How To Hang Elk Antlers On The Wall (2 Simple Methods)

How To Hang Elk Antlers On The Wall

Antlers are one of the most antique things you can have in your collection. Be it on your shelves or on the wall, it gives away a rustic yet elegant feel to your surroundings.

And as nature goes, Elk Antlers are easy to find in the wild, and you can keep them as souvenirs in your home. You can also hang them on the wall for decoration purposes.

As Elks shed their antlers every year, you will come across them often. And keeping them as memory is always something to look forward to. But how to hang Elk antlers on the wall? As they degrade over time, you might have no clue how to hang them. 

No worries, that’s why we are here. You can simply attach some hooks to the wall and place the antlers on them. Securing them with fishing wires for better measure than metal wires will make them stay preserved longer. Also, you can get an antler mount if you want. 

We are going to talk all about that and show you the step-by-step process today. 

How To Hang Elk Antlers On The Wall

Methods And Steps To Hang Elk Antlers On The Wall | Preservation And Tips 

Hanging Elk antlers does not require any handyman quality. It’s just a drill, screw, and secure kinda thing. We are going to walk you through two methods for your convenience. 

Method 1: General Hook And Fish Wire Method

The most general and rustic method is using hooks and fishing wire to put the Elk antlers up on the wall. It is not only easy to put up but focuses more on the antlers rather than any other antiques. Before starting, make sure to gather the things mentioned below. 

Things you will need

  • A drill.
  • Some hooks and screw anchors.
  • Fish wires.
  • Plywood or something sturdy but thin. 
General Hook And Fish Wire

Step 1: Choose And Mark The Wall

Start by selecting a place on the wall. The best height would be on your eye length so it is easy to view. Also, choose a darker part of your home where sunlight doesn’t directly hit the antlers. 

Step 2: Drill Some Holes 

Drill some holes in the wall. As you will have to place plywood behind the hooks, make sure to make extra holes. The plywood should be placed over the wall as to protect it from the antlers. 

Step 3: Attach The Plywood 

Attach the plywood. Then proceed with the hooks. You can use screws to attach the plywood along with anchors. If you have a wooden wall, go for the studs and disregard the anchors. 

Step 4: Insert And Tighten The Hooks Or Screws

When the plywood is installed, start with the hooks. Drill some holes for the anchors depending on the number of antlers you have and the size. Also, if you are working on a brick or concrete wall, you will need an anchor for the hooks. Wooden walls will not require any, but make sure they are attached to the studs. For extra grip of course. 

Insert And Tighten The Hooks Or Screws

Step 5: Hang The Antlers And Secure Them With Fish Wires

After the hooks are installed, place the Elk antlers on them. If they sit right, proceed with securing them with fish wires. You can use metal wires of course by all means, but let the antlers shine. 

Method 2: Investing in an Antler Mount To Hang Elk Antlers

There are also antler mounts on the market. These have a PVC structure and come in different designs. You also get to recreate the whole skull if you want. 

They also come with all the necessary screws, putty, and other necessary parts. You can follow the instruction manual and install the screws to hang the mount on the wall first.

Antler Mount To Hang Elk Antlers

Then move on to install the antlers onto the mount with screws and putty. Then simply place it on the wall. Thats all.

Note: Elk antlers degrade over time. Especially in nature, sunlight, and other weather conditions. This is why you should mount them away from sunlight, preferably in a dark and dry environment. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – FAQs

How do you attach an antler to a skull?

To attach an antler to a skull, you will have to cut the antlers to fit in the skull placement. Then proceed to file the skull down to make better adjustments and also for the adhesive to work properly. Then drill holes in both the skull and the antlers. Attach the screw and add the adhesive on the skull and the antler bottom. 

What do you mount antlers on?

You can mount antlers on the hook, screw, or even on an animal skull. Also, there is the option to get PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) antler mounts online. 

How high do you hang antlers?

Antlers should be mounted from eyesight level to over your head. If the antlers are small, then eyesight should be the best height. And bigger antlers can go overhead. 

How long do antlers last?

Antlers have a long lifespan. If kept in a pristine condition out of the sunlight and in a dry environment, it will outlive your lifetime. 

How often do antlers fall off?

Antlers fall off of Elks every winter. So once every year. 


No matter how you mount them, the aesthetics are undeniably there with the antlers. Make sure to install extra screws if the antler is big and has some weight to it. And always go for the studs to give the screw the extra grip. 

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