Why Is My Light Fixture Shocking Me | 3 Prime Reasons and Solutions

Why Is My Light Fixture Shocking Me

There used to be a toy that shocked you when you touched it. It was a good prank as it didn’t harm anyone. But if your light fixture shocks you when you touch it, it’s not at all a prank. 

As alarming as it is, you might be wondering why is my light fixture shocking me. Because it’s a concerning issue that involves your and your family’s safety. 

Today we are going to talk about the cause and solution to your light fixture shocks. 

3 Reasons Why Is Your Light Fixture Shocking You

Of all the reasons that a light fixture can shock you, it can be brought down to only 3.

Here are the reasons and solutions for each of them

Fray Electrical Wire in the Fixture

Electrical fixtures come pre-wired and some even need after-market wiring. If the wires weren’t secured perfectly, chances are some of the fray wires are touching the body. Hence the fixture will shock you upon touch. 

Solution: Turn off the circuit breaker of your home. Then proceed to inspect the fixture. Wrap up the fray wires with wire nuts/electrical tape. If you don’t have prior knowledge, call in a professional to fix it for you. Do not use the fixture until it is fixed. 

Waterproofing Is Damaged of the Fixture

Outdoor light fixtures are made to withstand rough weather conditions like rain, water, and storms. They are protected with silicon-based Waterproofing. It doesn’t let water or moisture enter the fixture 

But with time and usage, the waterproofing gives out and water enters the fixture. Thus creating a short inside the fixture. And upon touching it you will get electric shocks. 

Solution: Call in an electrician to check and replace the Waterproofing of your light fixture. If it is heavily damaged, you might need to replace it. Otherwise, it will damage your electrical line in a whole. 

Soldering Is Defective

Most light fixture wiring is held together with soldering. And this soldering is a good conductor, which allows electricity to flow through them.

If the soldering is somehow messed up and ends up on the body of the fixture, then it allows the electricity to flow through the body. 

Solution: Take off the fixture and change it if there is a warranty. If not, your electrician can fix it for you. Do not attempt to do it yourself if you have no prior electrical knowledge. 

Why Is My Light Switch Shocking on Touch

Sometimes along with the fixture or individually, the light switch might shock you. There can be many reasons for that. Here are some of the obvious ones. 

Damaged Switch Board

Sometimes the switchboard is damaged. This happens due to wearing out or using appliances that are over the wattage limit of the switch. The best thing to do is to change the switch totally. 

Metal Switch Board

Metals are great conductors of electricity. Although it looks beautiful, the board will shock you after some time. If this happens, get good quality metal switchboards that have a coating on them that prevents this. 

Damaged Wiring in the Switch

Split fray wires carry out electrical charges. This happens when they are not connected properly to your switch. Hence they shock you when you touch them. 

Simply fix them by putting them in a pigtail twist or using wire nuts for connection. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I get shocked when I turn on a light?

The reason you are getting shocked is that your switch is defective. Call an electrician so he can test and replace it if needed. 

How do I stop my light switch from shocking?

To stop your light switch from shocking you, you might need to unscrew or remove it first. Then check if there is any frayed wire in it. If that’s the case you can just trim off the fray and make a new connection. But if there is a problem with the switch, you might need to check for a warranty and change it. No warranty will end up getting a new switch.

Why is everything in my home shocking me?

If everything in your house shocks you slightly, it is due to the static electricity of our body. In this case, consult with your physician. If the voltage is high, then you have a fault in your house wiring. Calling the electrician would be the best thing to do. 

Why did my ceiling fan shock me?

Ceiling fans shock you when there is a hot wire exposed and gets attached to the fan. It can also happen from the switch or the bottom of the fan. Check the wire after turning off the breaker circuit


Having a light fixture that shocks you is not only harmful to you, but also to your family and pets. Don’t want to go into the details of how horrible it can get, it’s sometimes life-threatening. The best thing to do is to check it out and replace it as soon as possible. 

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