7 Amazing Game Console Wall Mount Ideas

Game Console Wall Mount

If you are a video game lover, you sometimes need to mount your game console on the wall. It is a good thing to mount your game console on the wall because a wall-mounted game console provides you with a little more flexibility. But when mounting it on the wall, you have to make sure that the game console gets a dry and clean surface. It is very important to have a fresh and safe wall from getting direct sunlight. Again, you must be careful to keep the game console at room temperature.

Many people cannot understand how they mount their game consoles on the wall. If you are one of them, then it is okay! I will present some effective and smart ideas for mounting the game console on the wall. After applying these ideas to your room, I hope you will thank me later. So, let’s get started.

Impressive Game Console Wall Mount Ideas

You can decorate your bedroom or any other room with some impressive wall mount ideas of gaming consoles. There can be some themed works too. You can choose one of the following ideas according to your room size.

1. The Superhero-Themed Idea

If you are a die-hard fan of any superhero character, it is best to mount your game console with your favorite superhero-themed ideas on the wall. It will give you extra satisfaction and even will encourage you.

You have to set up the main area simply with the game console so that you can allow your favorite superhero theme to stand out. In this aspect, you can cover the wall surface with superhero-themed posters and their action figures. However, it will be great if you use your carpet and furniture with the same theme.

2. The Laidback Room Idea

This wall-mounting idea of a game console is for those who want comfort and relaxation while gaming. Generally, we spend so much time playing video games. It is very natural to get back pain and other hassles. Then we all need to relax and recharge between games.

This game console mounting idea with a laidback room will serve you the opportunity to get comfortable because it is designed with the facility of napping and relaxing after exhaustion. You can mount the game console so that there you can sit and give your legs rest. However, you can add a lighting context under the game screen that will provide you with an ambient sleeping effect.

3. The Video Game Library Idea

It is the other impressive wall-mounting idea of your game console. If you have a huge collection of new and old video games, then it will be very helpful to you to make a video game library beside the game console on the wall. With this idea, your room will be smarter than before. Moreover, it is a superb idea to preserve video games together.

You can mount the game console on the wall and then design a shelf against the wall to store your collections. You can use some wall posters, too, to add a finishing touch.

4. The Electricity and Wiring Idea

This wall mount idea of the gaming console is for you if you do not like to have a mess in your game room. When you believe that the game room is where people search for relaxation, it is the best option for you. With this idea, you will be safe from facing the problem of a trip by wire connections.

You can mount the game console and screen on the wall and run the wires under the carpets behind your cabinets. On the other hand, you can use modern cables that will connect your cables to the socket on dry and clean ground way.

5. The Light Installation Idea

It is an excellent wall-mounting idea for a gaming console. You have to plan the strategic area for all lighting in your room in advance. Then it is time to ensure the lights are not facing your game screen. In this case, you should not place the light on your wall in front of the screen. However, if you want to have a moody effect, then you have to install RGB lighting.

6. The Bedroom Makeover Idea

If you do not have enough space in your room to decorate for mounting the game console on the wall, then you can apply this way. To implement this idea, you do not need an entire room to make a game space. It is a bedroom-based idea that properly segments the gaming and sleeping sections. This idea features a simple but functional game room with a comfortable sitting area for you. As you taste, it is possible to include a few arcade machines. Again, this idea is very minimalistic and saves your budget.

7. The Sophisticated and Clean Idea

Here, you can arrange the game room with the gaming screen, chair, and contemporary shelving to hold the gaming gadgets and console. Actually, this game console mounting idea is very simple, clean, and sophisticated, and you will love it if you like simplicity. You can include a moody lighting effect on it.

These are impressive wall mount ideas for your game console.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Hang a Console Game on the Wall?

It is very simple to mount your gaming console on your wall. To implement the task, you must first drill holes in the wall. After that, it is time to then twist the wall anchors into these holes in your wall. Then, you have to match the wall mount up with the help of these anchors and insert some screws. Now, you have to slide in your gaming console and then secure the push-in plug.

Can I Mount My PS4 on the Wall?

Many people think it is impossible to mount the PS4 on their wall. But it is wrong. Yes, you can mount your PS4 on your wall very comfortably. Not only this, but also it is possible to mount your controller on your wall right next to the PS4.

Is It Okay If I Lay My PS4 Flat?

You have to lay down your PS4 horizontally. It is not suitable to keep the PS4 standing vertically. Because the design of the PS4 is suitable for laying it horizontally. Otherwise, there can be a risk of heating up more if you keep it vertically.  


If you want to display your game console, then you need to have a splitter. It is possible to get a splitter with AV connections when you have HDMI OR older consoles. With the help of splitters, you will be able to connect to multiple inputs at once. It will help you to switch to the input you want to act very simply.

However, you have to make sure to place the game console in a dustbin cover or cardboard box when you want to preserve game consoles in long-term storage. After that, it is necessary to place it in a storage bin.

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