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How To Hang Dry Erase Board On Wall

Dry Erase Board is an excellent tool for teaching and planning ideas. It’s Easy to write and wash the marker from the wall. A Dry Erase Board is used in schools, the corporate sector, and at home. It works like one open mind where one can discuss his though and projects. 

How To Hang Dry Erase Board Without Damaging A Wall?

You can easily stick Erase board to the wall with adhesive glues. But these glues are not sufficient for a erase board to stick on the wall because these can come off quickly. To hang the dry-erase board without damaging the wall, you can use adhesive screws instead. These adhesive screws can take a lot more weight than adhesive stickers without screwing the walls, and you don’t need to find studs for this process. If you can hang the dry-erase board perfectly, it will stay forever until you remove them from the wall.

Measure Out The White Board To The Wall

where you want to place the board. Use a carpenter’s level to level the board with the wall. Once you are satisfied with the height and level, add markers to each corner. This will help you to attach the adhesive screws to the wall.

1. First, Clean The Surface

where you want to mount your dry erase board. If the surface is greasy, the adhesive won’t stick properly. You can scrub the wall with water and alcohol to remove excess grease and dust. You can use sandpaper to the exact place so the wall’s surface can hold up with the adhesive screw.

2. Take The Adhesive Screw And Put It On The Wall

to the marked corners. Place the adhesive screw to its position and check if it’s going to fit correctly, then carefully remove the protective tape from the back of the screw and attach it to the wall. The low-grade sticker will hold the screw to the wall before mounting anything.

3. Take The Provided Glue and Fill The Large Whole.

Use the given glue tube and put it underneath the adhesive screw through the large hole, which will make the wall and the adhesive screw firmly attach and let the glue sit for 8-12 hours before mounting anything on the wall. During this time, it will set firmly with the wall.

4. Now Mount The Dry Erase Board

to the wall. The Adhesive screw can hold a medium size board to the wall without damaging the wall.

How Do You Attach White Board On Wall Without Nails?

Industrial Strength Velcro is a valuable tool for your home with heavy projects. It’s an easy solution when you don’t want to damage your wall with nails. These are Strong Fasteners designed to work on any kind of surface and at any temperature.

  1. Cut out Some large pieces of Velcro scotch tapes as much as you feel you need to secure your dry erase board to the wall.
  2. Take out the adhesive and put it on the wall where you have measured out your dry-erase board to be mounted, and press it against the wall for at least 30 seconds so it gets a tight grip on the wall. Do the same process with each corner. Adding some to the middle of your dry-erase board is quite extensive.
  3. Now stick some more scotch tapes to the board according to the wall measurement for each fastener’s side of the tape will fit. Let the board and the wall rest for at least 6 hours to harden enough.
  4. After That, take the board to the wall and attach each Velcro of the board to the wall so that the fasteners get attached firmly.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What To Use To Hang White Board On A Wall?

Safety hooks are considered the best option for whiteboard hangings on the wall. Just measure the whiteboard to the wall where you want to install it. Now many whiteboards come with an easy installation process as it has hangers attached to them for easy mounting. 

Attach a safety hook on each corner of the whiteboard measurements, then mount your whiteboard hangers to the clips. If the area you live in has shaken the ground as earth quack is a ubiquitous matter to the place, you can add to extra hook below the whiteboard, which will hold up the board firmly enough.

How To Hang a Whiteboard Without A Hook?

Hooks require holes in the wall to attach. If you want to avoid hooks, use 3M command strips wide enough to hold small to medium whiteboards. Attach one side of the command strip to the whiteboard on each corner and in the middle to make it stick to the wall properly. Remove another side of the protector, press and hold to the wall, so the command strips get nicely attached.

How To Remove Adhesive Screws From The Wall?

You can remove the adhesive screws easily from the wall whenever you feel you don’t need the Dry Erase Board. Take Off the Board from the screws. Now give a twist to the wall adhesive screws using a range. It will come off immediately. There might be adhesive left on the wall. Use a chisel and remove it from a corner to make the wall fresh.


Adhesive screws and tapes are an easy solution for any type of wall to hang Dry erase boards and take them off. But for industrial use, it is suggested to drill to the studs and put them on the board if the board is giant. Check before using adhesives how much weight adhesives can hold up.

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