Key Holder for Wall Ideas (Bedroom Wall Art)

Key Holder for Wall Ideas

Key holders help you to keep your keys safe and organized. People prone to losing their keys can have a key holder. If you are one of these people who is facing trouble by forgetting the proper place of their keys a couple of times, then you can try out a key holder. Since you can hang your key holder on the wall and keep track of all your keys, there is no hassle in maintaining a key holder.

There are various types of key holders in the market. You can grab one or some key holders according to your choice. Next, I guide you through hanging a key holder on your wall with multiple impressive ideas.

Some Impressive Key Holders for Wall Ideas

For a tiny room, you can use only one key holder with three or four hooks. But if you want something more substantial, you can contact an organizer who manages your coat, mail, cell phones, and keys. Again, you can include a chalkboard that helps you to make quick notes and works as a reminder.

You should choose a horseshoe key holder if you go for a rustic touch. On the other hand, if you want something modern, you should select minimalist shelves and clean lines to keep the keys secure.

1. Farmhouse Key Holder for Your Wall

Farmhouse Key Holder for Your Wall

This idea contains the combination of a key and a mail holder. Again, the idea serves you a touch of rustic farmhouse charm. Four hooks under the shelf can save your keys. The small bud vase holds flowers like a pen cup while the shelf holds your mail or wallet.

If you want a vintage or rustic look, then you should go for this idea. This outstanding idea will make your home look unique and organize your keys.

2. Personalized Key Holder with a rustic Touch for Your Wall

Personalized Key Holder with a rustic Touch for Your Wall

You can choose this personalized key holder idea with a rustic appearance. It can be a perfect presentation for a newlywed couple and a new homeowner. You can have the personalized key holder idea that will be complete with an aged board background and country bouquet. This idea gives the personalized name a feel like a t home. In this concept, you can get four hooks well-spaced apart that can hold dog lashes, keys, and other small things for you.

3. Rustic Skelton Key Holder for the Entryway Wall

Rustic Skelton Key Holder for the Entryway Wall

You can have the distressed finish on this key holder that would be effective in any farmhouse-style home or tradition. A century ago, people used a base that looked like an old skeleton key in their households across the country. Here, you can have three hooks that will offer you plenty of options so that you become able to organize your keys and other accessories near the door. In short, this idea will be very impressive for a busy person to keep his keys safe.

4. Modern Rustic Key Holder for the Entryway Wall

Modern Rustic Key Holder for the Entryway Wall

People have many types of keys, such as for their cars, houses, rooms, and even lawnmowers. We all have to deal with the keys every day. If you want to keep track of all those keys then you should use this easier and modern rustic key holder idea. This idea will make your life easier and give a rustic modern look to your room. You can put the key holder on the mudroom or entryway wall. However, the gray stained wood is an appropriate backdrop for the stylish and modern four satin nickel hooks and white text.

5. Deer Antler Key Holder for Your Wall

Deer Antler Key Holder for Your Wall

Those who are searching for a rustic and bit whimsical key holder idea at the same time can grab this unique idea. If you are one of them, then do not delay picking this idea. You can organize the keys and many other small accessories with the help of this cast iron deer antler keyholder.

In this key holder, you will get six antler branches that come gracefully up and out from your mounting base so that you can conveniently hang things on it. For a cabin or rustic home, this is a very good idea.

6. Latitude and Longitude Custom Key Holder for Your Wall

Latitude and Longitude Custom Key Holder for Your Wall

If your house is new and you want to decorate it as your choice then you deserve something personalized that makes your home according to your wish. So, this idea is very unique and smart that will give you an entirely customizable key holder. Moreover, this charming key holder will offer you the names of the exact longitude and latitude coordinates with the names of happy homeowners for the new home.

7. Wooden and Dog Leash Key Holder for Your Wall

Wooden and Dog Leash Key Holder for Your Wall

There are some occupants of a home may be of the canine variety. When you have happy dogs that require going out on occasion, this wooden wall key hanger is the best solution for you. Because this key hanger offers you a stylish place for your all keys and the canines’ leashes, you can get three boards with a key holder that easily be kept on your wall.

8. Rustic Horseshoe Key Holder for Your Wall

Rustic Horseshoe Key Holder for Your Wall

Many people believe that if you hang an on your wall with a horseshoe, then it will bring good luck to you. This key holder gives you a dash of good luck along with a convenient place to put your keys. Even, you can put your purses on it easily. If you follow this idea and keep a genuine horseshoe in an antique finish, then it will be a very standard-looking thing in your home. In addition, this concept with a horseshoe key holder will make you feel the vibe of rustic farmhouse decor.

9. Homemade Key Holder with Floating Shelf for Your Wall

Homemade Key Holder with Floating Shelf for Your Wall

Many people in this world want to create things rather than buy a thing from the market. Their highest level of satisfaction consists of this DIY work. Suppose you are a DIYer and love to make things for yourself. Then this idea is only for you. This small DIY home project will make you happy and satisfied. You can make this key holder with a floating shelf and keep this on your wall. This idea is an amazing idea that makes your wall look very pretty and stylish.

10. Painted Key Holder with Hooks for Your Wall

The other DIY idea is here. You can experience both functional and fun projects together with this key holder. The most important thing is that it is very easy to create, and you can make this outstanding key holder by just seeing the picture of it. However, this amazing DIY key holder idea is for whom. Who is always running around their house to find their keys? You can add much-needed pop to your entryway wall by selecting colors according to your preference.

11. Wooden Key Shelf for Your Wall

Wooden Key Shelf for Your Wall

If you are always hunting for your keys and find them in the silliest place then you should try out this key shelf idea. If you keep this key shelf on your wall then it will make your hassle go away. You can buy this elegant key holder or can make by yourself. It is very easy to make the key shelf because you do not need to have a lot of materials to make this outstanding thing. So, for your wall, it will bring happiness.

12. Color Block Wood Slice Key Shelf for Your Wall

Color Block Wood Slice Key Shelf for Your Wall

By implementing a DIY project, you can recycle your wood slices and use them to make a key shelf. You can customize the colors of the key shelf and make the key holder fit for your entryway wall. This keyholder idea is wonderful. That keeps your keys organized and makes your home beautiful. In addition, the wooden slice will be workable from being spoiled.

13. Key Holder Shelf with Succulent Shelf for Your Wall

Key Holder Shelf with Succulent Shelf for Your Wall

Many people do not like to have classical key holders rather. They like modern ones. If you are a stylish lover and want to have something modern, then this idea will show you a path. You can include in this key holder a little plant shelf. This idea will be unique and make you feel fresh and clean. Moreover, your keys will be forever grateful for this fantastic but simple idea of your key holder. So, do not delay to grab the modern key holder.

14. Wood and Leather Key Holder Idea for Your Wall

Wood and Leather Key Holder Idea for Your Wall

This idea is another modern key holder idea for your wall. You can make this type of key holder on your own. With the help of some woodcraft balls, unfinished stair treads, two keyhole fasteners, suede leather-crafted lace, and some key chains, you can easily make this amazing key holder.

On the other hand, it is possible to buy this same type of key holder from the market. So you can make the walls look changed with this idea.

15. Cooper and Faux Concrete Key Holder for Your Wall

Cooper and Faux Concrete Key Holder for Your Wall

This cooper and faux concrete key holder will make your wall so perfect and organized. People will love the idea very much cause the key holder looks so beautiful. This piece of copper and the faux concrete key holder can be your signature idea for your entryway wall. So, try this idea to make your wall beautiful and the keys safe and organized.

16. Monogrammed Key Holder for Your Wall

Monogrammed Key Holder for Your Wall

You can keep a cute monogrammed key holder on your wall. It will be great if you have a monogram with your favorite letter. This cute and amazing monogrammed key holder will show your inner personality very charming. The guest who will see this key holder will compliment you.

How do I make a key holder for my wall?

If you always lose or misplace your keys because of not having a perfect key holder in your room, you should immediately make a key holder for your home’s wall. It is very easy to make a wall-mounted key holder.

There are many tutorials to make a key holder, but here are the two easiest and smartest ways to make key holders. You can follow them according to your choice.

The First Method to Make a Beautiful Key Holder

First, you have to take a piece of wood. You can take approximately five-by-seven inches and prime all sides. Then you have to set aside the wood to make it dry. After that, spray the wood with polyurethane when the paints dry. This formula will protect the paint.

Then mark the wood where you want to place the finger hooks for hanging your keys. Remember that, the first and last hooks should be approximately 1.3 centimeters from the ends. Your hooks should be spaced evenly along the board. Then drill two small holes in the two top borders of your wood and put in two hooks. Now, string a piece of wire between your two hooks. Here the wires will hang your key holder on your wall very well. At the last stage, you have to drill small holes in the spots marked off for the finger hooks and screw your hooks into the holes. That’s it! Your key holder is ready to give you service.

The Second Method to Make a Beautiful Key Holder

This idea of making a key holder is very effective because it will convert a small and old picture frame into a key holder. So, let’s begin.

First, you have to paint a small and old picture frame according to your preferred colors. You should paint the backboard with a contrasting color and then allow it to dry. After that, you have to screw hooks into the backboard.

If you would like to make more than one row then place the top row below the top of your frame. In this case, you have to make sure to leave sufficient room for a key to hang from the bottom row freely.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Hang My Keys in the Room?

It is very important to keep the keys in a safe place. Otherwise, we cannot get our keys at the right time. If you are suffering from this problem, then you should know the perfect place to keep your keys at your home. The best place to keep the keys can be in tiny drawers, key bowls, key hooks, Key holders, flower pots, magnetic bars, key cabinets, etc.

How Can I Hang My Key Holder Perfectly?

You have to position and then press the whole key holder against the wall surface for five seconds. Then you should slide the key holder back onto the mounting bases until your key holder snaps into place. Now you have to use your thumb and press evenly all three areas of each base for thirty seconds.

After that, before attaching the key holder to the wall, you have to wait one hour to make the adhesive stronger.


There is no other option to keep keys safe and organized without having a key holder. However, you have to get enough ideas to have a perfect key holder that will adjust to your home wall. I hope the ideas will help you to keep the keys in the right place and decorate your wall perfectly.

Generally, there are no fixed rules to hanging your key holders. But in the practical opinion, it will be best if you hang your key holders somewhere between your shoulder and eye height. On average, you can hang the key holders between 60 to 66 inches from your floor.

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