25 Most Popular Paper Flower Wall Decor Ideas

Paper Flower Wall Decor Ideas

Add various elements to the walls. Never leave them bare. An elegant paper flower decoration is perfect. You can make paper flowers in a matter of minutes and add a lot of aesthetics to your room. Paper wall decorations are always a good choice. There are many ways to decorate paper flowers. Here are some ideas for decorating the walls in your lovely home with minimal effort and without pinching your wallet.

Top-Notch Paper Flower Wall Decor Ideas at the Moment

1. Decorating With Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are always a good choice when looking for beautiful and original décor. Each flower is unique and special because you can make them yourself from scratch. These ideas inspire you to create beautiful, original wall decorations using paper flowers. 

2. Tissue Paper Flower Backdrop Decor

Any wall would look great with this “Tissue paper flower decoration.” You can use this as a fun and original decoration for any special occasion. There is a wide variety of colors and sizes of tissue paper flowers. Patterns are also an option.

3. Faux Paper Flower Wall Decoration

How lovely to welcome spring in this way. Using faux flowers in a way that doesn’t look out of place in a modern home is easy with this oversized floral word art. If you’d like to fill the empty wall space in your entryway with something like this, or if you’d like to customize the design to suit your taste, you can do so. It is available on the club crafted as a tutorial.

4. A Heart Filled With Paper Flowers

Do you need romantic vibes in your room because you’re a hopeless romantic? Adding a large heart made from paper flowers is the perfect way to add that sweet and romantic vibe. Even on special days, you can use paper rose flower wall hanging ideas to make your partner smile. I’m sure it will make your surprise even more special.

5. For Craft Lovers Who Love Quilling

Children have always enjoyed quilling as an art n craft activity. However, you can certainly use art to decorate your room. It looks fantastic when you do quilling art. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs. You can choose from a bouquet, tree, or frame option. It always looks marvelous to decorate a wall with handmade paper decorations.

6. Dream Catcher for a Good Sleep

In Dream Catchers, strings or yarns are used to construct the hoop. Furthermore, add feathers, tassels, and beads to the accessory. People have long believed that dream catchers give them good dreams. If you want, you can decorate it with paper flowers. The idea of good dreams with a bit of sparkle will appeal to everyone. It’s a great idea for wall hangings.

7. A Vase For Flowers That Is Aesthetic

What room is complete without a flower vase? The problem is that we know they are hard to handle. Here is the best alternative. And this is a wall-mountable paper flower vase. A pastel wall will look amazing with pastel color flowers.

8. A Golden Ring Hangs on the Wall

An attractive wall decor element would be a golden ring surrounded by many paper flowers. Adding golden aspects to a room makes it look elegant. Some gold parts are always a good idea. Decorations for walls will never go out of style. Adding it to your room will always enhance its appearance.

9. Initials With Some Paper Flowers

With flowers surrounding your initial, you can display your name. You can arrange the flowers however you like. For a simple look, place a bunch on one side. You can also choose flowers on both sides.

10. Flower Paper Fans With an Offbeat Twist

Are you on the lookout for something beautiful and unique to add to the walls? If you want to go blindly, choose fan paper flowers. You can decorate your room with this fantastic addition. Various sizes and colors of flowers are available. You can add a touch of modernity with pastel colors and the perfect aesthetic with poppy colors.

11. The Design of the Entire Wall Is Beautiful

For example, suppose you have a big room and want to design the walls more complexly. Consider choosing one type of paper flower and using it to cover the entire wall. It is even possible to change the size of the flowers. In either case, you can create a wall with the same-sized flowers or flowers of different sizes. To complete the look, place one piece of furniture in front of the wall. Your room will feel springy with flower wall decor.

12. The Alluring Design of Curtains

Simple essential colored curtains are sometimes all we have. It can, however, look boring at times. Adding some color makes it stand out. Adding paper flowers to the curtains is an easy way to decorate them. Blue and pink are some trendy color options. This backdrop is perfect for taking pictures and having a small celebration.

13. Simple and Cute Broach Designs

Suppose you’re looking for something cute, simple, and trim. Choose a circular flower brooch. The design is so aesthetically pleasing. You can increase or decrease the pattern size depending on your needs and space. Flowers made from pastel paper are always a good choice. Your room walls will look great with this pattern.

14. Blue and White for Some Elegance

There is something so elegant about a combination of blue and white. The room feels so royal with it. There is also a need to use greys and blues in more shades. And this will make your patterns look fantastic. You can choose a geometrically aligned broach pattern or a free-hand pattern.

15. Paper Flower Cut In Three Dimensions

Three-dimensional cut paper flowers are another incredible option for adding paper flowers to your room. Make your choice from shades of a particular color or shades that complement one another. Both of them are available to you. Don’t forget to add flowers of different sizes to create a stunning display.

16. A Giant Piece of Paper Makes a Flower

Decoratively decorate the walls with large flowers. Flower arrangements with one color and large size are ideal for decoration. It will look amazing to keep the sofa facing the wall. You can decorate your walls with paper at a reasonable cost. A beautiful and elegant way to do this is by using crepe paper.

17. Wall Frame Decoration With Paper Flowers

In addition to paper flower wall decorations, you can also create classic wall decorations using paper flowers. A frame surrounds this one, for instance. Choosing an edge in the right size for your wall is entirely up to you. Make a foam board back panel, paint it and attach all the paper flowers later to it. For this, you only need a few flowers, but they take some time to make.

Another great idea for a blank wall is to decorate it with paper flowers to become a focal point. You can arrange the flowers casually or in a pattern. Consider this wall type if you need a backdrop for a photo booth during a party or another event. It would make an excellent backdrop for beautiful pictures. 

18. Make Flowers From Old Book Pages

You can repurpose some old book pages instead of using tissue paper or colored crafting paper. You can put them inside a frame to make a beautiful flower wall decoration. A vintage or retro frame would complement the book pages nicely. Choosing a favorite style for this project is up to you. 

19. Make Flowers From Toilet Paper

The same principle applies to making paper flowers from more unusual materials, such as toilet paper rolls. Shape the rings so they look like flower petals by cutting the rolls into small pieces. If you wish, you can also paint them. After arranging and gluing the petals, you’re ready to make a flower wall decor. And this is one of the most straightforward and inexpensive projects ever.

20. Make Flowers From Tissue Paper

When making paper roses, use colored cardstock instead of something soft like tissue paper if you want them to look as crisp as possible. Here’s what it would look like with flowers. It’s up to you whether you use the template or improvise and create a design that’s unique to you. Depending on which side you look at, you can also use cardboard with two different colors.

Making a tissue paper wreath looks just as good as making real flowers, and you can display it anywhere in your home. In contrast, add a bunch of leaves and several different types of paper flowers. You can use floral wire stems as the base of the wreath. Once the design starts to take shape and all the colors come together, this project is advantageous.

21. Prettifying Your Workspace

Have trouble prettifying your workspace? It’s time to think about paper flowers once again. You can make a big bouquet of paper roses in different sizes and colors behind your desk. Having a pretty background to work with will make your work more enjoyable.  

22. Prettifying Your Bedroom

Make a beautiful paper flower wall decor for your bedroom as well. Usually, there isn’t a lot you can do with the space above the headboard. Take this opportunity to add new accent colors to the room or match the flowers with the rest of the decor.

23. Heart-Shaped Wall Decoration

Check out these spiral paper roses that look very clean and crisp. Their modern look comes from cutting the paper into circles, then spiraling it into spirals. A beautiful heart-shaped wall decoration was created here by combining several of them. Valentine’s Day would be a great time to do this.

In specific contexts, giant paper flowers can also look fantastic. A few decor pieces were hung on the backdrop wall to give the sitting area a bohemian flair. These soft pastel colors go well with the brick wall, the bench, and the pillows. 

24. Mirror with A Unique Decoration

Every room should have some sense of uniqueness. Is there no reason to keep your mirror boring? Add paper flowers to your mirror for extra glam. You can add flowers to the whole frame or the upper or lower part of the frame. There are two types of mirrors that you can choose from ovals and rectangles. Add flowers to the walls as well for extra elements.

25. Intricate Design with Paper Flower

It’s nice to have your name on your bedroom wall, isn’t it? To make it more beautiful, you can add paper flowers. It will enhance the look in an instance to add them around the name. It is a fantastic idea to make paper flowers as a craft.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Decorate Flowers With Wallpaper?

Approximately 1/3 of the way up each flower petal, cut a slit. Roll the edges of the flower petals. Using a glue stick, we rolled one side up and one back for this flower style. Glue the two sides of each petal together to add dimension.

How Can I Hang Flowers on My Wall Without Nails?

I always use Command hooks when I have large or heavy flowers. I usually use these little hooks called decorating clips or mini light clips, which come in various sizes. Moreover, there are larger hooks that can support a more significant load.

How To Attach a Flower to a Backdrop?

If the flowers have a wire hanger on the back, you can pin them to the fabric or adhere them directly to the material with hot glue. Attach the foam core boards to the PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) pipe, hang them from it, and then cover the pipe with fabric, lace, or tulle.

How Can I Use Paper Flowers?

It’s obvious to use paper flowers instead of real ones – bouquets, centerpieces, and corsages are great, but so are corsages and boutonnieres, thanks to their versatility and hardiness.


Make your choice based on what reflects your personality. You can play with the paper flowers’ colors and sizes, so don’t be afraid to experiment. You can add glam to your room with paper flowers. A custom-made, hand-made craft piece will make an exceptional choice for decorating the rooms. If you want your paper to last longer, you should choose the designs and types carefully.

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