How to Stick Balloon on Wall

How to Stick Balloon on Wall

Balloons are the quintessential decoration accessory for any occasion. Be it a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or party. 

Inflating them is not a trouble if you have the right tools. But putting them against the wall is a whole other story.

Some might suggest that static electricity is the way to go, as it doesn’t require much cleaning afterward. But that is not at all a good solution. And static electricity runs out after a few minutes or so.

So what do you do? Staple your balloons on the wall? 

Obviously not. There are a few ways how you stick balloon on wall. We are going to take you through the steps of putting up a balloon on the wall in this article. It is effective and efficient and requires very little skill to none.

How to Stick Ballon on Wall for a Party, Birthday, or Anniversary

Here are the ways you can stick your balloons on the wall for any occasion. They are easy, inexpensive, and won’t leave you with a ton of work to clean up in the end.

Method 1: Using a Matte Tape

Everyone has used matte tape in their life. It looks good on anything and doesn’t make a mess. But did you know you can use it to stick your balloons on the wall?

Simply take one and a half-inch of matte tape. Put the ends together on the glue side out. Now stick it on the place of the wall you want your ballon to hang. Press it hard on the wall so it doesn’t come off.

Now put your inflated balloon on the tape. And you’re done!

When you need to take it off, it won’t leave any residue. Easy, functioning, effective solution.

Method 2: Using a Two Way Tape

You might be familiar with this tape. If not, you will find it in any hardware store. 

The difference between a regular tape and this one is that it had glue on both sides. So you can attach objects one on top of another.

Take a piece of this tape and stick it on the wall where you want your balloon to be. And then stick a balloon on it. That’s it! Easier than stapling!

Remember to buy a good quality one. Some tend to stick to your wall and won’t come off. You don’t need that kind. 

Method 3: Using Glue Dot Tape

There is this certain tape that is made for balloons. You get the same rolled-up tapes but dots are cut out of them. They are very good with balloons and other latex objects to stick on to.

At the same time, they don’t leave a mess like other tapes. And are easy to clean. As they don’t have much resistance to them, they are not suitable for putting up a structure. 

But suitable to hang a balloon and other stuff like that. Simply cut off a piece from the strip and put it on your balloon, and then take off the other end of the tape and stick it on the wall. As simple as that.

You will find it in any decoration section of a shop.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Glue to Stick a Balloon

Glues can also stick a balloon on the wall. The reason we are not suggesting is some glues are toxic and some glues are hard to come off. The toxic glues will burst the balloon in a very short time. That is a party destroyer move. Nobody wants that.

And some glues will stick to your wall. You can remove them with some hardship, along with some wall paint. Even if you are a pro, the glue will leave a mark that will be noticed. 

So it is a better idea to stay away from using glue to stick your balloon on the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put one balloon inside another balloon?

You can use a chopstick to stick one balloon through the other balloon and then inflate them both individually.

How do I clean the tape glue sticking to the wall?

A simple rubbing alcohol or acetone on a cloth and rubbing will remove the glue from your wall.

How do I blow a balloon effortlessly?

You can use a balloon pumper to inflate a large number of balloons effortlessly.

Is there an electric balloon pumping machine?

Yes. There are electric balloon pumpers in the market that are reusable.


Sticking a balloon can be a tiresome task. With the perfect idea and equipment, you can make it an easy one. Also, if you have a balloon inflater, that makes the job even easier. Nobody wants to feel all nauseous after blowing a lot of them. So investing in some tape cutter, balloon tapes, and a balloon inflater is a better idea. You never know when a party occasion may pop up. And always remember to go for less sticky tapes than strong ones. Less power means less time to clean them off the wall.

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