Stylish Farmhouse Wall Clock Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Wall Clock Decor Ideas

Farmhouses are homes that are built on or beside agricultural land. It’s like a normal hose but not like apartments. Its structure is simple and open to natural air and light. You can lead a simple, peaceful, self-sufficient life there. Nowadays people go to spend weekends or holidays in farmhouses but it’s more like a productive home base.

Farmhouses are huge and made in such a way that you can extend them by adding porches. The porches are more like movable rooms, that you can build and unbuild easily. Though in recent times farmhouses are more like holiday destinations with all types of facilities. Yet farmhouses are always elegant with or without facilities.

Farmhouse Wall Clock Decor Ideas for You

The farmhouse itself has a worn-out classic vintage vibe. That’s what makes them so popular, so you can’t hang anything contradictory to that vibe. And in the case of clocks, traditional clocks are always more popular than digital ones. Therefore if you are looking for clocks to mount on a farmhouse wall you should avoid digital and cut-out clocks. Because they won’t match with a farmhouse in any circumstances.

Cuckoo Wall Clock

The wooden clock has a wooden cuckoo inside and you can set an alarm on it. The cuckoo comes out and sings after a definite time. You can manage the time gap of singing the wooden cuckoo.

Vintage Wall Clock

There are two types of vintage clocks, with and without the pendulum. These are also called grandfather clocks because they are aged. Most vintage clocks are antique, cause they are at least 50 years old.

Retro Wall Clock

The retro clocks aren’t as old as the vintage ones. Yet people get confused with vintage and retro things. Because both of them refer to old things though there is a difference in the time span. For being vintage the thing has to be more than 50 years old but for being retro the thing has to be less than 50 years old. Hence the word retro means related to the recent past.

Metallic Wall Clock

From the name you can know that these clocks are made of metal. You’ll find clocks made of wood and metal too. These clocks can give your farmhouse an out-of-date yet stylish look.

Novelty Wall Clock

Novelty clocks twist their function with an irrelevant theme. Such as the above clocks, because a clock doesn’t have any connection with colors and mimicry. There are various types of novelty clocks nowadays. You can choose among them for your farmhouse.

However, you can choose any of the above clocks for your farmhouse. These clocks can be mounted on the walls of the living room, dining room, and bedroom. The clocks don’t have to be in the roman numerals, but if the theme relates to old times it’s better.


In the 1700s, people used to have oversized clocks on the wall of their living room. Which also happens to be the farmhouse era. At that time there weren’t many things around to decorate walls. So they would try to cover the wall with the clock. You can try to do the same, it’s not obligatory. Still, there weren’t any digital clocks around there, so of course, you should avoid digital clocks.

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