How to Tape Pictures on Wall? (No Wall Damage)

How to Tape Pictures on Wall

There are many ways that can make your wall more beautiful and relaxing. You can tape different types of pictures on your wall to enhance their beauty. Pictures can represent your smartness and your personality on your wall. It will give a good vibe to your guest when they come into your house. A picture with a motivational speech can also motivate you. On the other hand, if you want, you can tape your personal photography on your wall, which will make you feel relaxed and delighted. 

How to Tape Pictures on Wall

Since there are many ways to put pictures on a wall, you have to choose a smart and easy method to save time and cost. In this regard, you can tape pictures on your wall. So, you have to know how to tape pictures on a wall. I am here to help you and make the way easier so that you can tape your favorite pictures on the wall. 

How to Tape Pictures on Wall

You have to avoid wall damage when you want to put something on your wall. Maintaining a damage-free wall while putting some pictures on it is very important.

If you are using tape to put a picture on the wall, then you must take a good and standard tape from the market. Commercial and available tapes are not suitable for putting any picture on the wall. It is very risky to use any available tape on the wall. In this case, you can use a Japanese tape name Washi. Washi is very useful for decorating something. Washi is very similar to masking tape to adhere to something. However, you can also use self-adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape for your wall.

To implement the task, first, you have to attach your tape to the back of the picture generously. Then you have to press your picture against the wall firmly for two minutes. It is the best idea if you stick your tape on the back portion of the picture on every end to fix the picture evenly to your wall.

If you use wallpaper to put on the wall, you have to make sure that the double-sided adhesive tape is broad and can withstand the picture’s weight strongly. You should make sure that the tape is able to hang the picture on the wall permanently. 

However, a double-sided adhesive tape can hold a weighty picture or a framed picture very smoothly. But you have to make sure if there is any fault with the tape or not before using it. 

What Is the Best Way to Stick Pictures on Wall?

When you stick pictures on the wall, then a common problem arises that the picture falls down very quickly from the wall. Most people think that it is quite impossible to stick a picture on a wall. But it is not true indeed. You can also stick your pictures on your wall smoothly. 

It is a very good decision to use super glue when you want to attach a picture to your wall. Because super glue is very budget-friendly and effective in sticking pictures, photos, or posters on the wall. Moreover, this glue works quickly and is very secure for your wall. 

To stick a picture on the wall with super glue, you should not generously spread the glue to the back borders. You should spread the glue on the picture frame. After spreading the glue on the picture frame, you have to press the glue for one to two minutes rapidly to the desired place. After that, attach the picture to the desired place on your wall. It is a very easy and smart method to stick pictures on the wall

The glue can stick out on the borders and dirty your photos or pictures if you use too much super glue. It also can make your wall dirty. In addition, too much glue can make it a problem to remove the picture or photo from your wall. So, you have to be concerned about using glue. 

What to Use to Stick Pictures on Wall?

There are many ways to stick pictures, posters, postcards, or picture frames on the wall. You can use self-adhesive tape, double-sided adhesive tape, super glue, or a sticky picture hanger. But you should remember that the medium you use to stick pictures on your wall can hold the picture strongly, and when you want to remove the picture, you can remove it very smoothly. So, choose something that can give you the best performance. 

How Do You Stick a Picture on a Wall without Damaging Wallpaper?

It is a very common problem to get damaged walls while sticking a picture or photo on a wall. Sometimes color can be resurfaced from the wall, or holes arise on your wall due to sticking something on the wall. So, everyone should take effective steps to prevent wall damage. 

You can use masking or sticky tapes to avoid damage to the wall. On the other hand, you also can use special sticky hangers to stick pictures on your wall. It is very strong support for the pictures on the wall. But if your wall paint is poor, the color can sometimes come off due to the sticky hangers. So, be aware of using this. 

You can have flexible poster tacks on the wall to stick a picture. It will save the wall from being damaged. The other way you can try is to hang pictures with existing hooks. Though it is not sticky it will save your wall and give strong support to the picture or frame. 

What Tape Should You Use to Hang a Picture Temporarily?

When you want to temporarily hang a picture without any nails, it is very important to use a very flexible tape. Since you also have to take care of your wall, selecting a tape that will not damage your wall is important. So, you should use UniBond No More Nails Strip in these cases. It is a double-sided sticky tape that can easily support a weighty picture. 

What Is the Powerful and Strongest Tape to Hang Pictures?

There are various types of tape available in the market. Some are stronger, and some of them are very lite. The most powerful hanging tape is 3 M VHB tape. It is a double-sided tape and is famous all over the world. But if you think the most powerful tapes are best to apply on the wall, then it is wrong. You should choose the tape according to the longevity of the picture you want to keep on the wall. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Tape Can I Use on Pictures?

You should choose a tape to use on pictures that are photo safe and double-sided tapes. It is risk-free, so there is no tension about wall damage. In addition, the pictures get special support from the tapes. These tapes are very convenient to use. 

Can a Painters Tape Damage My Photos on the Wall?

Yes, it is true indeed. A painter’s tape can damage your photos on the wall. Because the painter’s tapes have acid that will damage photos over time. When the chemical of a photo meets the acid of the tape, then the outcome will not be suitable for the photo. 

Is a Scotch Tape Suitable for My Pictures?

Since all of the tapes is not suitable for all the pictures, then you should select the perfect tape for your photo. Scotch tape is a very long-lasting and acid-free material. So, it is a photo-safe tape. You can confidently use scotch tape on your pictures or poster. 

How Can I Remove a Tape Without Tearing Paper?

It is a very simple way to remove a tape from the paper without breaking that paper. You have to simply pull hard on the ends of your tape. As you can appear in the pictures, pull the strip of your tape longer and longer. Then make the borders of the strip lose gradually. With this technique, you can remove the tape without tearing the paper. 


It is a very effective way to stick your pictures on the wall to enhance the beauty of the wall. But there are some risks of getting damaged walls. Since drilling can damage a wall permanently, then we should select a smart way to avoid that damage. Sticking a photo, frame, poster, or picture on a wall does not make the wall damaged or dirty. You can get many kinds of tapes in the market, so you should use a tape basis on your wall.

Do not grab a cheap or commercial tape for your wall but choose an appropriate tape according to your need. You have to think of the quality of the tape to grab it. Otherwise, the tape can resurface your wall painting and make some unusual holes in the wall.

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