[Explored] Can You Use A 40-W Led Chandelier Bulb To Replace A 25-W Regular Chandelier Bulb?

Can You Use A 40-W Led Chandelier Bulb To Replace A 25-W Regular Chandelier Bulb

Remember the time you badly wanted a chandelier? And how has it totally changed and uplifted your home now? Good old days. 

And as electrical equipment goes, they tend to need some changes and modifications from time to time. For a chandelier, it would be the bulbs. They would go out after they have served their purpose. And you would need to replace them. 

But you don’t have a regular chandelier bulb, like an incandescent or halogen one. You have an LED. And that too of 40 watts. Can you use a 40-w LED chandelier bulb to replace a 25-w regular chandelier bulb? 

The answer is, yes you can. LED bulbs work in a lot lower wattage than incandescent or halogen bulbs. So, you can easily swipe them out if the sockets match. Let’s talk more about it. 

Can You Use A 40-W Led Chandelier Bulb To Replace A 25-W Regular Chandelier Bulb

Why You Can Use A 40w Led Bulb To Replace A 25w Regular Chandelier Bulb | Explained 

The reason behind using a 40W LED to replace a 25W regular bulb on your chandelier is not much mind-boggling. It’s more into how both of them function and how much power they need to operate. 

LED bulbs use photons to create the light. There is no filament or wires in work here. So it doesn’t heat up and requires very little power to operate. 

Regular chandelier bulbs like incandescent or halogen use filaments. After these filaments heat up, which is metal, you get light. And they require a lot of wattage. 

Led Bulb

So for a 25W regular bulb, you will need 25W of electricity to get the right amount of light. But for a 40W LED, it requires even less than 25W to give out the 40W illumination. 

And if you replace your chandelier’s regular bulb with an LED, it will work just fine. Just make sure you have the right socket size. Chandeliers normally use E12 bulb sockets. Other than that you will be fine. 

Things To Keep In Mind 

  • If your chandelier has the dimming option, you have to get a dimmable LED. 
  • LEDs come in different color temperatures. Make sure to check the one you want before buying or ordering. 
  • Different LEDs have different brightness. Check the lumen count all the time before buying. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

Can I use a 40-watt bulb in a 25-watt lamp?

No. Although it won’t cause a problem at first, with use it will damage your lamp. A lamp that is rated 25 watts provides the power of 25 watts and the sockets are designed to handle that power. So when you use a 40-watt bulb, it will not only damage the socket by drawing more power but also might cause a fire. 

Can you replace the chandelier bulbs with LED?

Yes. You can replace traditional chandelier bulbs with LEDs. They not only consume less energy but also come in identical variants. You will find incandescent and halogen-lookalike LEDs in the market. Just make sure to get the right size of your chandelier sockets and you will be fine. 

What LED is equivalent to 25 watts?

LEDs are energy efficient and can give out the same output with less wattage use. If you think of a 25-watt incandescent bulb, it gives out 250-300 lumens of light. So if you are going for the same amount of light on LED, then a 15-watt will give out the same lumens. You can also check the cover level for the lumens before you buy them. 

Can LED bulbs be used in regular light fixtures?

Yes, LED bulbs can be used in regular light fixtures. Just make sure to get the right socket size and you won’t have a problem. 


LED bulbs are cost-effective, bright, and come in different designs. You can also get ones that look like incandescent or halogen. And swiping it with a higher-wattage bulb will do you more good than anything bad. Just remember to get the right size and color. 

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