How to Hang a Flag on a Wall Horizontally?

How to Hang a Flag on a Wall Horizontally

It is very important to give a flag proper respect while you hang it on your wall. It is actually a very sensitive issue, so you have to keep the flag in a place that does not lose its dignity of a flag. Sometimes, people hang their flag on a wall, but the flag gets dirty quickly. Since a flag bears the reputation of a country and attracts people so you should hang a flag in a place where people can easily notice it. However, it is better to hang a flag on a wall where there comes sunlight.

How to Hang a Flag on a Wall Horizontally

You can hang a flag on your wall as your wish. It is okay to hang the flag vertically or horizontally. But there is something to maintain while hanging a flag on the wall. I will share the process and some tricks that you can conveniently hang your flag on your wall. So, let us get started.

Process How to Hang a Flag on a Wall Horizontally

Before hanging a flag on a wall, first, you should consider the wall’s measurement and the flag’s size. According to the flag’s length, you should choose a suitable wall for it. On the other hand, selecting a flag with standard fabric is essential. Otherwise, the flag can be damaged rapidly. Make sure the flag has grommets because grommets are very useful for hanging a flag.

You must use pushpins to hang a flag horizontally on your wall. You must place pushpins into a grommet. Otherwise, you have to pierce the flag fabric which indicates disrespect to the flag. If you pierce the flag fabric or use a nail to hang the flag, then the flag fabric can also be damaged. So, after placing the pushpins into the grommets of the flag, you have to insert these pins into the wall.

Though you can hang a flag very easily on a wall, some tricks will enable you to maintain the dignity of the flag. Now I am going to share with you these tricks.

First Trick

You have to keep the flag outstretched and snug. Do not hang a flag loosely. It is not good to drape the flag as bunting. While hanging, ensure the flag is flat against the surface.

Second Trick

If your country has other state or city flags, then position these flags right to the country flag. Always the country flag positioned to the left of a state or city flag. The left side bears a symbol of prominence. In addition, you should put another state or city flag at the same height as the country flag.

Third Trick

Do not choose the height of the city or state flag longer than the country flag. On the contrary, if you want to hang another country’s flag with your national flag, then you should select the same length as these flags.  

Fourth Trick

It will be better to keep a flag in a place with a light facility. You should illuminate the flag always when it is in an indoor room. On the other hand, if the flag is on your outdoor wall, then use an outdoor light or take the flag down at sunrise. However, if you do not want to use overhead light on the flag, then you should set up a spotlight for the flag. 

These are the basic tricks you can take care of the flag with all your respect. Except these tricks, you should follow some crucial rules to hang a flag on your wall. For your betterment, I am sharing with you the rules.

  • You have to hang the flag strongly and perfectly so it would not fall.
  • Use many pushpins on each side of the flag to evenly distribute the weight.
  • You have to clean the flag regularly to keep it fresh and damage-free.
  • You should protect your flag from inclement weather.

You can smartly hang a flag on your wall by applying these processes, tricks, and rules. So, do not delay in trying to hang your flag on the wall. 

How to Hang a Pride Flag on a Wall without Nails?

Nails can damage a wall. So, if you want to save your wall from any tiny damage, then you should not use nails to hang a pride flag on the wall. There are various ways to hang a pride flag without nails on the wall.

You can hang the flag with Velcro strips and clothespins or attach adhesive Velcro strips. On the other hand, it is a great idea to hang a flag using a curtain rod between two hooks.

If you want to hang the pride flag with Velcro strips and clothespins, then you have to mark the width of the flag on the wall first. So, hold the flag up to your wall and then mark each border of the flag with a pencil. It is very important to keep the flag fairly straight line. You can take help from one of your friends to hold up the flag to make your task convenient and quick.

Now, take five or six clothespins and attach a Velcro strip to the back of them. The number of clothespins you require will vary based on the length of the flag. And then, you must stick the clothespins in a line on your wall spanning the width of the pride flag. For a heavy fabric of the flag, you should space the clothespins about three inches or 7.6 cm. Now, it is time to clip the top of the fabric into the clothespins.

On the contrary, if you want to hang the pride flag with adhesive Velcro strips, then lay the flag face-down on a flat surface first. Then peel the back off five to six self-adhesive Velcro strips. But if you own a flag of very small size, then use three or four Velcro strips. Then, attach the Velcro strips lengthwise to the upper part of the pride flag and stick the Velcro strips to the wall to hang the pride flag.

However, if you want to hang the flag without nails, then you can use a curtain rod to hang the flag. So, to implement the task, you have to measure the width of the curtain rod. Then mark the measurement on the wall. After that, attach two large adhesive-backed hooks to the marks and thread the curtain rod through the flag’s back pocket.

 With the help of these methods, you can easily hang a pride flag on the wall.

Can You Hang an American Flag Horizontally on a Wall?

You can hang an American flag horizontally on your wall. You can put an American flag horizontally or vertically according to your desire. But there are some rules to hanging an American flag on a wall. Now I am telling you about these.

  • You have to keep the union part of the American flag upper left corner.
  • Keep the flags on your wall the same size.
  • Do not let the American flag touch the floor.
  • You have to keep the American flag on the left side of the observer.
  • Do not hang the American flag in darkness.
  • Put the flag on the top of other flags if America is your own country.
  • Maintain the dignity of the flag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Disrespectful to Hang a Flag on a Wall?

No, it is not disrespectful to hang a flag on a wall. You can hang any country’s flag on your wall. But you should maintain the rule of hanging the flag. You must take care of the flag if you hang it on your wall. According to the American flag code, you can mount the flag on windows, walls, or doors. If there are many country flags on your wall, then keep the flag on the left side from an observer’s perspective.

Can I Hang a Flag on the Dorm Wall?

You can hang a flag on your dorm wall if there is permission from the authority. If they do not argue and give permission, then, by following the rules of the dorm authority, you can hang the flag. For hanging a flag, you can use poster mounts, poster putty, or removable mounting squares to hang your flag. You need to flip your flag face down on a desk. If you are using poster putty, then put a pea-size bit of putty on each of the borders and the center of the top corner.

Can I Hang My Flag Vertically?

Yes! Why not? You can hang your flag vertically also. According to your desire, you can hang a flag. So, if you prefer to hang it vertically, then do it.


A flag represents a country’s identity. So, if you decide to hang a flag on your wall, then give it proper respect and maintain its dignity. For making a flag, you should give emphasize the quality of the flag’s fabric. If you want to hang the flag on the wall without nails and use a curtain rod between two hooks, then select a flag with a back pocket. If your flag does not have a back pocket, then you must hand sew one on by measuring the length of the flag. Then you should use a scrap of the fabric and sew a scrap of the fabric, leaving the middle open and stitches on the top and bottom of the flag.

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