How to Display Stained Glass on Wall – 4 Surprising Ways

How to Display Stained Glass on Wall

Stained glasses are a timeless classic. This rustic decor item was popular in the 1800s in churches and building windows. 

Not only used for their benefits of privacy, but it was also a form of creative art. 

As time went by, modern technology brought in different types of glasses for windows and shade. But still, stained glass work is put up for display. Not only in windows but also inside the home with different art forms on them.

The thing most people have trouble with is hanging them on the wall. As it is a glass material, it is understandable. We are going to help you with how to display stained glass on the wall in this article.

You will be amazed how easy they are to put up your precious art and they will look even more elegant with the hanging mechanism.

How to Display Stained Glass on Wall Using Jump Rings, Attachment of Drill/Adhesive Hooks, Nails, and Window Frames

Here are a few ways you can display stained glass on the wall. They are artistic, gorgeous and compliment the glasswork even more.

Use Jump Rings and Chain

Jump rings are usually used in different types of jewelry. But did you know you should use them to hang your stained glass on the wall?

With the help of some chains, you can hang your favorite stained glass on the wall with jump rings. This will give them more attention than framing them up. 

Also, they are easy to find in DIY sections, which is convenient. 

You can try combining different types and colors of stained glass in chains to bring in an aesthetic feel to it. The creativity of using jump rings is endless.

Attaching Hook on the Wall

You will need some tools for this one. Attaching a hook to the stained glass gives it a more classic art feel to it.

Simply attach some jump rings to your stained glass. And put up some hooks on the wall. It can be adhesive hooks or drilled ones, depending on you what you prefer. 

This idea is for making the stained glass as an individual artwork rather than a combination. More like putting up a photo. And they will stay in place without bumping into one another.

Hanging Them Directly from a Nail

This is old school. You can go full-on simple with this one. Simply hang your stained glass from a nail on the wall.

Though you might need some jump rings or attach a sawtooth on the back of your stained glass. 

One of the easiest in this list would be putting a nail on the wall. It’s sturdy, simple, and less work required. But don’t let that take you away from doing it.

In the old days, people used nails to hang pictures all the time. So it brings in a more rustic vibe to the whole stained glass art.

Old School Window Frame Design

As we have said before, stained glass was also used as window glass in the old times. So why not bring that idea onto your wall?

You will need to do some job with the framing of wood to the glass. It requires a little bit of labor. But the end results are fabulous.

Depending on the designs, you can go with single stained glass framing for bigger ones. And combine the same type of color or art in smaller frames and then put them up together on the wall.

Make sure to give the frame a more rustic look to it. This will complement the stained glass even further. And inside a frame, the glass will be more secured than any other method.

What Not to Do While Putting up Stained Glass on the Wall

You can surely go for any creative idea you have. For instance, you can put stained glasses up the wall with adhesive glue. This is a good alternative to other labor-intense work. But in time, you might regret it.

As stained glasses find their full potential when light is passed through them, putting them up the wall with adhesive will restrain them from that light. Thus making their art a little bit obsolete. 

Another thing you should keep in mind, you shouldn’t put stained glass upon a deep color wall. As the wall is heavy in color, the colored stained glass won’t shine or have a light source to show the designs. Always opt for a light-colored wall for putting up stained glass work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you attach jump rings on stained glass?

You can use a metal frame to put on your stained glass and then shoulder jump rings to it. Or you can go ahead and drill some small holes on the glass and attach the rings.

Where is the best place to place stained glass art?

Stained glass arts are Preferably placed in front of a window or any light source.

When did stained glass first produced?

The use of stained glass dates back to the 4th century.

Is lead glass is the same as stained glass?

Yes. Lead glass is just another name for stained glass.


Stained glass is not just a piece of glass, but a form of artwork and history. Putting it up on your wall won’t make your place look old or out of date, but rather lift it to a new height. This rustic and classic piece of art can make elevate not only your wall but the whole surrounding. Just using some simple methods of proper display, they will shine lights like no other. Put on your creative hat and go crazy!

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