How to Display Certificates on Wall? Everything You Need to Know

How to Display Certificates on Wall

Certificates acknowledge our dedication, hard work, dream, and pride. A certificate shows a remarkable moment in our life. It is one of the great achievements of our entire life. In most cases, a person’s identity, skills, and reputation depend on his certificates. Everyone wants to show their success to the other one. They want to hang their pride on the wall so that anyone can see this easily.

But there are some manners, wisdom, purpose, and formalities to hanging certificates on a wall. You should not avoid them. But most people do not know how to display certificates on walls. If you are looking for a solution to display your credentials on your wall, then it is the right place. After reading the article, you will figure out the answer.

Methods of Displaying Certificates on Wall

Since a certificate can give you satisfaction, you can display your own achievement on your office or home wall. You should select a wall where the credentials can get proper justice. So, hang or display them on a wall, and you can see them.

Displaying the Certificates on Your Office or Home Wall

You can have many frames with different colors, sizes, and patterns, but you should choose one which can signify your elegance. Before mounting a frame on the office or home wall, make sure to put your certificate inside of the matting for their protection. You have to use matting about one inch larger than the document size. The matting will provide an attractive border around the document. If you want to frame a group of your certificates, then you should use overlapping matting so that the certificates show through evenly.

For displaying the certificates on the wall, you require some things.

1.   Your certificates

2.   Two markers

3.   One strip of tape

4.   Matting

5.   Two nails or picture hooks

6.   Frames

7.   A hammer


8.   A bumper

At first, you have to insert the two plastic markers into the metal brackets on the frame back portion. Then rotate the markers clockwise and lock them in place.

Then attach the bumper to the frames’ bottom, then make sure it is centered on the molding.

After that, use the strip of tape to attach the level to the top border of your frame. If you want to mount the frame on a textured surface, then you have to color the tips of your plastic markers with the help of a highlighter.

However, after attaching all pieces, take your certificate frame and set it on the wall. You should use the level to ensure an evenly straight position. If you are satisfied with the position, then press the certificate frame against the wall firmly. Your plastic marker should have made two dimple marks on your wall.

Now, remove the level from the frame and unlock the plastic markers from your metal brackets. Then insert the mails into the plastic markers and use the hammer to nail the plastic markers into the dimples on your wall. In the end, take the certificate frames, and to hook them onto the plastic makers, use the metal brackets.

Before displaying your certificates, you should take some matters into account. Now I will discuss with you these matters.

Choosing the Perfect Place for Displaying the Certificates on the Wall

It is the most crucial thing to decide the right place for the certificates. You have to focus on if the place does not undervalue the significance of all the certificates. Select a highly visible area so that anyone can take note of your pride easily. To give the guest all the details in the certificates, you should select a wall with no glare.

So, you can display the certificates behind the desk so that people can get a full view of your qualifications or achievements. On the other hand, many people want to display the certificates by showcasing them against the wall to maintain their elegancy. So, you can display your certificates with other awards on your office or home wall. It is definitely a smart and stylish idea to choose a wall with a group of achievements.

Moreover, you can display the certificates on the shelf of a beautiful wall. Also, it is possible to display them on a wall above your fireplace. Many people love to display a certificate on the wall where their parent’s achievements stay. Without placing the certificates in the right place, their honor can be faded. So, be careful to choose the perfect location for your beloved certificates.

Selecting the Perfect Certificate Frames for Displaying the Certificates on the Wall

When you want to display multiple certificates, then it is necessary to choose the perfect frames for each of the certificates. You should use an archive-quality certificate frame with tailormade dimensions.

According to the size, style, trim, and molding, you have to select a frame that can commemorate the milestone you have gained. The classic certificate frames are useful for sporty certificate displays.

You should not use cardboard as the frame of your certificates. Because of its low Ph, cardboard is very acidic. So, cardboard can eat away a document stored up against it. If you want to protect your certificates for decades, then use professional framing. With professional framing, it is possible to get plenty of creative and aesthetic options also.

Using the Right Tools for Displaying the Certificates on the Wall

It is essential to use proper tools for displaying the certificates on your wall. You have to use the tools that keep your credentials safe and secure because a smashed or crooked certificate frame can seem less professional and attractive.

Remember that all the certificates are not in the same size and shape. Some are 8 A1/2 by 11 inches, and some are 11 by 14 inches long. So, you should use hanging kits if the certificates are required.

Church Hill Classics’ certificate frames have a hanging system named Level-lock. This level-lock system enables you to get a perfectly straight edge. In addition, the level-lock system locks the frame on the wall strongly.

When using a leveler, keep it on top of the certificate frames. Then make sure the small bubble in the middle position can come to rest in the corner. You have to make adjustments to each certificate so that they all are leveled with each other.

How Do You Arrange Certificates on a Wall?

If you want to hang multiple certificates on a wall, then it is quite challenging to arrange the certificate properly. Actually, it is essential to hang them in order of college degree. Suppose you are working from top to bottom or vertically, then you should place the doctorate degree on the top. Then you below the doctorate degree, you should place the master’s degree and then the bachelor’s degree.

On the other hand, if you want to arrange the certificates horizontally, then first place the doctorate degree on the left side of the wall. Then you should keep the master’s degree on the right of the doctorate degree and then the bachelor’s degree on the right side of the master’s degree.

If you have four certificates, then you can arrange them squarely by using the same left-to-right and top to bottom order. If you do not have enough space to hang all your certificates, select the most significant one to hang on the wall.

Like these, you can arrange your professional, membership, sports and any kind of accreditations certificates also. You can arrange your state bar certificate or state license on the wall as same as this method.

How Can You Protect Your Certificate on the Wall Without Laminating?

People tend to laminate their certificates to protect the paper material from getting damaged by dust, fluid, dirt, hampered edges, and grease. It is a belief that laminating paper is very strong enough. Laminating protects your important documents like the results, certificates, and any agreements.

But laminating is not very well for your paper, actually. Because laminating is a process that seals your paper completely between sheets of plastic with heat and low-grade adhesives, this process irreversibly damages the paper.

When you want to hang your certificates on the wall without laminating them, you can use the certificate with waterproof or synthetic papers. If you use any waterproof or synthetic paper, then there is no need to laminate the paper. You can get synthetic papers with laser printers and color copies, so it is very easy to use them also.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I display my certificates in my office room?

You can hang your certificates in your office. Since your certificates are related to your occupation, then you should hang the certificates on the office wall. Not only certificates but also your office room is the perfect place to display all your achievements because these documents can inspire you a lot.

Should I display my original certificates or a copy on the wall?

It is not a good idea to display your original certificates on the wall. You can get duplicate copies of your certificates from your school or university. Since your original certificates are not available, you should use duplicate copies to hang on the wall.

What height Is appropriate to hang a certificate on the wall?

You should hang the certificates at eye level. Generally, the perfect height to hang a certificate on the wall is about sixty inches from the floor. It will be more eye-catching if you place the certificates slightly above eye level than too low on your wall. When you are unsure about the wall placement, hang the documents on the comparatively high side.

How can I keep my Degree certificates safe?

You should use acid-free paper to keep your degree certificate safe and damage-free. You can also use rice paper to keep the certificates damage-free. When you use acid-free or rice paper between the sheets, the sheets stay separately. So, the documents do not get discolored. In addition, you should store the certificates in a dark area to keep them safe.

How do I remove my certificates after laminating?

It is quite difficult to remove certificates after laminating. To remove laminating, you must start cutting the lamination border. You should use a blow dryer to blow hot air onto the lamination. When the lamination is hot, then the air will push between the document and plastic. Now, peel away the edges of the lamination from each other.

How can I display my certificates clearly on my wall?

You can try a natural light source to illuminate your certificates on the wall. You can also use diffusers and softbox lamps to have evenly distributed light waves to the certificates. These lights ensure no harsh shadows or reflections.

Can I use a leather frame to hang my certificates on the wall?

Yes, you can use a leather frame to hang your certificates on the wall. Actually, it is very usual to use a customized frame according to your desire. The certificates can get a sophisticated look when you use a leather frame.

What Kind of Glass should I use to display my certificates?

You should use acrylic or glass at the front of the certificates that is UV resistant. UV-resistant glass or acrylic is essential to keep a paper safe. Since your certificate papers are vulnerable to fading during sunlight exposure, it is crucial to use a UV-protective acrylic or paper; otherwise, the UV ray will rapidly damage your certificates.


It is everyone’s dream to achieve something in their life. A certificate is a symbol or document of achievement. It is related to a person’s sentiment. After many sacrifices, a person can obtain a certificate, so it is very usual to place the certificates on others.

Displaying certificates on the wall is all about enlightening your prestige. You should try to use a frame that matches your wall painting. After hanging the certificates on the wall, you can add some metal accents, including gold or aluminum, to the back of the certificates. Gold or aluminum can give the certificates an extraordinary and shiny look.

In addition, it is a very impressive idea to use a shadow box frame for your certificates. A shadow box frame is a type of frame that has a clear top and sides to show off the contents inside. On the contrary, you can obtain a fancy look by using a stained-glass plaque. 

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