presented aesthetically for eliciting everyone’s attention.

Modern Frame

Modern frames come with thin wooden borders that give a clean and minimalistic look to your pictures. It will allow you to put your picture in the center stage of the frame ensuring a sophisticated and modern appeal. These frames are perfect for your bedroom or stairs wall.

Deep Set Frames

If you want to make room for your travel photos on your office or home wall, the deep-set picture frames are perfect for the purpose. The height of the wooden frame from the picture surface gives a shadow within the frame and the dimension created by the light shadow draws the viewer’s focus directly to the picture.

Canvas Frame

canvas frame

If you are looking for a perfect picture frame for your some special picture, a canvas frame should be the go-to choice. The deep internal frame creates a unique visual effect ensuring the details of the picture that explicitly brings out the emotion of the viewers associated with the picture. If there is a picture in your album that needs to stand out from the rest, canvas frames can only do justice to that picture.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Picture Frame

Choosing the right picture frame sizes can be confusing because measurements are often different. We are sometimes given the frame size, but most of the time it is up to us to determine the size. Hopefully, your photos will look great in the right-sized frames with this guide, and you’ll have your photos framed in no time at all.

Selecting the type

There are different types of picture frames available for different reasons. Depending on the purpose of using your picture frame, you have to decide which type you want for your wall.

Understanding the Decor

A set of picture frames has the ability to turn your tedious home decor into a sight for sore eyes. Therefore understanding the decor is highly important to choose the picture frame. Choose a frame that matches or complements your interior and can balance the spark of contrast.

Choosing the Color

While choosing the color of your picture frame, you should better emphasize the overall color of the picture rather than on a single or a specific color of the picture.

Considering the Mat

Your frame size will be affected by the matt you choose. You can also choose from a variety of colors and textures. It will require a larger frame if the photo is smaller and the mat is thick. If you want to display a lot of mat, make sure you consider that when choosing a frame. Personalized photo frames with mats will enhance the look of any photo within. They can be customized easily with almost every frame.

Bringing a Photo With You

Bring the print or copy of it with you when you go to the store to pick out a frame. It’s okay to print a picture of it, as long as it’s a poster-sized piece. When you hold a photo up against the frame, you can see the best picture frame options and decide which one you like best.

Measure, Measure, Measure

Make sure you measure the space where you plan to hang the photo before you leave the house. Make sure the framing is the right size as well. 

Last but not least, measure the frames very carefully before purchasing to ensure the mats would fit properly in your home.

Final Words

Picture frames contain the memory of different events that are precious to us and associated with our deep-rooted emotions. Therefore, apart from the guide, while choosing the styles, shapes, sizes, or colors, prioritize what looks better to you and trust what your emotions suggest to you.

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