Bear Rug on Wall Ideas (4 Popular Ways)

Bear Rug on Wall Ideas

When cave dwellers stood around and argued about how to fix bear rugs to their rough stone walls, it was apparent that they argued over bear rugs. Although men have evolved since then, the instinct to show off their trophies remains. And that’s OK. A bear rug does not require much effort to hang, especially compared to the effort involved in removing it from the bear.

Decoration Ideas for Walls with Bear Rugs

Hunters enjoy their trophies. Home décor for centuries has included bear skin rugs as a unique item. Rustic, masculine rugs give room warmth, informality, and coziness, along with a rustic, masculine feel. In addition to placing rugs on the floor in front of a fireplace, people also hang them on walls.

1. Brown/Chocolate Double Felt

As I thought this bear’s color matched the brown/chocolate double felt, I had the rug done on it. The heavy ruffles aren’t my style, so I asked them to flatten them a bit to avoid so much ruffling. That’s just my preference, however. Although I have seen some bobcat rugs with heavy ruffles that I liked, I am not a big fan of them. I prefer it on the wall to avoid damage to the bear rug. 

2. Mount as A Memory Activator

Almost every bear hunter should have a whole body mount as a memory activator related to bears. Life-size bears provide rugged grit and wilderness realism to any room and are an excellent addition to hunting rooms.

3. Display in Your Living Room

One of North America’s most prominent mammals is the majestic Grizzly bear. You’ll be able to display the Grizzly in your living room, cabin, or office, and it will probably become the focal point of your taxidermy collection. For many years, you will reflect and reminisce over your hunting trip while looking at the sprawled Grizzly bear rug on your wall. At All-Taxidermy, you can shop for Grizzly bear rugs online at competitive prices! Taxidermists company are meticulous when taxidermizing your Grizzly bear.

4. Dark Brown to Jet Black Bear

There is also much interest in the black bear on this website. One of the most popular taxidermy animals is the American black bear. Dark brown to jet black is the color range of this bear. As a black bear rug, the fur will look stunning. Black bear hides are also available for sale.

How to Hang a Bear Rug

The use of bear rugs in animal décor dates back a long time. Your home will look great with one of them as a centerpiece. Whether you hang them from a wall or place them on the floor, the decorating options are endless. It is not difficult to turn a bear rug, especially when removing it from the bear. To hang a bear rug, follow these steps:

Step 1. Make sure the bear rug is safe by covering it with newspaper and taped with painter’s tape.

Step 2. Place the bear carefully on the newspaper on the floor. Keep the fur in good condition by handling it with care.

Step 3. Make a trace of the bear using a maker. You can hang the bear without holding it against a wall by making a pattern.

Step 4. Take the newspaper out carefully from under the bear. Fold the newspaper under the rug and scrunch it up as far as you can toward the opposite side as you lift or roll the bear rug up. Slide the newspaper out from under the bear rug on the other side.

Step 5. If you aren’t sure where the rug will hang, hold the newspaper pattern against the wall. It is best to wallhanging it securely with two studs, especially if you live in an earthquake-prone area—Mark where the paws and head will go lightly.

Step 6. The next step is to lay the bear rug on its back. Make sure to poke the curved upholstery needle through the felt and into the backing to ensure a secure hold before attaching D-rings to the bear hide. For a minimum of six D-rings, place one on each paw, one on the muzzle, and one in the middle. Attach a few more D-rings if the bear is very heavy.

Step 7. On top of the bear rug, place the paper pattern and mark the location of the D-rings. Line up the design with the marks you made and hold it to the wall. Place the D-rings where you want them.

Step 8. Attach small hooks to the wall in the places you marked. Use wood screws to attach the pins to the stud. Drill holes for the drywall anchors and tap them gently into place with a mallet. Screw the hooks into the drywall anchors.

Step 9. Mount your bear on the wall by slipping the D-rings over the hooks.

How do I care for my Bear Rug on Wall?

The care and cleaning of a rug on the floor and one hanging on the wall are apparent. And Occasionally, a bear rug will need more than just dusting.

According to Timberline Furniture, the bear rug must be taken down and laid across a table so you can reach it. Never rub against the direction of the fur when removing dust with a vacuum cleaner or soft, damp cloth. To keep non-fur parts clean, wipe them with a wet cloth. With a moist sponge, wash the surface with water and mild soap for more effective cleaning. Let the hair dry for one day, then brush it in the direction the hair grows. Do not soak or saturate the rug. Handle it with care, and don’t ruffle the fur. Avoid touching the skin as much as possible when moving it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Hang a Bear Rug on The Wall?

Follow the instructions in the article above closely to hang a bear rug. Among these are making a newspaper pattern, hanging it securely from studs, laying the bear rug on its back and attaching D-rings, attaching small hooks, and finally, mounting your bear rug on the wall.

Where Do You Put a Bear Skin Rug?

Home décor for centuries has included bear skin rugs, one of the most popular prizes. Rugs of this type add warmth, informality, coziness, and a rustic, masculine feel to a room. Most people place their bear rugs on the floor in front of a fireplace, but hanging them on the wall is also popular.


Taxidermists who make bearskins into rugs try to make the skin look like an actual bear lying on the ground. Most bears are found with their heads still attached to their bodies and their mouths open in snarls. It is common for professionally mounted skins to have a felt backing that extends several inches around the edge. Large bear rugs can reach eight or nine feet in length. A rug of moderate size can measure five to six feet in length.

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