How to Mount a Light Fixture Without a Junction Box [Expert Opinion]

How to Mount a Light Fixture Without a Junction Box

Working on your home development includes adding, removing, and replacing stuff all around. A simple move of your wall art can make the whole room pop!

But the most important thing is the light fixtures. They highlight everything that is in a room. Alongside providing you with light. But what if there is no junction box where you want to install the light fixture? You might be wondering about how to mount a light fixture without a junction box, but it isn’t the right question in most cases.

The question you should be asking is why you shouldn’t mount a light fixture without a junction box. Also, there are a few light fixtures that don’t require a junction box. We are going to talk all about that today. 

How to Mount a Light Fixture Without a Junction Box | Answered!

First things first, you cannot mount a light fixture without a junction box. As a junction box is responsible for keeping the electrical wires in a case. It keeps it from causing any harm to your home. Lose wires sometimes spark and cause a fire eventually.

But there are two types of light fixtures that can be mounted without a junction box.

  1. A recessed light fixture.
  2. A light fixture with an attached junction box. 

Recessed light fixtures go inside the ceiling or wall. For this reason, they have their own junction box or casing for the wiring. So you don’t need an extra junction box for them.

Some light fixtures come with a junction box attached to their back. You can put the wiring in them and then close and secure it with screws. Then install it on the wall. Which is a cool thing. 

What to Do When You Need to Mount a Light Fixture in a New Place?

When you are mounting a light fixture in a place where there is no junction box use a Remodel Junction box. They are made out of plastic rather than the traditional aluminum ones. And are not as deep as them.

A remodeled junction box will usually hold one or two connections. Less wire, less hassle type of situation here. And the best thing is they can be out of sight and can be even mounted on drywall directly. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I install a light fixture without a junction box?

Yes. You can mount recessed light fixtures and attached junction box fixtures without any additional junction box. Regular light fixtures on the other hand will need a junction box or remodel junction box. 

How do I attach a light fixture junction box to a wall if there is no stud?

A junction box that doesn’t have a stud, can be placed in the wall or ceiling just as it is. The surrounding drywall will give it an efficient grip to keep it in place. 

How do I install a light fixture where there is no stud?

When there is no stud to hold your light fixture, you can use a DIY method of plywood and instant dry glue. Simply place plywoods on both sides of the hole and use glue to secure them in place. Then attach the junction box to the plywood. And on top of that, the light fixture. 

How do I install a junction box on a wall light fixture?

The first thing you have to do when installing a junction box in the wall is to cut the hole accordingly. Use a drywall saw to cut the hole precisely. Mark it beforehand. Then insert the junction box and run the wires through it. Secure the box with screws. If there is no stud, use some plywood and glue to make a stand for it. And then install the wall light fixture. 


Mounting any light fixture without a junction box is not only dangerous but also against the electrical code. You can get fined for it. And the safety of your family also depends on it. So do not skip the junction box for any reason. You can use remodeling boxes as a better option. 

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