How To Attach A Chandelier To A Ceiling Fan | 6 Simple Steps

How To Attach A Chandelier To A Ceiling Fan

Seeing a light fixture on a ceiling fan is not a common thing. In a similar way, attaching a heavy chandelier to a ceiling fan is also pretty rare compared to other chandelier installation projects. Installing a chandelier over a ceiling fan is a risky task, however with the proper knowledge you can accomplish it safely.

To do such, you must know the proper way how to attach a chandelier to a ceiling fan without affecting the ceiling fan’s mechanism. Henceforth, the ceiling fan will start shining lights through the chandelier.

Things To Consider When Attaching A Chandelier To A Ceiling Fan

Though you can attach a chandelier to your ceiling fan mostly without any serious issue, it is better to consider some things for your ease and safety. If you avoid thinking about these matters, there is a chance of risking your ceiling fan or the chandelier. These crucial factors are discussed below.

1. Weight Of The Chandelier

Firstly, you should consider the chandelier’s weight. Measure the exact weight of your chandelier and match it with the capacity of your ceiling fan or the hook. If the weight exceeds the limit, attaching the chandelier to the fan may crash the setup into the ground.

2. Chandelier’s Size

Secondly, measure the length of the chandelier. If the height of the chandelier is more than your free space, you should not install it. Because you won’t be able to move around the room if the free space between the chandelier and the room is below 7 feet.

3. Fitting The Chandelier

If the chandelier doesn’t fit the ceiling fan plate, you cannot attach it to the fan. Besides, the unmatched screwing can create a risk of detaching the chandelier when you turn on the fan.

Process Of Attaching A Chandelier To A Ceiling Fan

The first thing to consider when you try to attach a chandelier to a ceiling fan is to check the compatibility of the ceiling fan. If the ceiling fan doesn’t come with an attachment kit below, you can’t directly attach the chandelier to the fan. Instead, you need to buy an additional ceiling fan light kit for the chandelier attachment.

To add more, you need a slotted screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver to work with the project. When you have these tools available on your hand, you can simply move on to the main installation process.

  1. First, switch off the ceiling fan to stop the current flow. For further safety, you can turn off the electrical power at the fuse box or the breaker box. After that, detach the ceiling fan from the ceiling using a ladder. If you work standing on a ladder, it may not feel comfortable after some period. So, working on a tabletop is preferable compared to the work on the ceiling.
  2. Second, find the center plate of the ceiling fan. Usually, this plate is located below the fan and is used for decorative installments. However, you may not get a decorative plate there. In that case, you need to get the external ceiling fan light kit for attaching it to the center plate.
  3. Third, remove the center plate and check the wiring. In most cases, you may see a dedicated wiring setup for the chandelier attachment after removing the plate. If your fan doesn’t have a decorative plate, you may not get the wiring inside too. In such a condition, the external light kit can provide wires for attaching the chandelier.
  4. Fourth, you need to screw the light assembly into a firm attachment. Besides, the black and white wires should be connected accordingly to the chandelier. And, these wires will go through the center plate hole.
  5. After completing the wiring, you need to reattach the center plate to the fan. In the case of a light kit, you need to attach it to the center plate too.
  6. In the last step, you need to screw the plate or the light kit into the fan using the screwdrivers. When all things are set perfectly in their places, you should hang the fan again on the ceiling. Now, turn on the electricity and switch on the fan. Both the fan and the chandelier should work at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Hang A Chandelier From A Ceiling Fan?

Technically, it is impossible to hang a chandelier from a ceiling fan. Because the movement of the fan is so fast that the chandelier can crash into the ground. Besides, the chandelier structure does not support circling around the room. 

So, the fact is that you cannot hang a chandelier but attach one using a light kit. That means the chandelier frame will always keep touching the ceiling fan. Hanging a chandelier in a ceiling fan can break the separated chandelier into pieces.

Can I Have A Ceiling Fan And A Chandelier In The Same Room?

You need to consider some factors to decide about hanging both the ceiling fan and the chandelier in the same room. Most importantly, you should consider the size of the ceiling. If there is not enough room to hang both items freely, you cannot install them at once. 

Besides, the size of the room can make you change your decision. Because you may not want to fill your ceiling by installing multiple things and damage the overall look of the room. Actually, you can install both at once in a hall room or large dining room.


All things considered, the actual process of attaching a chandelier to your ceiling fan is not so laborious. However, you need to consider the factors first. That means you should think about the chandelier attachment only if you are safe to move on. Sometimes your ceiling fan may not have the decorative plate setup with it. In that case, you must purchase a light kit separately and use it to attach the chandelier firmly.

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