What To Do If Your Chandelier Is Too Short (Simple and Straightforward)

What To Do If Your Chandelier Is Too Short

Chandeliers are more than just light fixtures. They look elegant, and sparkly in some cases, and make your home look like something out of a Disney movie. Too childish? They make your home more inviting, intricate, and chic! 

And like anything we order online, sometimes a Chandelier is all good, but the chain or hanging rod turns out to be too short. What to do if your chandelier is too short? Send it back maybe with a 1-star review? 

The answer is simple if the chandelier is perfect in every way and functioning perfectly, you don’t have to send it back. You just have to extend the chain or rod to your requirement. 

Also, you will need to extend the wires. And we are going to guide you through it all. 

What To Do If Your Chandelier Is Too Short

Things To Do If Your Chandelier Is Too Short

A short chandelier is not only a bit weird to look at, but also it can’t serve its purpose. Being all the way up there, it won’t be able to provide the looks, which is why we buy one. And another thing is that you won’t get the perfect lightning either. 

So you can do the most sensible thing, extend it to your desired size. Here is what you should do. 

Extend The Chain Of Your Chandelier 

The first thing to do is to extend your chandelier chain. Most chandeliers come with hanging chains. And it can be one or more than that number. Simply check or take a sample of the chain and go to your Home Depot or electrical shop, and you will find something identical. Buy the size you need. Remember to take measurements beforehand.

After that, you will need a second set of hands to put it up. Attach the new chains to the older ones or completely change the chain or chains. Then put the chandelier up with the help of someone else. Never try to put up a chandelier alone. It is not good for the chandelier, and very much unsafe for yourself.

Oh, yeah, you also might need to change the wires if it is short too. 

Attach A New Rod

Some chandeliers also come with a rod rather than chains. For chains you can attach new ones, but for chandeliers that have rods, they need to be replaced whole.

Measure the length you need, and take the sample with you to the, you know it, the electrical shop or Home Depot. And get your desired thickness and length. Attach the new rod and run the electrical wires through it. Then put it back up and secure it on the ceiling. 

Make Sure To Extend The Wiring Too

Both the process of extending the chain and the rod sometimes come with shorter electrical wire. As chandelier wires are generally comes with the same length as the default length, extending the chains and rods will also need a wiring change.

It’s pretty easy and you can just buy the same gauge wires and attach the new ones. And disregard the old one. Never try to attach the new wire with the old as it will create a short circuit later on.

Safety Precautions:

  • When putting up and taking down your chandelier, always have a second person helping you. No matter what the size is.
  • Always secure the wiring and do not try to attach old wires with new ones. Rather go for the new one and attach it from the main connection.
  • Always turn off the main power breaker when you are working with electrical equipment. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – FAQs

Can the chandelier hang from wire?

No. Chandeliers are not designed to hang from wires. They should be either hanged from chains or a rod. Even if some part of the chandelier is hung from a wire like an ornament or decoration, it is because of its light weight and it is also connected to the main chain in some form. 

What is the height rule for a chandelier?

The standard height rule varies from one place to another for chandeliers. But the general standard is the bottom of the chandelier should be 36 inches higher than the table if the ceiling is 8 ft high. Without a table, it should be above 7 ft from the ground. 

Can a chandelier be too low?

No. It is not recommended a chandelier to be too low. This can cause an unsafe environment and harm you. The standard height for a regular chandelier without a dining table is 7 ft off the ground and 36 inches off the dining table. 


Chandeliers sometimes come with shorter chains and rods. That’s how they are made. They could be made for lower ceilings. But if you have a high ceiling, you can still use them by extending the chains and rods. Make sure to install the chandelier in your area’s code. Do not lower it too much so it might hit someone. The standard height of the chandelier bottom should be 7 ft from the ground. 

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