How To Shim A Framed Wall (Ins and Outs)

How To Shim A Framed Wall

Shims are Non-corrugated cardboard or thin cardboard sheets which are used to align parts of the window or door frames. it’s used to level the wall with the studs. Mainly it’s used for adjusting or remodeling home walls and filling the gaps between them to give a nice finish. 

How To Shim A Framed Wall

Wall shimming is crucial to make a home look fabulous. If you have an uneven home wall it’s hard to install anything on the wall. An uneven wall hampers the total outlook of your home. While installing the stud sometimes, if they are not aligned with each other, it needs to add some shim between the studs and walls to match up the whole process. You can use cardboard or thinly sliced wood wedges to match up the level of studs.

Use a carpenter’s level or a wall measuring tape to check the slender parts of the studs. You can try 2 methods of shimming the wall. 

You can check the even parts and attach shims to the studs using any adhesive. Then you can put it on the wall and hammer it tightly to the studs and screw them down.

Or, you can simply slide in the shim from the opening part of the frame and screw the wall to the studs. In this method, you can easily measure down and locate the spots you need to put shim. You can use two or more sheets of cardboard or wooden strips to slide in between the wall and studs if you find the gap huge.

Lastly, you can use a hammer to tap down the walls to adjust them with the studs. Board or wooden stripes are easy to install while you are re-modeling or adjusting your home wall because it’s easy to put nails through them. While nailing on a double-shimmed wall, try using longer nails so you can get through the studs and make a firm grip on the wall.

Using Wet Shim

If the studs that you have installed or were previously installed are not flat or enough plumed with the framing studs. You can use a wet shim to make your wall level, but only when you are using foam backer board on your walls. You can easily shim your wall using a wet shim and correct your framing issues just by following these steps:

  1. Use a carpenter’s level to the framing to check gaps on the studs. If you find even half inch gap on any stud this could ruin your whole interior look. So, The gap needs to be filled.
  2.  Check each stud using the carpenter’s level if the bubble doesn’t stay in the middle define the uneven portion and mark it using a pencil.
  3. Mark the bottom of the wall as well to define your board fits evenly with the wall as well as the ground.
  4. Now mix the shim with water using a bucket, and try to make the mixture as thick as to spread it easily on the wall without making it fall.
  5. Gently spread the wet shim to the stud parts where you feel you need to shim. put the shim in a portion that could fill up the gaps.
  6. After applying the wet shim to the studs. Take the Backer board and press it against the walls to set it up with studs.
  7. Use the carpenter’s level and a hammer to check the wall. If you feel any lump on the board. Tap it down using the hammer.
  8. Keep the carpenters level in different positions and angles to check the wall finishing .with the hammer continue the tapping process as long as you get a nice leveled wall.
  9. After getting the fine result, leave the wall to set up the shim nicely along with the board and studs at least for 3 hours. And lastly, screw the walls with studs and finish the process.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I level walls with a shim?

No matter what you put between the wall and studs. Use a carpenter’s level to check if the shim has made the wall chunked up, and use a hammer to settle down the wall. Hold the carpenters level against the wall with one hand and hammer with the other and tap the wall until the bubble of the levelers come to the middle. Try holding the carpenter’s level at a different angle to check the wall.

How do I fix uneven framing?

Framing requires a lot of hard work and experience. It’s quite a hard job to align all the studs. if any of your studs are coming out of the frame it’s easy to trim that one particular stud rather than shimming all others or undo all the work and start again. Use a plane in up-down motion on the stud which needs to be cut down, keep checking with a carpenter’s level till the framing seems even.

How do I shim a 2*4?

You can custom cut shim according to the gaps between your wall and studs using scrap wood. Take a scrap of wood and measure 2 by 4 inches. mark and scale down the measurement to get the precise cut of your shim. now use a Mini wood-cutting machine or a saw to cut down the thin layer.

How do I shim uneven drywall?

After completing the whole installation process, you can fix your even drywall if you have access to the backside of your wall. or you can simply cut down a small part from the drywall and after fixing the dabbed or plummed area, simply put the drywall slice back on and patch the whole wall.


While remodeling your home walls, windows even doors you need to prepare yourself for shimming some parts because old frames always get dabbed inside. Shimming and leveling can make the whole process look ugly when remodeling over the same frame. 

When you are shimming the walls, keep everything aside and plan whether to use drywall shim or wet shim. To make your walls look even, you can shim them using anything you have at hand or even from scratch.

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