How To Remove Ceramic Towel Bar From Tile Wall? How Do I Remove

How To Remove Ceramic Towel Bar From Tile Wall

A ceramic towel bar makes the bathroom or washroom look more elegant and classy and holds the towel. Sometimes there is more than one towel bar in a washroom if a bathtub or shower is installed. In Tile wall, the ceramic towel bar is popular nowadays because there are no tools required for installation or replacement.

How to Safely Remove a Ceramic Towel Bar From a Tile Wall?

Usually, ceramic towel bars are attached to the wall with adhesive tape. This tape contains small holes between them, which hold air between the wall and the tape to make the suction tighter. So, it’s not possible to pull it off from the wall. Also, it would cause harm if the ceramic bar breaks during the process.

Use a chisel and hammer to remove the towel bar from the tile wall gently. Place the chisel on the corner of a mount and gently push it inside; once the air bubble breaks, it will automatically come off. Repeat the same process with another corner without breaking the ceramic bar.

How Do You Remove A Ceramic Towel Bar From A Shower?

A towel bar is a must in the shower to hold a washcloth, towel, or rug. In most cases, the towel bar is located on the opposite shower wall to avoid water splashing into clothes hung on the bar. Generally, the ceramic towel bar in the shower is attached to the wall using a screw to hold more weight.

You only need a screwdriver to remove the ceramic towel bar from the shower. Remove the cap from the mount, and you’ll find it screwed on both sides of the mount. Secure the bar. Remove one screw from each side first, then gently loosen the other from each side. That way, you can hold the bar without breaking it.

How Do You Remove Ceramic Towel Bar Without Visible Screws?

If your ceramic towel bar doesn’t have a visible screw, it may have been glued on the wall or have a screw underneath the mount. First, check in which way it’s attached to the wall. Try to look between the wall and the mount. If there’s a slight gap between the wall and the mount, in which case it’s attached with adhesive, otherwise it’s attached with screws.

If you don’t find any gap between the wall and the mount, the mount seems groundless. Then there might be some twists you need to apply to get the mount out and uncover the screw plate.

First, hold the mount tightly, push it slightly, and twist it anti-clockwise. That way, it will get unlocked from the screw plat as it’s attached in a twisted manner.

Then remove the screws from each part and carefully remove the ceramic bar.

How Do I Remove The Ceramic Towel Bar From The Drywall?

When removing the towel bar from the drywall, check if it’s glued or screwed with the wall. If it’s screwed, remove the screws and remove the bar. If it’s glued with the drywall, The adhesive needs to be cut off so it won’t ruin the wall. Cut off the glue’s sides by using an oscillating tool or anti-cutter. Be aware of using a chisel to remove the towel bar from drywall because that can cause severe damage to the wall.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How To Fix Broken Towel Bar With Toggle Bolts?

Towel bars are robust; even the ceramic bars are so thick that one bar can last up to 100 years. If your towel bar’s end has come out of the drywall surface, You can quickly fix that using the toggle bolts under the mount to attach the screws. Again, put the toggle bolts through the bar mount bracket and insert them on the wall. You will hear the toggle bolts click opening, then a screwdriver to fasten the drywall firmly with the drywall and install the mount along with the bar; now it’s ready as new.

How To Patch Bathroom Walls After Removing The Towel Bar?

Towel bars can be attached to the wall using adhesives or screw bolts if you are thinking of changing the look of your drywall or cemented wall. First, you must fill up the holes induced by the tile bar.

Use a pre compound with a 6-inch drywall knife, patiently fill the gaps and patches, and leave it to dry. After that, do an excellent sanding to the wall to level out the compounded surface of the wall so that after coloring, it won’t look odd.

Will Command Strips Stick On Tile Wall?

Command strips are two-sided tape that can attach two surfaces firmly to each other. The best part of command strips is that it’s rent-free and doesn’t require any heavy material for installation. If you avoid using screws to put on the towel bar, you can use command strips underneath the mount and press them against the wall where you want to put your towel bar. Because of the seamless installation process, you can use command strips to put a towel bar on any wall.

How Much Weight Can A Towel Bar Hold?

If you are considering buying a ceramic towel bar, the product’s weight will be 1.5-2 pounds. This ceramic bar can hold up to 150 pounds, but using it as a grab bar is not recommended. Grab bars can hold more weight and pressure than regular towel bars.


A towel bar is a must for every washroom or shower wall. The towel bars’ designs are changing rapidly, but people don’t change them often because the product and installation are costly. However, Towel bars don’t go out of order in a short period. So it’s better to choose a towel bar that is simple yet adequate from time to time.

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