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Wall Covering Ideas For Party

A party brings people together with joy and happiness. When you are throwing a party at a home or outdoors you need to decorate the place according to the theme. You can make any party outstanding with a reasonable budget if you certainly follow some hacks to decorate the walls.

Easy Ways to Covering Wall for Your Party

There are so many ways to decorate a party. When you are planning to make it outdoors, you just need to add a temporary wall, which can be a photo booth or custom backdrop depending on the idea of how you are welcoming your guests. It should be placed where everyone can see it and catch attention. These are some temporary wall ideas you can install and decorate:

Make a stand using PVC pipes, these pipes are reasonable and easily movable because these pipes are lightweight. One can easily install a wall using a 2-inch pipe. These can hold enough weight for curtains, artificial flowers, balloons, and lights. The best part of PVC pipe temporary walls is that you only need to measure out the dimensions and you can put them inside or outside of the home as well.

1. Curtain Backdrop

Swing around some colorful curtains and artificial flowers matching the theme. Put some big artificial flowers on the top bar using pins or staplers. You can use Natural flowers as well. Add some lighting to make a dramatic look to your temporary wall. 

You can pull the curtains to the corners to hide the pipeline and add lighting to the whole dimension. Decorate the prime pipe with floral extensions to hide.

2. Sequin Wall

To match up with the celebration vibe like birthdays and weddings, the temporary wall can be decorated using a sequin wall. You can add balloons to the sequin wall to create an awesome backdrop.

3. Photo Backdrop

You can decorate the temporary wall with soft curtains, and balloons and add artificial flowers here and there. Just pluck the ends under the balloons and create a fresh look for your theme party.

4. Ballon Backdrop

For professional parties, a temporary wall structure made from PVC or aluminum pipe can be fully decorated with sophisticated colored balloons, to create a professional as well as a modern vibe.

5. DIY Backdrop

You can only DIY paper crafts for decorating your temporary wall made of wood studs or pipe whatever you choose. Simply it will create an outstanding look for your party.

How Do You Decorate A Wall For A Party?

If you are planning a home party, you can choose a wall for decorating according to the party theme, and also make a photo booth for your guests. If you are planning a home party, you should decorate all the corners of your venue and choose a wall for specific decoration which can be used as the celebration point or photo booth. This wall should be the center of every focus point. Moreover, you can add a temporary frame in front of the wall or can directly decorate it.

1. Colourful Strips

For good decoration you can use colorful papers and balloons attached to the top to add an elegant look for a party, you can play with colors that will add vibrancy to your party. 

2. Birthday Background

You can turn out a simple birthday party into a fabulous one just by using rose gold balloons, peach and white flowers with golden streamers, these products will cost you nothing, as well as the decoration, is super rental free, you can use command strips to add the depth on your wall.

 3. DIY Paper Background

For a quick decoration, you can use scratch paper and make a fan craft which will add volume to your party wall and add some paper strips to make the design look more classy.

How Do You Make A Good Garage For A Party?

If you have a beautiful lawn in from of your house, you can plan for a garage party, garage will open a wide place for the guest to enter. You can choose just the opposite wall of the garage door to create a cool backdrop for the party.

1. Streamer 

You can create a colorful fringe backdrop using streamers. Furthermore, you can choose any color you want and how you want depends on your taste and party theme. It creates an extraordinary look for your ordinary garage wall.

2. Curtain Covering

If you want to throw a party for your graduation arrange a huge feast for the guest. Use white curtains to hide the wall of your garage. Choose a wall where you want to make the backdrop and add colorful streamers with balloons to set out the theme of your party.

3. Paper Covering

To Create a geometric look for your garage party you can cut cube papers or use sticky notes. Attach them with thin threats with the ceiling to make a 3d look.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Do I Put On A Wall For Party?

When you are putting up a wall for a party, It depends on such factors as the theme and color you want to add to the party. You can use a temporary wall or select any wall to decorate for the party. 

With a pretty budget, you can decorate a vast wall using balloons, Streamers, bead curtains, and fabric curtains as well. You can rent curtains to hide your original walls which will cost lower than buying them. For temporary walls, you can use PVC pipes or aluminum rods. Although aluminum rods can cost more, they can make a firm construction for a temporary wall standing.

How To Make A Wall Covering Work?

If your wall is damaged enough, but it’s not the party wall you are planning for you can simply put on the big furniture of your home like shelves in front of the wall to hide the background. You can also use fabric curtains so people can’t see pass through them. If you have some budget you can even add wall stickers or big frames to cover the wall and make a party look.

How Do I Decore A House For A House Warming Party?

There are certain things you need to do for a housewarming party, This type of party doesn’t require a lot of decoration with colorful stuff yet a natural and fresh outlook. You can simply use fresh and natural flowers and some soft color chiffon or georgette curtains and homemade foods for creating a homely environment for your guests.


Depending on the guest list, You must find an appropriate space for your party. The space should not be huge or insignificant for the guest. Make sure the place is comfortable as well as cautious. 

Don’t forget to make the decoration tidy enough to hide all the wires from the guests, so they don’t get directly into a contract with it. Add proper lighting for the spacing so everyone can enjoy the party to the least. Rose gold balloons, peach, and white flowers with golden streamers.

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