How To Fix Dart Holes In Wall (The Fastest Way)

How To Fix Dart Holes In Wall

Dart holes are an inevitable part of any dart player’s life. When you’re playing darts, it can be hard to miss the bullseye every time. But when you do manage to hit a wall instead, some quick fixes can keep your walls intact until the next time you play. In this little guide, we’ll go over some of the quick techniques on how to fix dart holes in the wall so that your next game doesn’t end before it even starts!

How To Fix Dart Holes In A Wall?

Actually, dart holes are easy to fix. You can fix dart holes in walls by using toothpicks, pennies, cardboard, chalk, etc. And, you don’t need to be an expert to repair the wall and don’t have to wait a long time either. Even if you’re busy, you can still fix the hole in your wall by following these simple techniques.


Using this fix is so simple that you should never worry about the holes made by darts in any condition. This quick fix is to take some toothpicks and fill the hole with them.


If you’re tired of filling holes with toothpicks, take a penny and stick it into the hole. This technique has been around for ages and is used to fix dart holes in walls. If done correctly, this method won’t leave behind any unsightly holes or patches.

  1. To start off, simply insert one penny into each of your holes.
  2. Next, place two pieces of masking tape over the top of the pennies so that they’re sandwiched between them. You can also use scotch tape if you don’t have any masking tape on hand.
  3. Once everything is taped down securely onto your wall, use either a hammer or an electric screwdriver to gently tap on top of both sides of each penny. It can help flatten out those pesky dents caused by missing darts.


When you have a small hole or a crack in the wall, you can cover it with a piece of cardboard or plastic.

  1. First, take the piece of cardboard and bend it so that it fits around the hole.
  2. Then, place glue on the back of this bent piece of cardboard and press it against your wall to make sure that it sticks well.


Take a piece of chalk, wet it with a little amount of water, and press it against the hole until the chalk gets dirty. Then, use a damp cloth to remove the chalk. Finally, find a dry rag to clean the rest of your wall. You can also use your fingers or an old toothbrush to remove any residual dirt from your dartboard and wall.


In this technique, the first thing you should do is to find some putty or spackle. You can get this at any hardware store or even from Amazon. Make sure you pick up the right type of putty so that the hole will be properly covered.

  1. Next, you need to make sure that your wall is clean and free of dust and debris before starting this process. Don’t forget that a clean workspace helps prevent unnecessary messes around the house when working on home improvement projects like this one.
  2. Once everything has been cleaned up, use a putty knife or a similar tool to cut off small chunks of the dried-out putty from its container.
  3. Then, fill the holes using these chunks, keeping some parts outside.
  4. Finally, cut the excess parts of the putty chunks to flatten the wall properly.

How Do I Fix A Dartboard Wall?

If your dartboard is mounted on a wall, you may need to fix it from time to time. This is usually caused by the weight of the dartboard pulling on the screws, nails, or adhesive that is holding it in place. You can quickly fix this by replacing the drywall that was damaged.

Or, you can use a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall and then screw the dartboard into the studs. This will make it more secure and less likely to fall off the wall. Not to mention, reapplying the adhesive is necessary when the dartboard is attached to the wall using any kind of adhesive.

What Is The Fastest Way To Fix A Small Hole In the Wall?

Follow the below steps to go through the fastest process of fixing a small hole in a wall that leaves no trace at all:

1. Use a putty knife to remove all loose material around the hole.

2. Vacuum out all dust from the area.

3. Use a wire brush to remove any remaining paint or texture from the wall surface around the hole.

4. Sand down any rough edges around the perimeter of the hole with 120-grit sandpaper.

5. Fill in any gaps between the drywall and framing with joint compound.

6. Finally, allow the compound to dry completely to finish your repair job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Holes In The Wall Be Fixed?

Yes, holes in the wall can be fixed. However, the size of the hole and the type of wall will determine the best way to fix it. For example, if the hole is small and in drywall, you can use spackle or putty to fill it in and then sand it down to flush it with the remaining wall.

How Do I Fill Holes In My Wall?

To fill holes in your wall, you have to gather some supplies. These are putty or spackle, a knife to work with the putty, sandpaper, and paint.

  • First, use the spackle or putty and completely fill the hole, using the putty knife to smooth it out.
  • Wait until the putty is dried. After that, sand down the entire spackle so that it is even with the rest of the wall.
  • Finally, paint over it to match the rest of the wall, and you’re done!


In case you are not interested in any of the above methods and want to keep your drywall looking as it was before, there is also a simple solution for that. Just apply a thin layer of drywall compound that comes with the exact color matching your existing wall. After applying that compound over the holes, let it dry and sand it smooth to make it the same as before.

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