Can You Put an Led Bulb in an Incandescent Fixture Without Ruining It

Can You Put an Led Bulb in an Incandescent Fixture

Incandescent light fixtures are known for their bright yellow light. It makes people remember the old days. Alongside the aesthetics of it. 

But if the thought passes your mind that can you put an LED bulb in an incandescent fixture, you are not alone. A lot of us not only change our incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent bulbs for the sole purpose to save the environment but also to save on electricity bills.

That is why we are going to talk about the possibilities and restrictions of changing your incandescent bulbs and moving to LEDs in this article.

Can You Put an Led Bulb in an Incandescent Fixture

The short answer is, Yes! You can change the incandescent light in your fixture and go for an LED alternative. It will not only save you energy but also get a better outcome with the lighting and heat. 

Incandescent lights create a lot of heat, so even if you want to be near them, it is a bit too steamy after some time. With an LED, you can hang it over your head. 

The best part of changing to an LED is that you can get the exact same design bulbs as an incandescent. 

Yes! That is possible. LED lights come in different shapes and sizes. And they perform perfectly in every given situation. 

The Things You Need to Be Concerned About While Moving Incandescent to Led

Two things you have to keep in mind though. An LED light cannot run efficiently in an enclosed fixture. There are versions of LEDs that can. And if you have an enclosed fixture, choose the right one rather than selecting regular ones. 

Another thing you should keep in mind is the switch. If you have a traditional 3-way switch on your fixture, make sure you get a 3-way compatible LED. Just like any regular bulb, the LED will wear out with a 3-way switch. 

Other than these two problems, you can go crazy changing your incandescent bulbs and replacing them with LED. 

Lumen Conversion Chart for the Best-Led Light Option

To make your life a little bit easier, we have drawn a chart with the lumen brightness. We compared them between an incandescent bulb and an LED alternative to that. So you can choose the right one. 

Lumen to Watt Comparison Chart
Lumen Brightness200+400+700+900+1300+
Incandescent Bulbs25W40W60W75W100W
LED Bulbs4W6W10W13W18W

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put LED light bulbs in an incandescent fixture?

Yes, you can. If the fixture has the same compatible sockets, you can put in an LED anytime you want. But remember to check for the right kind of LED if you have an enclosed fixture case or a 3-way switch. These will damage a regular LED. 

Can I put LED bulbs in any light fixture?

Yes. You can put an LED bulb in any light fixture. Except for the ones with a 3-way switch. The 3-way switch will damage the LED as it requires very little wattage to illuminate. Other than that, you can put any type of LED in your fixture. Even if you want a replica of your old bulb, you will find it online. And in LED form. 

Can I use a stronger LED bulb in an incandescent fixture?

Yes. Regular incandescent bulbs go up to 100W-200W. Where an LED will function around 18W-36W. But it will use less electricity to give out the same brightness. 


LED bulbs are nowadays more popular due to their low energy-consuming nature. It cuts down the bill, gets the job done, and come in all shapes, size, and designs. Even you can get an LED that mimics a fluorescent and halogen bulb. So you have a lot of options with little to worry about. 

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