Baby Room Wall Decor Ideas (Both Boys and Girls)

Baby Room Wall Decor Ideas

Generally, you should decorate a nursery to make it look nice. This room will feel warm, comfortable, and loving with several cute decor styles. The wall decor is one fascinating area. An attractive object or item hanging on the wall adds charm to the decoration. You should hang framed artwork, tapestries, pretty garlands, hanging plants, wallpaper, stickers, and toys on the baby room walls. Also, you can decorate with floral wreaths, a mirror, stickers, and the baby’s name. 

There are a few other items that can make the nursery look gorgeous that you may want to consider putting on the walls.  Here is a complete list of articles with ideas and tips:

Wall Decor Ideas for a Baby Room

In particular, introverted children can benefit from a quiet and peaceful environment in a private room. Furthermore, the children get a soft, unreachable study area with shared space as they grow older. The best thing about innovative “Wall decor ideas for Baby rooms” is that they don’t require sophisticated resources to achieve their results. As the baby grows, you can start with the smallest room in the house for the nursery.

It’s important to remember that babies under four rarely play in their rooms and usually spend most of their time sleeping. Creating unique handmade wall decor ideas allows you to express your personality and style.

When you hire a professional designer or carpenter, you’ll save money when you need to remodel your child’s growth. You can find the necessary materials at home and at the nearest convenience store where you live. The best DIY “Wall decor ideas for Baby room” is highlighted in this article.

The Wall Color Selection

You must decide what color you want for your baby’s room. It’s often prepared before a baby is born, and we may not know if it’s a boy or girl. It’s better to learn about the impact of color on a baby before choosing a color. Here are some tips to help you decide which color is best for your child.

⦿There is a strong association between the color red and passion and aggression. It’s for that reason that you should take care. When it comes to living rooms or kitchens, use it as you wish, but when it comes to baby walls, use it correctly. Don’t paint the nursery’s entire walls red, and don’t make it its dominant color. Using red accents or decorative elements is a better option.

⦿The color orange is warm and comforting. In addition to stimulating communication, it also promotes friendship. However, too much orange may be too stimulating.

⦿The color yellow is cheerful and sunny. It gives you more energy in addition to improving memory—Yellow’s light hues aid concentration. However, too much yellow may agitate a baby.

⦿There are various ways to use green in a room because it is a neutral color. Well-being and health go hand in hand with this color. Remarkably its light and subdued shades are ideal for children’s bedrooms.

⦿We usually associate blue with bathroom design because it is calming and relaxing. It’s suitable for a nursery, regardless of whether you have a boy or a girl. Here, you need to pay attention to its shades. Light shades of blue are better for a nursery.

⦿The color white symbolizes purity and innocence. Despite its calming properties, it’s best to use it in conjunction with other colors. Add some colorful posters or pictures if the walls are white.

⦿The color brown is a good choice for a baby’s room. The atmosphere is pleasant and warm. It’s better to combine it with other colors, for example, beige, light blue or green. In such a way, the room will look more cheerful.

Baby Room Wall Decor Ideas

When we think of decorating a nursery, posters are the first thing that comes to mind. This easy and quick decoration method will make the walls look brighter and more attractive. A poster for this room should consider the room’s interior style and color scheme, as well as the child’s gender. 

A Nautical Print on Wall

Posters can be made in pastels and bright colors, depending on your interior design. Posters for babies may have different themes. Posters with pictures of animals are neutral themes. Choose a baby poster that corresponds to the theme of the room. Nowadays, decorating nurseries with a specific piece is popular. Posters and pictures depicting ships, anchors, and sea dwellers would look great in a room decorated with a nautical theme.

Posters on Hangers Wall

The arrangement of posters and pictures is another factor to consider. There are many exciting ideas for using photos in a baby’s room. You can easily place one or two images using one or two. Considering how you will put the pictures and posters if you turn your nursery into a little gallery is essential. 

The most common way to arrange posters is to frame them and nail them to the wall. Other methods are also available. With special hangers or the ones you use for clothes, you can attach them without framing. You can also place them on shelves against the wall instead of attaching them directly to the wall. Posters can also be hung along with other decorative elements for an exciting wall décor idea. Combining wall posters with decorative plates, handmade art, and wall decals is possible.

A Baby Keepsake on Wall

The use of photos in interior design is becoming increasingly popular today. There is no exception to this rule when it comes to a nursery. New parents usually decorate their walls with photos of their newborn babies and add images of their children as they grow. After reading some tips on photographing babies, you can hire a professional or take the photos yourself. You can frame the pictures or hang them unframed. It is possible to add them to some interesting compositions. Making a baby keepsake with your baby’s photo, footprints, clothes, and first toys is an excellent idea.

Collages can also be used for children’s rooms. There are dozens of ways how to arrange photos excellently. It’s possible to use pictures of a newborn, their parents, and those taken during a mother’s pregnancy. Such collages look very cute and touching.

Baby Girl Room Wall Decor Ideas

We have gathered some excellent decorating ideas for a baby girl’s room wall.

Pink Ombre

It is known as ombre, taking a color hue and gradually blending it into another. This effect can be used with all possible colors and looks great in bedroom designs. Use different shades of pink and white in an ombre effect if you want to make a pink room for your girl. Compared to the ordinary pink girl’s room, such a nursery looks much more effective.

Pretty Polka Dots

A girl’s room looks fantastic with polka dots. You can make colorful dots on the wall using a neutral shade, such as beige. You can also reverse and add white or beige drops to a brighter wall. A monochromatic or even black-and-white poster would suit such a room. Or vice versa, you can choose a polka dot poster, which will repeat the pattern of the walls.

Green and Pink 

Combine light shades of pink and green if you love pink but don’t want your whole room to look like Barbie’s. A wall decor like this seems very fresh and tranquil. You can use this “Baby Girl Room Wall Decor Idea” if you love pink but are concerned about overusing it. If you want to decorate such a room in pink and green, then you will also need posters, pictures, or other wall art in those colors.

Binary Design

Black and white are considered inappropriate for baby rooms by most of us. The statement is partially true. However, the design will look pretty good if the accent colors are black and white. For a baby room, paint the walls one color and use black and white posters or pictures as accents.

Flower Theme

Women and girls are always associated with flowers. For this reason, flower prints are a good choice for a girl’s room. You can decorate your room with flowers in multiple ways: paint them on the wall, add flowered posters, use wall decals, choose a fabric with flowers for the curtains and pillows, or create wall art.

Baby Boy Room Wall Decor Ideas

When you decorate a boy’s room wall with the right baby room decor, you’ll have an easier time deciding what to use.

Super Hero wall

Boys always love superheroes, and they want to be like them. Early childhood is an excellent time to cultivate that love. That theme will undoubtedly appeal to your son when he grows up. Superheroes’ posters will add a great touch to the room.

Sports Theme

Young parents love this theme for decorating their homes. In the modern world, an active and healthy lifestyle is trendy, and many parents start thinking about their son’s future right after he is born. Posters, pictures, sports equipment, and wall decals related to sports are all great options for decorating a baby boy’s room wall.

Things To Hang On Baby Room Walls

1. Shelves

Installing mounted shelves in your nursery will give you the space you need while simultaneously accomplishing two goals. You are making the decor look good while also having sufficient storage space for extra baby items, which can be kept neat and clean. It is best to arrange one to three shelves vertically on the wall. 

2. Artwork

The nursery would look great with colorful artwork with creative patterns. You could hang one or two frames of the same design with paintings by the same or different artists. Alternatively, you might consider creating an entire gallery with frames and artworks of various sizes. It will look amazing on the walls. It is necessary to hang at least one piece of artwork on the walls.

3. Mural

You can paint a mural on the baby room wall if you want something exciting and fun. It will enhance the room’s interior design and make it look creative. There are many designs like clouds and stars in pastel or bright shades and or ones in cute animal designs that will look gorgeous on the nursery wall.

4. Plants

Make the room feel homier by adding some green decor. The easiest way to accomplish this is to hang a plant in the corner of the room. Faux plants are also perfect if you don’t want to use real ones. 

It is always a good idea to incorporate plants into a room’s decor as it will change the feel and mood of the space. Whether it’s a string of leaves or a small flower pot, it’s an essential item.

5. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the best things to hang on a wall, but you must ensure the wallpaper matches the nursery decor. This kind of room would benefit from wallpaper with floral patterns or wallpaper with a soft shade and a simple design.

It is not necessary to wallpaper every wall in the house. Put the wallpaper on the wall that will serve as the focal point. The room’s design is excellent and exciting, using just one wall to feature the wallpaper pattern. It’s great if you want to place the crib or a sofa near this wall, as this will create a lovely and calming aesthetic.

6. Tapestry

Tapestries can be used for specific purposes, such as displaying a particular scene or illustration on the nursery walls. These tapestries are pretty detailed on their own, so you shouldn’t need to do much for the other decor since they look well placed on the wall. You can make choosing a particular style or design easier by considering what kind of design or style will complement the rest of your decor.

7. Floral Wreath

A hanging wreath is a simple accessory you can hang on a nursery wall. You could make two types of wreaths: one with leaves and one with flowers. Decorate your home with an embroidery hoop wreath as well.  If you enter the room, you’ll love seeing these embroidery hoops. No matter what option you choose, wreaths look excellent and make any decor look stylish.

8. Mirror

Your nursery wall should also have a mirror. Mirrors are a great addition if you don’t have any other ideas. Try to find a mirror with a basic round shape, not a large mirror. Choosing a mirror that won’t attract attention is essential if you have a modern yet straightforward decor theme.

9. Chalkboard

It’s a good idea I’ve seen in several nursery decors online. You can draw cute pictures or write a few words, quotes, and sentences on a primary black chalkboard. Organize yourself using this tracker as well. You can choose a whiteboard instead of chalk if you don’t like the dust, or you can use a blackboard instead of chalk.

10. Baby’s Name

You should also hang up a sign with your baby’s name in a fancy font to add some personalization to your decor. Custom-made is most likely an option, but you can also browse a few designs before deciding. Online you can find a variety of baby name wreaths and wall hangings. Having this item is a great idea!

11. Stickers

You can grab a few stickers and put them on the walls if you want a more cost-effective solution. In this case, you can use stickers of plants, animals, flowers, cars, or even cute illustrations of nature or buildings, no matter how big or small.

12. Toys

Hang a few soft toys on the wall. You can place these cute toys in the baby’s room to enhance the feel of the room, which is an easy solution. Having too many toys for the decor to look nice is unnecessary, but only a few will do. Putting a few small teddy bears or cars on the walls will also look great in a nursery for a boy.

13. Hot Air Balloon

Try putting a hot air balloon garland instead of a traditional garland on the wall if you want a more exciting design. If you hang it on the wall, you’ll love how pretty it looks.

14. Fairy Lights

Lastly, you can decorate the wall with fairy lights. Adding this to the room will give it an aesthetic vibe and make it feel cozy and bright. If you want to change things, you can always turn them off whenever you like. It is also possible to pair fairy lights with any other item on this list.


As you can see, there are many options for customizing a baby room wall. There is no limit to how creative you can get with these items since you can use most of them to create beautiful nursery wall decor. On baby room walls, you should hang artwork, pretty stickers, the baby’s name in fancy letters, a wreath, and some garlands. Using these items will surely help you create a dreamy baby room. Before you go, here are a few more posts you may find interesting.

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