[Explained] What Does 18*24 Look On The Wall?

What Does 18*24 Look On The Wall

A frame for your house wall can change your home’s decoration style and preference. 18*24 inch frame is the standard wall frame size that looks perfect on any size. It suits any color of a wall, from lighter to darker. An 18*24 inch frame can be used horizontally or vertically on the wall.

What Is The Good Size Of The Picture On The Wall?

A simple wall can be ornamented with a simple picture frame to enhance the house’s look. While decorating a house wall, one should always keep in mind to not exaggerate it but rather keep it simple yet sophisticated, which can match up with the vibe of your house. 

A perfect picture frame can make the house look more prominent with more depth, whereas, on the other hand, an oversized or tiny frame on the wall can make a wrong impression on your home. Choosing a perfect size frame for your wall depends on the furniture and the size of your room. There are some measurements you can follow to select the ideal size of frame for your wall:

  1. Your wall should always have 60% or 75% free space to make a distinctive look focused on the edge only. In a bare wall, define the middle to add immense photo fame or little frames that should not be excessive for a wall yet the focus point that would stand out the wall.
  2. For a big wall, try to choose a massive frame so the frame can grab the full attention. Place the frame in the middle of the wall to create an intricate vier from every corner. 
  3. If there’s furniture on the wall, try positioning the frame at least 6-10 inches up from the furniture, yet try not to hang it away from the eyesight.⅔ height of your wall is the perfect length from the below to set a frame on the wall.

Can You Put an 18*24 Wall frame on the office wall? 

To add volume to the monotonous office wall, one can easily put on a standard-size frame to make it look professional and add volume as well. An 18*24 inch frame will go perfectly with a neat and sophisticated image over the desk.

Can Art Be Too Big For The Wall?

Art on a wall can showcase the luxurious taste of the owner. In general, significant artworks are preferred by most house owner who loves to decorate their house simply. They Always go for oversized artwork so the art detail can be a great focal point for the viewers, and a great painting makes the wall look amusing. Even though a simple plastered wall can look so simple at the same time revolutionary by a modern or abstract art piece hung on the wall.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

What Size Of Artwork Should Be Above The Bed?

if you work remotely from home, you can select a space and add a personal image on an 18*24 frame to showcase your taste and passion.

The bedroom wall should have intricate artwork to create a cozy vibe in your room; the artwork should be simple and light-toned. A horizontal or vertical artwork can be used over the bed wall considering 60-75% of the bed width. Usually, a king-sized bed should have 48*36 inch artwork on the wall at least 6-10 inches up from the bed.

If the bed frame is big enough for the wall, it’s preferred not to use this method but rather horizontally use an 18*24 inch artwork to match up with the space.

How Do You Measure A Canvas On A Wall?

A perfect-sized canvas on a particular wall enhances the room’s outlook. There are some model sizes one can use to determine the wall size. While you are customizing a perfect canvas size for your wall, you need to measure the wall and multiply the height and width of the border by .65 or .75 to determine the 65% or 75% of your wall.

Suppose your wall is 9 feet tall and 6 feet wide. The actual size of your artwork frame should be 5.85*3.9 inches or 6.75*4.5 inches.

What Is The Standard Poster Size?

The most common size of the poster is 11*17,18*24, and 24*36. For a medium-sized home, an 18*24 size poster looks the best. If those size doesn’t fit your wall, you can also try 12*18, and 16*20 on your wall. 


Art Should always fit the environment and culture of the room.18*24 sized frame looks best for side walls as well as the main art wall. If you want to decorate your walls with personal sweet images or little artwork 18*24 is considered the best size. One can use This frame size on the stair wall to exhibit photos.2 or 3 18*24 size frames on a wall can create an instructive look and change the whole perspective of your home wall.

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