How to Hang Cutting Board on Wall- The Easiest Method

How to Hang Cutting Board on Wall

We cannot say enough about our friend, the cutting board. It has been in our kitchen forever! And the service they provide us is impeccable.

But how much do we give it back to the cutting board? The rinse is not always enough to maintain the cutting board. Especially if it is made out of wood or bamboo. You need to place it neatly to keep the cutting board holding its natural structure and strength.

Or with time, it will perish. Like any other thing without care. 

So, there are a few ways to do that. And one of the best things you can give to your cutting board is a place on the wall. We are going to show you the best way how to hang a cutting board on the wall in this article. 

You will not only find them handy but also appreciate your cutting board more after this.

How to Hang Cutting Board on Wall Using Adhesive Stick On, Magnets, Plastic Wall Stand, Wire Stand, and Sawtooth

Here are a few of the ways you can hang your cutting board on the wall. They are different from one another and some of them might even be in your head all along.

Adhesive Stick-on Tapes

As modern technology advances, we get a lot of cool things. One of them is an adhesive stick on tapes. They are thick and have a strong adhesive that can take on weight. And also, they stick on both sides.

So, if you don’t want to drill some holes on the wall, you can simply stick one of these two side adhesive tapes to your desired location. And stick your cutting board on it when not in use. Also, measure your board to its size and then stick it on the wall. 

Installing Magnets

This one is for the DIY heads. You can install a magnetic bar on your wall. And install some magnets on the opposite side of your cutting board. You might need to drill some holes on the board or make a little bit of place for the magnets. 

So when not in use, you can simply just hang it on the magnetic wall holder. Though there is a little bit of work involved, you will thank yourself for doing it. You will find suitable magnets in the home improvement shops easily.

Plastic Wall Stand

There is a practical plastic alternative for anything nowadays. They are sturdy, rugged, and can hold a good amount of weight. 

As we want to hold some cutting board, you can go for some plastic wall stand. They even have gaps underneath them to drain access water.

Some come with adhesive sticks on and some need drilling and screws. You can choose the one you like. The fun part is they are small and can be installed right beside your sink or cutting space. So when you are done with your cutting board, just give it a wash and put it on the stand. It’s that easy!

Wire wall stand

Almost like the plastic wall stand, the wire stand is almost the same. But more sturdy and long-lasting. As plastic tends to harden itself over time and cracks down, this won’t do that.

And they also come with a plastic coating, so no worry about it any rusting issue. You will need to drill some holes and screw it on. It will hold any type of cutting board you want to. 

The Good Old Sawtooth

We cannot forget the traditional method. Using a sawtooth to keep your cutting board on the wall is an art. People who use this method, sometimes do it as a wall decoration too.

You will need a pair of screws, a hammer, a nail, or a screw for the wall. And that’s it. 

Fix the sawtooth on the back of your cutting board. You have to use some small screws. Just like hanging a picture frame. If you have a big cutting board, you will need more than one sawtooth in that case.

And now put up a nail or a screw on the wall. After you are done, just put up your cutting board like a piece of art. It won’t come off, no worry of falling or anything. 

The downside of using a sawtooth is that your cutting board will be elevated on one side when you are cutting it on a flat surface. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of material for cutting boards?

Wood, bamboo, and plastic are the most used and best for cutting boards.

Are plastic cutting boards heat resistant?

Not all of them are heat resistant. Some of them are resistant to 450 degrees and are expensive.

How do I disinfect a wooden cutting board?

Using vinegar on a cloth or hydrogen peroxide on a cloth and wiping the wooden cutting board down will disinfect a wooden cutting board. Remember to let it dry off properly before putting it off.

Can you put a hot pan or pot on a wooden cutting board?

If you have a heat-resistant wooden cutting board, you can put a hot pan or pot on it. Otherwise, it will affect the structure of the wood.


Cutting boards are not only a cutting accessory but also work amazing as wall decorations. So hanging them on the wall is the best way to store them. Using traditional methods like attaching a sawtooth is a great alternative if you don’t mind the uneven placement of the board while using it, but getting a hanger of its own is the best way. As a most used and important piece of equipment in the kitchen, it needs its personal place, don’t you think?

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