Indoor Artificial Grass Wall Ideas For Home, Office, and so on

Indoor Artificial Grass Wall Ideas

The grass wall décor idea has become a popular way to bring life to boring walls for a reasonable price. One can use the maximum of his imagination power to design his home wall with artificial grass just by himself, spending some dollars and developing a soothing environment.

4 Decorative Indoor Artificial Grass Wall Ideas 

Nowadays artificial grass is not only used on floors but also on indoor walls to create a natural as well as a peaceful vibe.

If you want your home to feel more comfortable, you can add some artificial grass on any wall of your room, it can be your bedroom, bathroom, stairs, or even living room.

In case you do not know how to decorate a small room, you can easily add some artificial grass to the wall. Mainly you can decorate any of your walls with artificial grass. If your wall is too old or damaged you can hide it with grass as well and give it a new sophisticated look. 

There are so many ideas and DIYs to add your wall a vibrant look just by using grass and these designs could last up to one year or even more. For wall DIY’ decorations often nylon or polyester r grass is used but you can use any artificial grass on the wall to bring a rich look.

A. Bed Room Decoration Ideas

A perfect home means a perfect bedroom where you find all your energy to consume before starting the next day. A bedroom needs to be decorated according to its owner’s cognitive choice and it should be calm and peaceful without any chaotic vibe. Adding Some artificial grass to your bedroom wall can create a different environment to sleep in. Even if you came tired after all day’s work this artificial greenery can soothe your mind. You can put some hanging artificial grass beside the bed wall and create a look. 

You can decorate your bedroom with a cozy vibe by just adding some artificial grass wildly upside of the bed wall and completing the look with some neon lights as well as a chandelier to create a warm vibe to your bedroom.

B. Bathroom or washroom decoration ideas

The bathroom or washroom can also be decorated using artificial grass. Artificial grass is attached to the wall with a stapler or pins so there’s no way it can come off in the water, just make sure the artificial grass is non-absorbent to water so it will last longer in bathroom walls.

Guest Room’s washroom can be decorated in this manner which will add simplicity yet a royal vibe to the washroom wall. Two hanging lamps with flower pots can create a polished view of it. 

The common washroom can be decorated with artificial grass as well on a less budget yet so pure.

A hot bath day or spa day can be enjoyed with a relaxed atmosphere just by adding some artificial grass on one side of the 12*24 walls near the tub.

If your bathroom is small in size still you can decorate it with artificial grass and create a wild at the same time, relaxed vibe. You can add only a row or column of artificial grass to an artificial bathroom to create a different look.

C. Living Room Decoration Ideas

When a guest arrives at the house, they are invited to visit the living room. The living room is the most important place in a house as it illustrates the taste of the owner. The living room can become more lively and playful if there is a natural view on the wall. To remove the monotonous or gloomy view of a living room, a wall can be decorated with artificial grass, and adding some picture frames to them can make it look more rustic and aesthetic. 

If your house is small and has little space for a living room, artificial grass can make them look bigger as it creates an allusion to the viewer.

D. Workstation Wall Decoration Ideas

Work from home has become a new trend and many people earn their livelihood by simply making videos at home regarding many aspects. To make the frame look eye-catching and vibrant one can install a wall with artificial grass and with good lighting, the video frame will look rich and classy. With Artificial grass, one can easily turn any of their house walls into a workstation if there’s no specific room available. One can decorate the room as well as the video frame by adding some led lights that can make it look more than perfect.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

How do I build artificial grass on a wall?

There are some methods you can apply while building artificial grass on a wall. By adding your grass to the regular wall, you can use a stapler. Stapling every artificial grass turf with the wall. Attach each of the grass turf as well. If you notice there are small locks underneath every turf, attach them to make a firm structure.

Can I use artifice grass indoors?

Artificial grass is mainly constructed for indoor use as they are none non-toxic and doesn’t need any water or sunlight to look natural and fresh at the same time. Artificial grass doesn’t even need any extra care once you’ve installed it successfully. So, Yes you can use them indoors.

Do artificial grass walls attract ugs?

As we know artificial grass is mainly made of nylon, It doesn’t require any insecticide to avoid bugs or insects because, bugs can’t breed, feed, or nest in them. But if you don’t wash them properly in 2-3 months spiders can build webs in them as they only nest on clean surfaces.


Artificial grass is non-toxic and children-friendly, also they are very easy to install. But it holds much more heat in the turf than the usual ones, This grass doesn’t catch flames but can melt at the touch of fire and the environment might get toxic. So, it is suggested to not install them in the kitchen or near the fireplace chamber wall.

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