Is an Air Conditioning Unit a Fixture | Answered!

Is an Air Conditioning Unit a Fixture

Getting into a new house or buying brings up a lot of questions. What kind of facilities does it come with? Does it have a fireplace? Are all the appliances included? Or do you bring your own? 

The most confusing one would be, is an air conditioning unit a fixture or not. Well, to that question, we have a simple yet complicated answer.

An air conditioning unit can be a fixture and not at the same time. It depends on the type of air conditioning that turns it from a fixture to a fitting. Let’s look into it closely and it will be clearer to you. 

Explanation: Is an Air Conditioning Unit a Fixture or Fitting

Any unit that is attached to the house, and removing it will destroy the structure, is called a fixture. A fitting on the other hand is moveable and doesn’t affect the structure of a house. 

There are four kinds of air conditioning units on the market. And 3 of them are movable anytime you want. And it doesn’t destroy the structure of a building. These are

  1. Split air conditioning.
  2. Window air conditions.
  3. Portable air conditioners.

While all of them require a small hole or a big one, you can move them anytime and seal the hole with bricks and concrete. This makes them a fitting rather than a fixture.

But Central Air conditioning, which is attached to your home with the venting system, is in fact a fixture. As it runs around your home with ducts and vents, removing them will destroy the structure badly. 

So if you are a house owner or a renter, you should be aware of these facts. Other fixtures include ovens, refrigerators that are placed inside your house that cannot be removed, light fixtures with designs or attachments to the house, and plumbing. Fittings are furniture, washers, dryers, and other amenities that can be moved around. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is an air conditioner a permanent fixture?

If your air conditioner is central and is connected to your ventilation system with ducts, it is a fixture. Split units, window air conditioners, and portable air conditioning are not considered permanent fixtures.

What type of asset is an air conditioner?

An air conditioner is a fixed asset that falls into the HVAC category. Fixed assets are the ones that you invest one time for a longer usage period. And by its value of being a fixture or a fitting, it goes up and down the market making your property more valuable.

Is a window air conditioner real or personal property?

A window air conditioner is generally personal property due to its flexible attachment and detachment value. But if it is provided by a house owner to a tenant, it is the owner’s property, not the one who rented it.

Is a window AC unit considered an appliance?

Yes. A window air conditioner is an appliance. Normally anything that makes your household works easy like a refrigerator, oven, stove, vacuum, washer, or dryer falls into the home appliance category.


By now you might have understood the twist between an air conditioner as a fixture and a fitting. There are some instances an air conditioner, even though it is a split or window will act as a fixture. This is due to the rental law that makes any appliance the owner’s property. But if you buy a place which includes them, then it is your own.

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