Can You Reuse Wall Anchors – Explained!

Can You Reuse Wall Anchors

Whether you want your cabinets in place or hang a mirror, wall anchors are your go-to solution. They are sturdy, rugged, and can hold anything in place for a very long time. Unless you want to replace the furniture that you attached to the wall, sometimes it even keeps it in place for a lifetime.

There are occasions though, like shifting your home or redecorating that require the furniture to be replaced. To cut down on cost, you might wonder, what if you could reuse the wall anchors.

Although the screw can be salvaged with a little effort, the wall anchor is not all the time. We are going to explain can you reuse wall anchors or not in this article. This will save you so much time in the long run.

Can You Reuse Wall Anchors Made from Plastic or Metal?

There are various types of wall anchors in the market. Some are made of plastic, mixed plastic, and metal. 

The ones that are made out of plastic are inexpensive most of the time. This is because they are one-time use only. They will expand and keep the screw in place for your furniture. And they provide a really good grip.

Taking them out for reuse is a whole other game. As they have expanded, they will probably come back to their old self and provide you with the same grip as before.

Mixed plastic and metal high-grade anchors on the other hand cost more and come with reusable options. These have the option to retract when you unscrew the screw and will give you the option to reuse. 

What Do You Have to Do to Reuse a Wall Anchor

To reuse a wall anchor, first, you have to determine if they are reusable ones. If they are, then you should get a screwdriver of the type of screw it is used.

Unscrew them manually or you can use an automatic screwdriver. Slowly retract the screw. And it will come out with the anchor. And you will have a reusable anchor.

But if it is a nonreusable wall anchor, chances are it will come out half-broken or expanded. And it is not a good thing for the wall either.

Once a one-time use anchor is put in a wall, it provides the grip in the wall as it is needed. Taking out the anchor and putting the same size anchor inside again doesn’t work most of the time. So it is better if you leave the one-time anchor in the wall to prevent further damage.

Is It Worth the Time and Effort?

Retrieving one-time use wall anchors is not worth the time and effort. As 90% of them turn out expanded, they won’t hold the screw in the hole for the second time.

It is better to invest in reusable wall anchors so that they can be used later. 

And when you take out a one-time use wall anchor, the hole in the wall will be empty. To put something in the same hole, you will need a bigger size anchor. Otherwise, it won’t fit perfectly. Without a perfect fit, your wall will be damaged with time. Not to mention the furniture you are going to put on it.

Investing on Better Quality Reusable Wall Anchors

If you really want to reuse your wall anchors, then investing in reusable ones is a far better option than retrieving the one-time-use ones. Yes, it will cost you a bit more, but you will have no trouble later on when you want to reuse them.

There are metal and quality plastic wall anchors in the market. They can be reused as they retract when unscrewed. Unlike the one-time use wall anchors, which don’t retract but hold their expanded shape.

Even if you could retrieve the one-time use wall anchors perfectly, they won’t provide you with the same grip as before. So to save a little money, you might compromise something more valuable than a wall anchor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can a wall anchor hold?

Different wall anchors hold different weights. Toggle bolt wall anchors hold up to 50 pounds and hollow wall anchors hold up to 100 pounds.

Do you need to put wall anchors on wooden walls?

No. One thing you can do is use a spreading anchor on the wooden wall if it is not that thick. Thicker wooden walls have a high holding power than brick or cement walls.

What size screw should I use on a drywall anchor?

Your wall anchor should be one size bigger than your screw-on drywall. This will give the screw a better grip.

Can you reuse an anchor hole?

Yes. But you will need a larger size wall anchor than was used before.


Wall anchors are a great alternative to nails and other hanging accessories. Especially if you are going to put up something heavy. They are rugged, sturdy, and can go for a lifetime without a change. As they will hold a good amount of weight and might need to be replaced, it is wise to use reusable wall anchors than one-time ones. Because at the end of the day, your wall is being compromised. In your wall’s best interest, it is wise to go for reusable wall anchors. 

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