How to Hang Jerseys on a Wall without Nails (2 Methods)

How to Hang Jerseys on a Wall without Nails

If you are a game lover and play any type of game, such as cricket, football, basketball, or hokey, then I am sure you have jerseys. On the contrary, if you are not playing any of those games but are a fan of these games, then definitely you can have a hobby of collecting jerseys with your favourite player’s autographs.

People want to display their favourite jerseys on their walls because a jersey is a core symbol of competitive games. Again, in a jersey, there is pride and confidence. You can feel the pleasant memories and some warm feelings with a jersey by hanging it on your wall.

If you are going to hang your favourite jersey on the wall and think about your wall’s safety, then I am here to help you. Actually, if you use any nail to hang the jersey, then it may cause damage to the wall. So, you should hang your beloved jersey on your wall without nails. How can you hang the jersey on a wall without nails? I am going to tell you about it.

How to Hang Jerseys on a Wall without Nails

Ways to Hang Jerseys on a Wall without Nails

There are two effective ways you can hang a jersey on the wall without nails. These two ways will help you by keeping your wall safe and damage-free. You can use any of the three ways according to your preferences.

 Using a frame is the most effective way to hang a jersey without nails. Let’s see the way elaborately.

Way to Hang a Jersey on a Wall with a Jersey Frame

You need to purchase a large shadow box display case to make a jersey frame. You can use a shallow shadow box or something similar to that, like any container. But be careful if the shallow shadow box or the container is deep enough to hold your jersey. You should give emphasis on the border colours of the box so that it matches your jersey.

You should choose a square shadow box if you decide to show only the number of your jersey. On the other hand, you have to choose a rectangular and tall shadow box when you want to show the entire jersey.

After that, it is time to clearly remove the shadow box’s backing board. So, store shadow boxes with a backing board typically made of thin wood or cork. Then remove the backing board of the shadow box. If you want to spice up your backing board, then you should try covering the backing board with paper or cloth that contrasts or shares with the colour of your jersey.

Now, you have to use double-sided fabric tape to attach the jersey to the backing board. You should apply dressmaker pins to hold loose fabric down. However, you can attach any decorations to the backing board according to your choice.

After that, you have to use a command strip and replace the backing board on the wall to hang your jersey.

Now we will discuss another effective and popular way to hang your jersey.

Way to Hang a Jersey on a Wall with a Rod

You have to purchase a PVC pipe or a thin curtain rod to hang your jersey. So, you need to measure the jersey from sleeve to sleeve. To measure the jersey, you have to grab it by the arms and pull the arms taut by creating a straight line from the upper tip of one sleeve across the jersey’s neck hole to the upper tip of the jersey’s sleeve. You should use a ruler to figure out the exact length of the straight line.

After that, it is time to balance the rod so that it can be slightly longer than your jersey. Now, measure and then mark the rod’s last point on your wall.

However, you have to attach command strips at the market point. Finally, run the rod through your jersey and hang it easily.

These are the amazing ways to hang a jersey on a wall. I hope these will be so beneficial for you.

How Can I Store My Jerseys?

It is a normal matter to be concerned about storing a jersey. Sometimes your jersey with which you have so many memories and achievements can be ruined due to your careless behaviour. So, it is very important to keep the jerseys stored in a safe place. You should use a wooden hanger or stainless steel and then store the jerseys in a closet. Please be careful to keep the jerseys in a closet without having these packed things too tightly together.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Should I Hang My Jerseys?

Yes, why not? You can hang your jersey on your wall very well. If you have any jersey in such materials prone to wrinkles like lace, satin or silk, then you can simply hang it. Even you can hang any jersey with cotton material. But to keep a jersey made of stretchy materials, you must fold it to keep it safe from being stretched.

How to Hang Shirts on the Wall?

After collecting your T-shirt, it is essential to back the shirt with fusible interfacing. It actually helps to prevent stretching and cut the T-shirt to create 14-inch squares. After sewing the T-shirt square together, sew it onto a backing like a flat sheet. With this, you can create an edge and affix eyelets to the edges to hang the finished piece on your wall.

How Do I Hang a Baseball Jersey?

If you want to hang your baseball jersey, then you should try it out with a wire hanger. Because a wire hanger will leave dents in the baseball jersey over time. On the contrary, you can also use a smooth and solid wood or felt hanger to give adequate support to your baseball jersey on the wall.

How Do I hang a Jersey on My Dorm Wall?

You should use the 3M command strip to hang a jersey on your dorm. Because using 3M command strips will help you to easily place the jersey on the wall and even conveniently remove it from the wall. But make sure the dorm authority allows you to hang a jersey on your dorm wall. Because some dorm authority restricts hanging any jersey on their dorm room wall.

Can I Put My Jersey in a Regular Frame?

You can use 30*36 inches or even can try 32*40 inches frame to hang your jersey because most jerseys will fit in these measurements. But you should be aware of your wall position and measurement.

How Can I Hang My Hoodie on My Wall?

If you want to hang your hoodie on your wall, you should use adhesive hooks. Since an adhesive hook has a paper backing and you can remove the paper backing to expose a sticky adhesive very easily, this way will be very useful for you. So, stick the hooks onto the wall where you would like to display your hoodie. After that, put the hoodie on the hanger and then hang it from the hook.


Since a jersey symbolises love, affection, passion, pride, and hard work, you should keep the jersey in a safe place. If you want to hang it on your wall, then place it where the jersey can get its full esteem. Actually, the best idea to keep a jersey safe is to keep it flat. So, rather than fold a jersey, the best way is to hang it on a beautiful and clean wall. Hanging a jersey on a wall enhances the beauty of a wall even. Seeing the jersey on your wall lets people know your interest in playing. 

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