How To Remove In-Wall Speakers (Just 3 Steps)

How To Remove In-Wall Speakers

As a modern home requires a modern solution, wall speakers can be removed and installed very easily. In-wall speakers are rectangular-shaped speakers mounted inside the wall to give you a better home theatre experience. Generally, in-wall speakers are wired underneath the wall to give a clean look from the outside. 

If you are willing to remove your in-wall speaker by yourself, this article is just for you.

How Do You Remove Built-in Speakers?

Usually, Built-in speakers are located at a height of the wall or on the ceiling that normal people can’t reach without a ladder or stool. So, if you are willing to remove or replace your built-in speaker, you need:

a) A Stool or Ladder to Comfortably Reach the Height of the Wall Speaker.

b) A Drill Bit The Size Of The Speaker Screw, Normally No 2 Drill Bit.

c) A Phillip Drill Machine.

d) A Flat Screw.  

e) A Wire Cutters Or Utility Knife

Now Place the ladder right under the speaker so you can reach the speakers without any problem. Then search for the screws and disassemble them using the drill. After that, use the flat screw to pry open the seam of the speaker which will lead the bare speaker open, Take out the speaker from the wall slightly and cut off the wires connected to the wall with the speaker using wire cutters or utility knives. 

In the next step, safely put the speaker in a position and gently cut 2/3 inch of the wall wire to discover new copper strips for a new installment, or cover the wires with plastic if you don’t want to use them for now.

How Do You Remove A Speaker Out Of The Wall Frame?

Heavy speakers are mounted to the wall using a wall frame. To remove Heavy speakers from the wall first you need to remove the speaker and then the wall mount which was holding the speakers to the wall. The wall frame and speakers are attached strong enough to the wall that it’s a long process to take them off. The following steps can help remove speakers as well as the frame from the wall.

Step 1: Take Off The Screws From the Clamps. You’ll notice clamps from the wall rack are attached to both sides of the speaker to make a secure position. Take off the screws alone with the clamps using a screwdriver. The speaker will get loose easily in this process, take it off. Remove the speaker protective foams as well.

Step 2: Remove The Speaker Platform. The platform where the speaker was placed is bolted from the downside with the wall mount. Remove the plastic cap first then, lose the bolt to get off the washer and nuts the speaker platform alone with a tilted end from the mount.

Step 3: Now Remove The Wall Frame. The wall frame is secured with screws to the wall and a plastic plate is put on the wall frame to hide the visible screws. Gently take off the plastic plate using a flat screwdriver. Pry it off the wall and the screws will be visible. Next, remove the screws and that’s how the wall frame will come off.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How Do You Replace Wall Speakers?

Replacing a wall speaker is a straightforward process. Remove the wall speaker from the wall by removing the screws, then cut the wires carefully to detach the old speaker. 

To attach the new speaker to the wall, need to attach the wires first and for that, you need fresh copper strips to attach to the speaker wires. Disclose 2/3 inch of copper wire by removing the plastic cover with a wire cutter. Slightly cut the plastic cover and pull it off from the wires. 

Now twist two ends of the copper speaker and wall wires and cover them with black tape. Then Put on the speaker on the wall and screw it tightly. Lastly, put on the grill to secure the speaker from dust.

How Do You Remove A Flush Mount Speaker?

The flush mount speaker has a decent bass on it because it has two speakers in one. So, it’s quite famous for its modern features. Flush mount speakers are mounted to the wall using specialized screws like toggle bolts to hold up firmly with the walls.

While removing, you’ll notice screws attached to the frame of the speaker. Slowly unscrew them turning them anti-clockwise. If you hear a click sound while removing the screw, is the closing sound of the blades behind the speaker. The speaker will automatically come off when you have successfully got all the screws removed.

How Long Does A wall Speaker Last?

If your wall speaker is branded it can last up to 50-60 years easily because these wall-mounted speakers are specialized in a manner it won’t get out of order easily.

Do Built-In Speakers Increase The Property Value?

Yes, Certainly Built-in speakers cost a lot including the installation and wall wiring. But as a built-in speaker lasts for decades, so yes it does increase the property value. The market price of your property will automatically increase because buyers will get the extra perk of having a home theatre experience. New Generation Built-in-wall speakers can be controlled via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so it adds a better experience for your home.


Wall Speakers can produce high bass sound for homes and this speaker has indications that allow the sound to spread widely as well as be directed in the room and give you a premium experience. These wall speakers give your home a neat and smart view because there are no visible wires. 

Notably, the wall speaker should have insulation because the electric sounds created by electric waves can make your home suffer from poor thermal performance. Insulation reduces the electric waves and safe your home from thunderstorms. 

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