How to Mount a TV on a Lath & Plaster Wall (Just 5 Steps)

How to Mount a TV on a Lath & Plaster Wall

The world is getting smarter and smaller so is the space for Tv as well. Now we don’t need an extra tv table to hold out the tv yet we can mount it on walls and save a lot of room. It’s easy to mount a Tv on a concrete wall because these walls can hold a lot of weight than the lath walls which are found mostly in older houses.

How Can You Mount a TV on the Lath or Plaster Wall?

Lath walls are mainly wood beams holding narrow strips of timber horizontally. The horizontal strips are ¼ inch spaced between each other to hold the plaster which makes the wall look amazing from the inside. Technically, you can hang a Tv on a lath and plaster wall. If you can measure out the studs to be precise, the center of the studs to hold the mount brackets, you can easily put a Tv on a lath wall.

But make sure the studs are thick and strong so that, they can hold up a Tv and amount.  Depends on the house’s history, if you know that, the studs are firm you can put up a 42-inch tv handily.

There are some necessary things you will be needing to mount your Tv on a lath wall, but first, you need to work on finding the studs and then the mounting process. To complete the whole process you’ll be needing:

  • Metal Studs Finder
  • An Earth Magnet
  • Carpenter’s Level
  • A Power Drill Driver
  • A Hammer
  • Spring Toggles
  •  Pencil
  • A screwdriver 

Don’t forget to take safety measures, wear hand gloves and googols. 

Step 1: FIND the Middle of The Stud

Studs are like wood battens that support the walls and hold the weight. Use a metal stud finder to locate the stud, but it’s pretty much difficult to get the result, because of the horizontal strips and plaster. When you can detect something with the stud finder, use the earth magnet to locate the stud by gliding it up and down.

If there’s a socket board on the wall you don’t need these tools to locate the missile of the studs because the socket board is placed just in the middle of the stud. Measure 16 or 20 inches from the middle of the socket board to find another stud to mount the tv on. if you get the socket board out, you’ll get a slight view of the back of the plaster wall and you can locate the studs properly.

Step 2: LEVEL the Mount and ark

Use the Carpenter’s level to level out the mount. Place the leveler just on top of the mount and check the capsule’s bubble if it’s in the middle .tilth the mount along with the leveler to get the exact positioning. Once you found it holds the mount tightly and marks out the screw hole location with the pencil.

Step 3: DRILL the Marked Holes

Use the power drill driver to make holes in the middle of the stud. Make sure you drill in the middle of the stud because if you drill in the corners, the spring toggles won’t be attached properly. If you feel steady pressure against the drill while drilling that means you have found the stud. Drill all marked points throughout the stud.

Step 4: ATTACH the Spring Toggles

Now you have successfully made a hole through the stud, put the spring toggles inside the wall with the hammer, and then use a screwdriver to disclose the dagger of the toggle To secure the screw with the stud. Always choose the screwdrivers one size bigger than the drill so it stays tangible e with the wall.

Step 5: MOUNT the TV

When you have finished putting all the spring toggles, put the mounted brass on it and check that it won’t come off .try adding some pressure with your hand and tilting it to be sure it has firmly fitted with the screw. Put the tv on the mounted brass and angle it properly to enjoy it from a distant view.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How much weight can a lath wall hold?

A lath wall can hold almost 80-100Ibs of weight if you have successfully found the studs. But if you are putting heavier material than 25Ibs, you can put it anywhere on the wall as the horizontal boards can hold that much weight. It’s easy to drill through the lath wall than the concrete one. 

How to drill it through the plaster without cracking it?

If there’s a chance of cracking the plaster as the wall is not much thick, you can use duct tape to drill to avoid breaking. The duct tape will consume the extra vibration and prevent the wall from cracking.

How to mount a Tv on a lath wall without studs?

It’s not a good idea to mount a tv on a lath wall without studs. The planks can’t hold the weight of the tv as well as the mounted brass. Always add 20% of the extra weight with the total weight to make secured mounting. If you are still planning to do so try using the specialized plasterboard fixing to mount the Tv.

How to mount a Tv on a plasterboard wall?

Start with holding the mount bracket against the wall and mark the screw position, mark as many holes as you can to spread the weight through the wall to make it more reliable. Put the screw between the mount through the wall and use a screwdriver to tighten the mount with the wall. When it’s fixed to the wall mount the Tv on.


Mounting a TV on a concrete wall is easy and risk-free, but there are certain things you need to follow when mounting a TV on a Lath plaster wall. When you are using spring toggles, you need to know how much weight they can bear. Choose a drill that is smaller than the spring toggles and also matches the screws with the mount. It will be easier to mount a tv if, you can find a mounting bracket according to brand and size. 

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