How to Hang Posters on Brick Wall | A-Z Guideline

How to Hang Posters on Brick Wall

It is possible to hang art or posters without damaging the surface of your walls. Some products leave no marks on walls and can hold even heavy artwork and posters. Because these products come in various sizes, invisible adhesives and hooks are available for hanging posters. We are going to discuss some such methods or techniques in this article. Let’s begin.

Brick Wall Poster Hanging Instructions

There are several ways to hang posters on brick walls, which is not impossible! Maintain a clean surface to prevent dirt and grime from affecting the posters’ adhesion. Hang the posters evenly with a suitable adhesive.

Method 1: Cleaning the Wall

Step 1:

Make sure you have a clear space where you wish to display your posters. Make sure the wall is clear of posters, art, or objects. If there are any adhesives on the wall, such as tape or sticky tack, remove them as well. To make it easier to reach the wall, move any items you have on the floor in front of it.

Step 2:

Add one tablespoon (15 mL) of dish soap to one gallon (3.8 L) of warm water. Adding dish soap to warm water in a medium-sized bucket is a good idea. To make the solution soapier, stir the solution well with a sponge, your hand, or another utensil.

⦿Keep the bucket clean to prevent adding more dirt to the wall.

⦿The mixture will combine better if you use warm water.

⦿To avoid damaging the paint on the wall, use a bar of mild dish soap. 

Step 3:

Using a sponge, wipe down the wall with the mixture. Make a soapy solution and soak a sponge in it. Remove excess water from the sponge and use gentle, circular motions to clean the wall. You should wipe down every surface of the concrete wall so that it is clean and clear of dust, dirt, and residue. Whenever you need more soap, soak the sponge in the water and wring it out well to avoid over-saturating the wall. You can use a sponge with a scrubbing surface or a soft-bristled brush to remove stubborn grime or residue from the wall.

Step 4:  

Make sure the wall is dry by wiping it with a clean cloth. Wipe the entire wall surface with a clean towel, material, or paper towel. Use soft, circular motions to brush the wall so that no paint is damaged or removed and the surface is free of dust, dirt, and grime. Hang posters from drywall after it has completely dried. To ensure the surface is safe, touch it with your finger.

Method 2: Using Adhesives

Step 1:

For an affordable option, use sticky tack on the poster’s corners. Using putty or sticky tack, you can attach a poster to a painted concrete wall without worrying about damaging it. To apply the sticky tack, take a small pinch from the container and use it on each corner of the poster. Hang the poster by pressing the corners against the wall.

⦿For a more subtle appearance, apply sticky tack only to the top two corners. Department stores and online retailers sell sticky tack. There are many brands of sticky tape available, including Blu-Tack and Sticky Tack.

Step 2:

To avoid residue, use a hot glue gun to glue laminated posters. Glue laminated posters’ corners with a low-temperature hot glue gun. Apply gentle pressure to the poster as you press it against the concrete brick wall. You should hold the poster for about 30 seconds before releasing it.

⦿You can easily wash the hot glue off the painted concrete wall when you take down the poster.

⦿Make sure you laminate your poster so it won’t tear when you take it down.

Step 3:

Make sure you attach adhesive clips to the wall so you can change the posters. Make sure the hooks are evenly spaced and in line with one another by measuring the distance between two corners of the poster. For attaching the rivets, remove the backing from the hooks and press them against the wall for 30 seconds. You can now hang the posters by clipping the pins on the wall.

⦿To support the poster on the wall, use at least two clips per corner.

⦿When posters are hanging on your walls, such as in an office or a classroom, use adhesive clips to update them periodically.

Method 3: Using Velcro Strips

Step 1:

Velcro strips make it easy to change posters without damaging the paint. You can use Velcro strips to attach your posters to the wall and leave the rough or hooked portion on the wall to use in the future. Furthermore, they are easy to remove and won’t damage the wall’s paint. There are velcro adhesive strips available in department stores and online.

Step 2:

On the backside of the poster, attach the soft velcro strips to the corners. Make sure you remove the paper backing from soft or fuzzy Velcro strips to see the adhesive on the back. Apply pressure to the glue and hold it for about 30 seconds against the corners of the poster’s backside.

Step 3:

Mount the poster on the wall with two rough Velcro strips at the corners. Make sure that the poster has enough distance between the soft velcro strips. Using hooks on the back of the velcro strips, connect two hooks to the wall as far apart as the hooks on the poster’s back.  

Step 4:  

Hang up the poster by pressing the two strips together. Make sure the poster’s front is facing you when holding it by its corners. Place the corners of the velcro strips on the wall and align them with the rough or hooked sides. To hang the poster, connect the rough and soft velcro strips. You can adjust the poster if it isn’t even by pulling it off the wall and realigning it before reconnecting the two sides.

Step 5:  

Attach new strips to another poster and replace it. When removing or replacing the poster, lift it carefully from the bottom to separate the two halves of the velcro. Add two new velcro strips of the soft side to the corners of the poster. Join the rough Velcro strips on the wall with the corners by pressing them together.

How Do You Hang Something on a Brick Wall Without Drilling Outside?

The 6 Best Ways to Hang Stuff on Brick Walls: Using the following methods, you can hang up a lot of stuff without drilling holes in brick walls, depending on what you want.

⦿A Brick Clip is the best and most popular way to hang things on brick walls without drilling.  A metal grip attaches to the wall by hooking over the top and bottom bricks. These hooks can hold up to 25 pounds of things, making them perfect for frames, lights, or mirrors. All of these clips function the same way, regardless of their form.

⦿You can also use adhesives to hang objects from your wall if your bricks are insufficient for brick clips. Liquid nails are your best choice. To avoid weak hooks/applications, you will need the ‘heavy duty’ adhesive. As brick clips, these act similarly to wall clips, except that they don’t clamp onto bricks but instead adhere directly to surfaces. It is best to use these indoors because the elements outside can damage their performance. You simply need to remove the super sticky side and place the hook where you need it. Alternatively, you could use double-sided sticky tape similarly, but be sure to use a heavy-duty adhesive. It’s super easy and super quick.

⦿You could attach a string or rope to a hook by sticking it in a groove. Because of weather and wind, you are more likely to use this method indoors. However, you can hang things down by attaching the hook to the top of the brick. A string and a double-sided hook are all you need. This method is less secure because it is less stable, so suspending valuables or heavy things is not recommended.

⦿In the end, you’ve decided not to drill, but other methods haven’t worked. Try using furniture or props to display your stuff in a fashionable yet functional manner. You can reveal many things on a ladder, such as a backless bookcase. A piece of furniture to assist you in displaying what you want is an excellent way to get started. This method is not very practical if you are short on space, but it is effective and prevents drilling alternatives.

⦿When hanging stuff from brick walls, tension rods are an excellent alternative to drilling. With sufficient pressure, these extend against opposing walls and create a pole that crosses between them. It works well if you have two facing barriers reasonably close by, but you will need two facing walls for this to work. Traditional blinds or curtains use these hooks, but you can easily use them to hang anything from plant pots to pots and pans with a few clips or strings. The tension rod may limit how much weight you can ride, depending on its quality. However, you can still use it in tight spaces.

⦿You may have permission to make holes in the wall, but you do not have a drill capable of doing so. Other methods of injecting viable objects into walls exist. A driving masonry nail is an excellent example of this. If you wear glasses and use a heavy hammer, you can drive these into the mortar or joint. Whacking these nails into bricks is not a good idea as it will damage your walls and crack your bricks. Now that you won’t need a drill to hang things from nails, you can use them as you usually would without drilling into the mortar. When performing this technique, keep in mind that it requires a good old whack.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Easiest Way to Hang Something on a Brick Wall?

For delicate items, like framed photos, use a pinch anchor to hang them on brick. Place the anchor clamps around the edges of the brick and open the clamps. If you want to hang small items on a brick, attach an adhesive hook labeled “heavy duty.”

How To Stick a Poster on A Concrete Wall?

Posters, banners, trimmers, and other classroom decorations will stick to cinder block walls with a low-temperature hot glue gun. The glue comes off the wall easily at the end of the year and does not cause any damage.


For hanging art, choose a removable adhesive that is non-marking. You should use smaller adhesives when hanging small items. Select a hook that can hold the weight of large items, such as masks or hanging sculptures. There is a weight limit listed on the packaging of each product.

To remove oil and dirt from the wall surface, use cleaner. Remove any oils and dirt from the brick wall surface using the cleaner. You should allow 1 hour for it to set before hanging the artwork or poster.  For 30 seconds, press the artwork firmly against the adhesive on the front side. You can remove your artwork at any time. Take down the painting first, then pull on the bottom of the hanger until the entire piece of adhesive peels away.

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