Farmhouse Arch Wall Decor Ideas (6 Different Ideas)

Farmhouse Arch Wall Decor Ideas

Generally, a farmhouse is a house built on or near a farm. Though nowadays this is a popular place to spend weekends, it is not because of that. The simple yet stylish structure is the reason for its popularity. There is a kind of structure of the house that allows natural light and air to be able to flow through it smoothly and easily.

Arch is a curved passageway, that you may or may not have in your farmhouse. But it’s not about the decoration of the passageway. It’s about wall art that looks like an arch, curved and asymmetrical. It gives a classy look to your room and enhances its elegance. Arch art is famous for farmhouses but you can use them in other places too.

Guide to Farmhouse Arch Wall Decor Ideas

Arches were developed in the 2nd millennium BC to support the weight of the above foundation. The curve of an arch can have various forms, like circular, pointed, and parabolic. The circular or semicircular ones were used by Romans, and pointed ones by Gothics. Parabolics were developed after these two forms. 

There are other many types and shapes of the arch, you can find all types of the arch as wall art too. Like triangular, shouldered, trefoil, horseshoe, etc. These can be added to the basic two arch forms, circular and pointed.

1. Round Arch For Wall Decor

These types of arches are called round, circular, or semicircular arches. The upper side of these arches has to be round as it’s a semicircle. Or, wants to be a circle but isn’t a full one. This arch is the most popular wall arch art that can give your farmhouse an amazing look.

2. Pointed Arch Wall Art

The upper side of this arch is pointed, that’s why it’s called a pointed arch. The pointed ends can be more than one. Rarely you can see three-pointed arch wall art, you can hang them on your farmhouse wall to have a magnificent look. You can see these types of arches in bars and hotels.

3. Trefoil Arch Wall Decor

You can see the above one is three foils inside the arch. These arch art forms are very rare but attractive. A trefoil arch has no other designs inside the frame. You can attach a mirror or any message to it.

4. Triangular Arch Wall Art

This arch has clearly three points and the bottom isn’t regular four-sided. This irregularity of shape will make your farmhouse wall more attractive.

5. Metal Arch Wall Art

Now the arches were made of wood, in general, to use on windows. But now as it has more decorative purposes it’s also being made of metals.

If the arch of your farmhouse wall is made of metal then it’s more durable than the ones made of wood. Moreover, it’ll be appealing if you can get arches made of both metal and wood too.

6. Rustic Arch Wall Decor

Rustic things give an ancient yet aesthetic look to your room. You can get wooden as well as metallic rustic arches to mount on your house wall.

How To Decorate Wall Arch Art

Arches are classy decorative arts. But when you have a one-colored or plain arch it can look ordinary on the wall. So to make it extraordinary you need to put in some effort.

First of all, try to contrast the color of the arch with the wall or furniture’s color. Then you can arrange some flowers, plants, vases, or candles around it.

You can also make it look like a window, like the above picture. You can hang other wall art with the arch to define it.

Moreover, you can add mirror glass to the arch. Or even better, you can attach various colored glasses in the spaces of an arch. This will give a vibrant lively look to your room.

How To Mount Wall Arch Art

The safest option for mounting an arch is using command strips. If you have a wooden arch then you can try to drill holes in it to screw it on the wall. But it can damage the arch. So you should use command strips unless the arch is heavy.

Well, usually arches are lightly weighted, thus you shouldn’t worry. Attach 4-10 command strips on the back of an arch to be safe. Peel off one side of the strip and attach it to the arch, then peel off the other side. After that, hold it to the place where you want to mount it. Hold and press it firmly for 30 to 60 seconds. The stronger and longer you press it the more powerful the bond becomes.


From the name farmhouse, you can feel a vintage home base vibe. So, the things to decorate this place should be vintage and classy too. The furniture, wall art, clock, vase, candle, and fixtures of the farmhouse all demand to have a vintage touch in them still not out of date.

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