How to Hang Extension Cords on Wall? 4 Effective Ways

How to Hang Extension Cords on Wall

It is a common problem not to find an extension cord when needed. People are tired of searching for their cords in the right place. So, the best way to avoid this problem is to hang extension cords on the wall. If you have faced any trouble with the cords any searching out an effective way to overcome the trouble, then you have to understand how to hang extension cords on a wall.

So, I am here to help you. After reading this article, you can understand the easy ways to hang and maintain the extension cords.

Methods of Hanging Extension Cords on Wall?

I have four simple methods to hang extension cords on the wall. You can choose one of these four to smartly deal with your cords according to your preference.

Using Cord Reel Organizer

A cord reel organizer is another useful tool that helps you to hang the extension cords on your wall. This cord reel organizer has a hole on its side. Moreover, it is very convenient to use a cord reel organizer. Again, you can easily maintain your extension cord with the cord reel organizer because, without tangles, it makes it easy to coil the wire.

Using a Cord Holder

Since it is very important to secure the cord when hanging it on the wall, you have to figure out a method that keeps the extension cords secure and safe. After properly coiling your cords, it is the best method to use a cord holder. Again, a cord holder has a Velcro feature that enables it to easily wrap around any cord.

Since a cord holder is often equipped with a metal ring, this metal ring helps to work with any hook or nail on your wall. A cord holder secures a cord on the wall from being tangled while hanging on a wall. So, you can trust a cord holder to hang your extension cord.

Using Wall Mount Cord Hanger

It is the easiest method to hang the extension cords on the wall using a wall mount cord hanger. With a low price range, you can get this effective tool available in any place, including your nearest hardware shop. Moreover, this wall-mount cord hanger has varieties of sizes and shapes. So, according to your need, you can pick one of them. Again, as a DIY user, you can also make a mount cord hanger according to your choice. So, do not delay grabbing this wall mount cord hanger to hang your extension cords and maintain them.

Using a Pegboard Organizer

Professional or DIY users can use a pegboard organizer to hang their different tools. You also can use the pegboard organizer to hang your extension cords on the wall. It can be an ideal choice to keep your electrical coils safe and secure. You can use a string if you do not have a cord strap. But remember that you should not use tape because the tape makes the wire sticky and dirty easily.

Besides all these benefits, you can face a few drawbacks with a pegboard organizer. Suppose you do not have enough space to keep this pegboard organizer, then you better not use this tool. Actually, the pegboard organizer takes up too much space.

Where Should I Not Run My Extension Cords?

Some places are very dangerous for extension cords. If you do not place your extension cord properly, it can bring a dangerous incident. So, you should be aware of this matter. Remember that running your extension cords under furniture or rugs is harmful. You should not tape the extension cords to the floors.

Even it is not a good idea to attach the cords to surfaces with nails and staples. Please do not coil or bend your extension cords when you use them. Whether you have a child in your house or not, it is a duty to keep electrical things in a safe place so that children cannot touch these items. So, you should cover the unused cords receptacles with a childproof cover.

What Are the Easy Ways to Hide Your Extension Cords?

Sometimes cords are the cords that turn into the cause of our irritation and trouble. So, to avoid this incident, we have to find out a way. The best way to overcome this trouble is to hide your extension cords. There are some ways to hide the cords carefully. By installing the extension cords inside some sort of barriers, like a cord box or a conduit, you can hide them properly. Again, it is okay to use a pool noodle or electrical tape to hide the extension cords.

If you are very tired of seeing a mess of all your cords hanging behind the furniture with metal legs, then make a simple fabric panel. You have to bundle the cords with the help of some zip ties and run the cords under your rugs. It is important to hide your cord hubs out of your sight. You can use some clips and adhesive hooks to hide the cords. You have to get a cord wrap and set up a charging station to make the cords useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Run an Extension Cord on Baseboards?

You have to apply a wood router to hollow out the straight line all the way across your baseboard. Then you should cut out two holes at the end of the baseboard then allow your cords to exit. After that, it is time to set the cords inside the hollowed portion. Then, reattach the baseboard by using construction adhesive.

How Do I Hide My Extension Cords on My Floor?

You have to use cord protectors to hide your extension cords on your floor. A cord protector is a great solution when you want to hide your cords. Cord protectors are adhesive strips like electrical tape or tubes that keep extension cords together. Again, the cord protectors prevent fraying from use and ear.

Is It Safe to Run an Extension Cord in a Wall?

Actually, an extension cord needs ventilation so that it can prevent heat buildup. So, if you want to run the cords inside any enclosed space or a wall, then the heat will make the out jacket dry out over time. This can even crack the wires and create a point of electrical shorting of the wires. Moreover, it can cause a spark and then may happen a dangerous fire. So, running an extension cord on a wall is not a good decision.


We all have faced the problem of the existing cords in our house and office. Since it is very irritating to see a mess of all the cords, the best solution is to hang them on the wall. Hanging the extension cords on the wall is not only a satisfying concept but also a very secure idea. Using different methods, you can hang your extension cords on the wall, including Cord Reel Organizer, a Cord Holder, Wall Mount Cord Hanger, or Pegboard Organizer. For permanent wiring, it is not appropriate to run your extension cords through a wall. You should be more careful about your cords. Otherwise, you can face any unwanted incident. 

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