Art Wall Ideas For Classroom (7 Wall Art Ideas)

Art Wall Ideas For Classroom

The classroom is the place where children and teenagers spend most of their time. In a classroom, you’ll have students who are different from each other. They all come from different families and environments along with their own different qualities. Each life is different, and so is their learning and communication capacity.

The first purpose of a classroom is to help the kids express themselves. Because if a child can’t express the difficulties he is facing won’t be able to learn well. That’s why the environment of the classroom should be friendly and welcoming. As a teacher, it’s your responsibility to create a cohesive learning environment.

Wall Art Ideas For Your Classroom

A study shows that if a classroom has natural airflow and vision it makes the students more engaging and enthusiastic. So they not only learn well but also become confident. Thus you should provide a natural touch to your students in your classroom. As a result, they will make good results and will become good human beings too.

1. Student Artwork

The arrangement of a classroom should be. Neither you can over-decorate none less decorate the classroom. The room should have some natural elements along with some art and crafts. You can make the art crafts by yourself or with the students. There should be at least one wall art hanging in the room made by the current group of students.

2. Welcoming Wall Art

You can attach some arts that you have made or bought. This will make the children think that you’re one of them. Though it’s best if you participate in group projects with them. Making anything in a group increases communication and friendship. Here are some wall arts you can hang in the classroom.

3. Fun Activities Decor

You can decorate classroom walls by attaching various arts and crafts projects. Further, you need to keep your budget low. So you can make many things with paper. Like flowers, plants, birds, butterflies, dreamcatchers, etc. Again, you can cut colorful papers in various shapes and write massage on them.

The classroom should be full of colors. That’s why you can buy colorful art but they will cost much. Instead, you can buy colorful papers, pencils, glue, scissors, and ribbons at a low price. Then you can assign your students to do fun activities of making art projects. After completing you can easily attach them to the wall with command strips.

4. Basic Facts As Wall Art

You can simply hang a map on the wall of the classroom. That map can be a world map or the map of the residential city. Or you can attach numbers and alphabets on the wall with decoration. So the kids can learn important information with fun.

5. Chalkboard Art Describing Rules

Boards are a must for classrooms. Also, every class has to follow different sets of rules. So you can dedicate one corner of the board to describing the rules to the students. You can make it eye-catching by using colorful chalk or marker.

6. Natural Decoration

Nature has a vital role in the healthy growth of humans. Especially children because that’s the time of life when a person forms physically along with mentally. For this, they need to have a touch of nature in their everyday life. Hence you can plant grass on walls or hang tubs in the class. Moreover, the plants help to refresh the environment.

7. Essential Items

In a classroom, you must keep track of time so a clock is a must. Also, you’ll need to keep your extra books, notes, and items away while a class is going on. So now having a wall clock and shelves for bags is mandatory.

How To Decorate Classroom

You need to arrange your classroom in such a way that there is a contribution of all. Students shouldn’t feel left out in any occasion or situation. You need to make them feel they are equally important. So, you can hang art on two walls of the classroom. On one wall there should be a board and on another side, there should be windows.

A classroom must have spacious windows for passing air and light. But if noises come in from the windows you should have soundproof glass and fans. If there is no natural sight outside the window you should have plants in the room. In this way, you can have a balanced purposeful classroom.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Can I Use To Hang Things In My Classroom?

At the time of decorating a classroom, the common problem you face is you can’t make holes in the wall. Most of the school authorities don’t permit drilling on the wall. Therefore to hang things you have to look for alternatives. In such a situation you can use command strips and adhesive hooks. They firmly attach to the wall, without affecting it.

How Do I Stick Things To My Classroom Walls?

You may know that glues stick things, but they can’t stick anything to a wall. So to stick art and crafts to the wall use command strips. You have to peel off one side of the strip and attach it to the thing you want to stick to the wall. Then peel off another side of the strip and firmly hold the thing on the wall. You have to hold and press it for at least 30 seconds. Adhesive hooks also work in the same way.

How To Decorate A Small Classroom?

To decorate a small classroom you have to make use of all the space you have. To do so declutter the space of the room, only keep necessary furniture, and try to keep the furniture small. Now for decorating use extensive artwork with paper, which you can fold over and have a different thing.


Some kids feel nervous, pressured, and get afraid while they are in school. It happens because of the unfamiliar environment and also of the task of learning. Yes, it’s their task to learn what a teacher teaches them but you need to create an environment for them where they can flourish. If they don’t feel comfortable, fresh, and valued in the classroom they won’t be able to give their best.

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