How To Hang Sunglasses On Wall (Just 4 Steps Away)

How To Hang Sunglasses On Wall

Our daily use of sunglasses makes them an integral part of our lives. Therefore, it’s obvious that many want a special place to keep them. In the same way, if you want your sunglasses to be on display, you can hang them on your wall.

However, you must know how to do this without compromising the look of the room. Therefore, our topic of discussion today is how to hang sunglasses on the wall.

How To Hang Sunglasses On A Wall

In a simple sense, sunglasses can be hung on the wall with adhesive hooks. Because adhesive hooks are easy to use, inexpensive, and available in many designs and colors. You can use these hooks to hang many other items besides sunglasses. Not to mention, these adhesive hooks are available at home improvement stores or online. Mostly, the adhesive is strong enough to hold the weight of most sunglasses without tearing out of the wall when they’re removed. Let’s see the hanging process now.

1. Find The Right Hook

Look for a hook that can hold your sunglasses, and ensure it’s the right size. You need to make sure that the hook isn’t too small so that you don’t have to adjust all of your glasses constantly. And, you also won’t like to be too large. Because that means more space between each pair of sunglasses on display. Also, keep in mind whether these sunglasses are delicate or masculine.

For example, an oversized claw-like attachment will be perfect if you have a particularly sturdy pair of men’s aviator shades. The best way to figure out what kind will work best is simply by asking yourself: “Will this look good enough?” While this may seem silly at first glance, rest assured that once everything gets into place, everything will start making sense after a while.

2. Buy An Adhesive Sticker Hook

Next, you need to buy that specific sticker hook. While adhesive sticker hooks are cheap and can be used on many surfaces, including glass, they can be removed without damaging the wall. So, this type of sticker can be an ideal choice for hanging sunglasses on your wall. They’re also easy to use: peel off the backing and press firmly against a clean surface.

For added convenience, look for sticker hooks in colors other than white. Because white is the most common color for such hooks. Besides, consider getting one that matches your glasses or décor. This way, it blends in with its surroundings rather than standing out like an eyesore. As a result, it doesn’t potentially draw attention away from your decor.

3. Stick The Hook On The Wall

First, stick the hook on the wall. Make sure it is leveled and straight before you start gluing. Also, check that your hook is secure in place by pressing down on it. Not to mention, most people want enough room for their sunglasses to hang freely without too much wiggle room. So, if there’s a lot of movement or slip-sliding action happening here, then go ahead and add some more glue or tape to keep everything together as tight as possible.

However, don’t overdo this step. Once everything looks good, grab your sunglasses off their shelf or wherever else they’re currently living and hang them up!

4. Hang Your Sunglasses On The Hook

Since your hooks are now ready, you can hang your sunglasses on them. If you want to make sure that they’re visible and easy to access, it’s best to mount them somewhere in your home or office where they can be easily seen by everyone who enters the room. This may not be possible when you work in an environment requiring safety glasses. In most cases, place the hook on the wall with arms facing down or up. Only keep them sideways or inward when you’re bored of repetition in a hanging position.

How Do You Make A Sunglass Rack?

To make a sunglass rack, you will need some basic materials. First, you will need a wood piece at least 18 inches wide and 36 inches long. Also, arrange four screw-in hooks, a drill, and a saw. After arranging these materials, follow the below process:

  1. Start by cutting the piece of wood into two 18-inch parts.
  2. Then, take one of the pieces and drill four evenly spaced holes along the top edge. These holes should be big enough to fit the screw-in hooks.
  3. Next, cut the other piece of wood into four 9-inch pieces. These pieces will be used as supports for the rack.
  4. After that, drill two holes into each support, ensuring that the holes line up with the ones on the main piece of wood.
  5. Now, it’s time to assemble the rack. Start by screwing the hooks into the holes on the main piece of wood.
  6. Finally, line up the supports on either side of the main piece and screw them in place. Your sunglass rack is now complete!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should Sunglasses Be Placed In A House?

There are many different places where sunglasses can be placed in a house. A common place is on a table near the front door. This way, they are easily accessible when leaving the house. Another place where sunglasses can be placed is on a hook in the closet. This is a good option for people who don’t want to keep their sunglasses out in the open.

Sometimes people hang sunglasses on a wall to arrange them in order. Lastly, sunglasses can also be placed in a drawer near the bed.

What Are The Options For Hanging My Glasses?

Actually, numerous different options are available to hang your glasses. The first way is to use a glasses holder. There are many different types of holders that you can use. The second way is to use a lanyard. Lanyards are great because they keep your glasses close to your body and are very comfortable to wear. The third way is to use a case. This case will hold the glasses inside, keeping them safe and clean.

How To Put Sunglasses On the Wall?

To put sunglasses on the wall, find a spot first where you want to hang them. Then use a small nail or screw to create a hole in the wall. Next, take the sunglasses and thread the earpieces through the hole. Finally, twist the glasses so that they are tight against the wall and won’t fall down.

Ending Lines

So, now you know the simplest way to hang sunglasses on the wall. Most of the time, using a hook is a very convenient option to hang anything like a pair of shades. After setting up the hook, give a final check for its durability when hanging multiple sunglasses.

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