Metal Wall Décor Ideas Outdoor | 5 Beautiful Ideas

Metal Wall Décor Ideas Outdoor

If you want to give a good vibe to your guest while they enter your house, you should also decorate the outdoor walls to create a welcoming vibe. Metal wall mount or decoration has become a great DIY to decorate inside walls of your home, but, It can also be used as Outdoor decoration. Metal decoration gives a minimalistic and classy look to your home. At first glance, it briefly introduces your thoughts and tastes to your guests. 

Can You Hang Metal Outside?

If You are thinking of decorating your outdoors with a sophisticated look, Metalworks is the best solution for outdoor decoration because it’s long-lasting and doesn’t require any maintenance. Metal hangings depend on their weight if they can be mounted. If the metal piece is small, it can be hung on one hook. But giant metal hangings are usually screwed to the outdoor wall, which makes them sustainable.

In this picture, these black metal structures are mounted to the outdoor wall using a metal hook connected to the structure and screwed in each corner to make it secure enough. This versatile metal piece can be used as a decoration piece in general and also can be put up with some vines to add a more vintage look.

Metal Wall Décor Ideas for Outdoor Decoration

If you are willing to decorate your outdoors with a low budget, you want something very intricate that enriches your house environment. Metal Designs are the best. You can make custom designs with metal or order online from shops like “Etsy”. Even you can make wall stands or mounting stands with metal to decorate your outdoors with a modern look. A simple metal piece of wall hanging can change the outlook.

1. Garden Wall Structure

This type of vintage window design can be applied to your outer wall. It can be simple yet so beautiful. Adding some orchids or creeping plants will add extra texture to the wall.

This type of simply designed metalwork gives your outdoor wall a geometric and modern vibe. Moreover, this wall decoration looks impressive when it’s not much hyped or decorated. Sometimes, A minimal look can give an outstanding outcome.

2. Backyard Wall

Suppose you want a distinctive look for your background wall, where you, family, and friends can enjoy their leisure time. To create a calm and peaceful environment near your pool wall, you can add these types of simple and big lotus flower or tree metal art. A spotlight view below adds extra volume to the metal art piece.

A geometric figure created with metal can give a modern look. These type of thick designs looks marvelous on the walls.

3. Wrough Iron

If your iron piece has become old and rusty, you can still use it for outdoor wall design creating a rustic look. For ordinary home decoration, people often want their house to feel at home with simple techniques. A gardener can mount a simple metal decoration like this on his wall and hang plants with the design. This is the modern way of life where you have to do gardening, decorate and save space simultaneously.

4. Metal Signs

A metal sign can be an extraordinary decorative piece for your outdoor wall. Always keep up the good vibes and positivity with this kind of sign. A Positive and hopeful sign on your outdoor entrance wall will create a good impression of your home and tastes

5. Sun Moon Metal Art.

In the Chinese zodiac, the sun-moon sign is quite popular. Many believers love to keep this sign in their houses. This can be an outstanding metal art piece that can be used as a decorative item, where the sun represents firmness and the moon represents calm and peace.

How Do You Weatherproof Metal Art?

Metal gets rusted easily, even after color coating the art piece. A layer of polyurethane is enough to prevent your metal art piece from weathering and make it long-lasting. Anti-rust spray or polyurethane can be found in any local hardware store. Polyurethane seals the outer surface of the metal and saves it from water, air, and dust to create rust. It locks the outer layer of metal to avoid contact with moisture.

To make your metal weatherproof, Follow these steps:

Step One: Cover Your Workplace before starting to work to avoid spraying on other objects.

Step Two: Take Safety Measures before starting because the eyes can inhale sprays, so wear gloves, safety glass, and a mask before starting working.

Step Three: Spray All Over The Metal Piece. Put the metal over your workplace, give one spray coating to one side, and let it dry. After drying, flip the other side and spray without leaving any corners. If the metal work is 3D, Always go for one side at a time, carefully spraying each corner.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How To Decorate Metal?

The metal art piece can be decorated to remove the boringness of the same old art piece. One can use a scape item to decorate the metal to give it a new look. Natural flowers and leaves decoration can add a fresh vibe, but these can dry off in no time. 

Instead, one can use artificial plant locks, leave or flower combinations to create an elegant finish. Paper crafts can be an excellent idea for decorating metal. One can make a DIY flower out of paper and create a new look.

How To Make Outdoor Wall Art?

The outdoor wall can be decorated with artistry and style. You can put up metal panels that are curved designs, which creates depth to the board and makes great wall art. You can cut panels using galvanization according to your invention on the forum and make outdoor wall art.


The use of metal for outdoor decoration has become a modern trend. It adds a great fusion to your walls, making them the focus center of your house. One can decorate any of their space with metal hangings. It’s safe and environment-friendly. Antique metal arts can cost a lot, and one can easily smelt metal in any size and shape. Aluminum metal has become famous for creating outdoor decoration because it can be intensely hard with some mixture of elements like zinc, copper, and manganese, as well as costly

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