How To Hide Wires On Outside Brick Wall | Proper Guidance for You

Brick walls, the classic exterior a lot of us love to have. Some even like to keep it without any shining or shaping to make it feel more rustic. No matter what you like, they are aesthetic. 

But one thing that does ruin the looks of it is the wiring. If you somehow need to extend some wires around your home for an extra socket or outside for an extension, the exposed wire sure screams, ‘Look at me!’. And it’s always an eye sour. 

So how to hide wires on outside brick walls to keep those show stealers away? Well, you can use cord covers, crown molds, and a few other DIYs to hide the wires creeping on the brick wall

Let’s look into all of them and how you proceed with the steps, yeah? 

3 Ways To Hide Wires On Outside Brick Wall

There are pretty much 3 ways you can hide wires outside brick walls. These are not only effective but also easy and convenient to put up. 

Way 1: Cord Covers To Cover The Wires

The first thing you can do and the most effective one to go for is cord covers. They come in a lot of colors and designs. And also has both metal and plastic build. You just need the cord cover, a measuring meter, a drill machine, and a few screws. Then proceed with the steps.

Step 1: Measure The Wires

Start by measuring the wires you need to cover. Use the measuring tape and mark it down on the cord cover. 

Step 2: Cut The Cord Cover To The Desired Size

When you are done marking the cover, start cutting it down to the needed length. Make sure they are cut according to any bends on the wall.

Step 3: Install The Cord Overs

Drill some holes in the wall and place some screw anchors. Then secure the cover over the wire with screws. And you are done.

Way 2: Crown Molding To Hide Wires

Crown moldings are another way to hide or cover exposed wires. They are decorative and come in different designs and colors. You have to follow the same methods as installing the cord covers but make your home look more elegant. You will need the same equipment like a drill, screws, anchors, and obviously the crown mold. 

Step 1: Measure The Height Of Your Wall

Start by measuring out the height of your wall, as crown molds are mostly used on top of the top side of your wall. So your wires will be run by the side of it. 

Step 2: Cut The Crown Mold To Your Desired Size

Cut the molds to your desired size. And proceed with climbing the ladder or something tall. Remember that these molds need to match your wall, so cut them in the right measurement. 

Step 3: Secure It With Screws

Drill some holes, and use anchors and screws to secure the crown molds. Over the wire for good measures. 

Way 3: DIY Wire Hiding 

We cannot leave some DIY out of our list. Especially on decorating your home and hiding unnecessary eye sours. If you are not keen on installing anything over your brick wall to make them look odd, then here are two things you can do to hide the wires.

Cutting The Wall Or Drilling On Them

You can always drill or cut the wall to push the wires in them. But make sure to use caulk to fill the gap. It’s just a drill, cut, secure process. You might ask a professional builder or handyman to do it if you don’t have any idea. 

Painting The Wires 

And then there is the most cost-effective method. This method is on the more artistic and rustic side. You can just paint your exposed wires with waterproof paint. Make sure to match the color with your wall color and you are fine.

Note: Always turn off the main power breaker while working with electrical wires. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is it OK to leave electrical wires exposed outside?

No. Exposed wires are not only a risk of causing short circuits by wearing off due to weather, but also a fire hazard. Also, the risk of touching them when the PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) part wears off might cause electrocution. So it is best to cover them up, especially when they are outside. 

How do you cover exposed wires in a house?

You can cover exposed wires in your house by using cord covers, crown molding, PVC pipes, and electrical bend covers. 

How do you waterproof exposed wires?

You can waterproof an exposed wire by first covering them with cord covers and then applying sealants on the side of the cord covers. Always go for silicon sealants rather than plastic ones. 


Hiding exposed wire on the outside brick wall might sound tedious and a lot of work, but they are worth it. If you don’t cover them, the weather will tear the outer layer exposing the metal wires inside them. Which is always a safety risk. Also, make sure to use silicon sealants to make the covers waterproof, so you don’t have to deal with water damage later on. 

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