Is It Safe to Lick a Salt Lamp? Good For Health?

Is It Safe to Lick a Salt Lamp

Salt lamps have taken the world by storm. Just like avocado toasts, the fancier version of the home lighting system has entered another era. 

There was a time when people wanted a moon lamp, a yarn lamp, or even a lava lamp for their aesthetic. But now it is all about the salt lamp. 

Being one of the main food ingredients, it plays a vital role not only in our taste buds but also in our health. So there should be benefits to having a lamp made out of a salt block, right? 

But as far as salt lamps go, it is still a block of salt. Especially if it is one of those Himalayan salt lamps. 

The pink hue is so inviting that you might get tempted to lick it. But is it safe to lick a salt lamp? 

We are going to talk about that in our article today. 

Is It Safe to Lick a Salt Lamp That’s Turned On

Anything related to food is tempting. No matter if it is a seasoning, rub, or just a simple garnish. We even tried to drink those colorful liquids in the science lab. Or even the play dough. 

So obviously, a salt lamp will be very much tempting. You cannot take a hunk of salt and put it in your mouth. It will be too much salt at once. 

But to lick it is a whole other story. As the salt lamp comes in a pink amber color, it is tempting and appealing to lick it. 

Before you do that though, you have to remember a few things. Table salt consists of just salt sodium chloride. And if it is iodide salt, then potassium iodide is also an ingredient. 

What Himalayan salt has is more than that. As it is found in mines rather than the sea, it contains potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Which gives it a pink color. 

People who have tasted it say it is less intense than table salt. It’s more of a subtle salty flavor along with minerals. 

But the question is, is it safe to lick your table lamp? Well, yes it is. 

The thing you have to be careful about is the electricity. If your lamp is turned on or even plugged in, it isn’t a good idea to lick it. 

Due to the electricity flowing inside the lamp, it might electrocute you. Or even burn your tongue if it is too hot. 

So best lick it when it is unplugged. 

Can I Lick My Salt Lamp

Yes, you can. It is a big chunk of salt. You can lick it whenever you want. 

But remember about sodium poisoning and the daily limits. It might taste great but if you cross the daily limits of your intake, you might get sick. 

Is It Bad to Lick a Salt Lamp

A salt lamp is intended to be a lamp rather than a lickable. And you know what happens if you expose salt to the water, it melts. 

Though your hunk of salt won’t easily turn into water, there are other risks involved. 

As the lamp has electricity in it with a powerful bulb, it might get too hot for you to lick it. So check if it’s warmer than usual before you lick it. 

Getting electrocuted is another thing. It might happen although very few cases have been reported. So make sure your lamp is unplugged before you lick it. 

The best thing would be not to lick it at all. Leave it as it is intended to be. Unless you want it to melt over time. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do people lick salt lamps?

Yes. People lick salt lamps out of curiosity and willingly. The taste is like any pink Himalayan salt you will find out in the market. But the lamp has a big chunk of it making people get tempted to lick it. 

Are salt lamps edible?

Yes. Salt lamps are made out of edible salt. This is why your pet might be licking it for a while. It is a good source of sodium for them. And if you want to lick it, you can too. But make sure you or your pet don’t overdo it as it might lead to sodium poisoning. 

Can I leave my salt lamp on 24/7?

No. A salt lamp just has the same properties as any normal lamp. Just the salt’s outer layer differs from theirs. So leaving them on 24/7 will not only heat them up, but also might cause a fire if it is left unattended. The best thing to do would be to keep it on whenever you are around and turn it off when you leave. 

Can I eat the salt from a salt lamp?

Yes. It is basically the mined salt that came straight from Pakistan to your home. It is unrefined and poses an aesthetic value. If you want you can eat it by licking it. 

Can kids lick salt lamps? 

Yes. But keep in mind kids don’t know better than you. As you can get sodium poisoning from eating or licking salt too much, so will they. And once they know it is lickable, you won’t be able to stop them. So it is best you don’t let them lick the lamp at all. 


There is a lot of curiosity in our minds about the taste of anything. Even if it is not edible. The salt lamp on the other hand is perfectly fine to lick. But for its value and purpose, you should restrict yourself. Rather get a jar of pink Himalayan salt or salt candies if you are eager to try it out on a regular basis. 

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