How to Remove Brinks Keypad from Wall | In Just 7 Steps

How to Remove Brinks Keypad from Wall

You can remove your brinks keypad from the wall by canceling service with brinks and asking brinks to remove its equipment from your house. But here you may have to pay some money. However, removing the brinks keypad from the wall is not very difficult. Before trying to remove it, at first, you have to cancel your service. Otherwise, brinks can suspect you as an intruder is, tampering with the entire system. In this article, I will guide you on how to remove the brink’s keypad from the wall. So, keep reading the article properly.

Method How to Remove Brinks Keypad from a Wall

Here I will share some steps with which you will be able to remove the brinks keypad from your wall. So, let’s get started. 

Step One

Locate the main control unit and then remove it from your wall. You have to remove the main cover from the panel and unscrew the mounting screws underneath, and it also depends on the model of the control to remove the main control unit. Because of the clips, you can make the main cover pop off from the bottom of the main unit.

Step Two

In this step, you have to remove the batteries from the control unit of the brink keypad on your wall. There are some batteries on the control unit in case of a power failure.

Step Three

Now, you must locate the power wire from the control unit. Then give some time to reach the power source and follow the power wire. Generally, the unit plugs into a power outlet. Since there are some security issues, so the power outlet is situated in another room of the house. However, now unplug the control unit from the power source.

Step Four

Now, unplug all the wires connected to the control unit. Here, most of the monitors and sensors have power from the battery because the main unit does not support the power. But you can have some older models that have wire.

Step Five

After that, you have to remove the sensors from your wall. For this task, you have to remove magnetic sensors from the wall. You can use a glue solvent to know if the adhesive has removed the paint or not when you pulled the sensors off.

Step Six

In this step, remove the motion-sensor devices. The motion-sensor devices are affixed with a powerful adhesive or they are screwed into your house. So, grab a glue solvent or unscrew to remove the motion sensors.

Step Seven

At the last step, you have to remove CO2 or any smoke detectors associated with the brinks security system. Now replace the smoke detectors and CO2 detectors rapidly after removing the brinks.

How to Know If the ADT Alarm Goes Off?

When you unplug the wall transformer providing the AC power and to the ADT panel after disconnecting a lead to the backup battery inside the beige metal cabinet, then the entire system powers down. So, for more clarity, you should check the keypad if the power actually has gone or not.

For verifying this, you have to make the surroundings fully dark and the keypad button unresponsive while pressing on the keypad. If you notice the keypad is unresponsive, then you can be sure the system has lost its power.

How Do I Get My Brinks Alarm to Stop Beeping?

If the alarm starts beeping randomly, then it will definitely be a disgusting matter for all. There are some simple steps with which you will be able to stop the brink’s alarm from beeping rapidly. So, here I am to guide you so that you can smoothly stop the beeping of your brink’s alarm.

When it is a beeping sound, then do not think of it as a false alarm. At first, you have to be sure that this is not coming from another source and that there is nothing to threaten you and your family. So, look at the alarm control panel of your house and look at all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to be sure there is no risk. When you are sure the sound is coming from the brink’s alarm, then you have to go ahead to stop it.

To stop beeping the brinks alarm, you have to change the batteries and the wirings. After that, it is time to disarm the alarm system. The final task is to bypass the trouble spot and then contact the service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do With My Old ADT System?

It is very natural to have an old ADT system in your house. If you have an old ADT system, then you should leave the system in your house, or you can throw it out. Because the agents of the ADT will not take their equipment back from anyone.

Is It Possible to Move My Alarm Keypad?

Yes, of course! You can move your alarm keypad when the garage door is not connected to the keypad zone. But remember that you have to power down the entire system completely. Otherwise, it can occur in an accident.

How Can I Know My ADT Keypad Goes in a Security System?

The security panel bus wires your system keypad. An ADT technician can tell you if the security panel wires the system keypad correctly or not in its new location. So, you have to take the help of an ADT technician to know if the keypad goes into a security system.


There are many causes you want to remove the brinks keypad from your wall. If there occurs any issue with the brinks alarm keypad, then you should repair or replace the keypad rapidly. But one thing you should remember for every time you want to do something with your brinks alarm is to take the help of an experienced person. Since it is an electrical issue, then you should take the help of a person who is experienced with electric wiring or a licensed electrician. Otherwise, there may happen any unwanted event.

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