How to Hang Curtains on a Concrete Wall?

How to Hang Curtains on a Concrete Wall

As someone who just moved into a new apartment with concrete walls, I quickly realized I needed an easy way to hang curtains. After doing some research, I learned there are a few methods for hanging curtains on concrete walls, each with its own pros and cons.

Here are the main options I considered:

Drilling Into the Concrete

One direct way is to drill holes into the concrete and insert wall anchors. This provides a very sturdy base for hanging curtain brackets or rods. However, drilling into concrete can be tricky. You need a special masonry drill bit and hammer drill. It also permanently damages the wall, so you have to patch and repaint it later if you remove the brackets.

Adhesive Curtain Hooks

Self-adhesive curtain hooks, like Command strips, are very easy to install. Just wipe the concrete wall, press the adhesive hook on, and hang your curtains. No drilling or tools needed. The downside is these hooks can fail over time, especially with heavy curtains. They may peel off the wall, damaging the paint or concrete.

Tension Rod

For a temporary solution, tension rods fit between walls with no installation needed. Just extend the rod til it’s wedged tight. But tension rods can bend or fall out of place. They also limit curtain options, since the rod needs space to fit between walls.

After weighing the options, I opted to drill into the concrete. It was more work upfront but provided the most secure, long-lasting base for my curtains. 

Here are some tips if you try this method

  1. Mark the hole locations with a pencil so your brackets line up evenly
  2. Apply painter’s tape around the holes before drilling to reduce crumbling
  3. Let the drill do the work – don’t force it or you can crack the bit
  4. Vacuum up concrete dust so it doesn’t stain your curtains later
  5. Start with small pilot holes then gradually increase bit size
  6. Secure anchors with a hammer, making sure they’re flush with the wall
  7. Check bracket alignment as you install them in the anchors
  8. With the right tools and patience, drilling into concrete walls works well for hanging curtains. 

Just be prepared for some dust and minor wall damage that may need touch-up painting. No matter which method you choose, measure twice and use a level to ensure your curtain rod is even. That will help the curtains hang properly.

FAQ about Hang Curtains on a Concrete Wall

Q: Can I hang curtains on concrete walls without drilling?

A: Yes, adhesive hooks or tension rods allow you to hang curtains without drilling holes. But they may not provide as secure of a mount.

Q: What kind of screws should I use for concrete walls?

A: Look for screw anchors rated for concrete and masonry use. Tapcon and Spax are two popular brands. Allow at least 1-1.4” of depth for a secure hold.

Q: Will curtains eventually pull out anchors in concrete?

A: As long as you install the proper anchor size and depth for the curtain weight, they should remain secure. Use screw anchors rated to hold 75-100 lbs for heavy curtains.

Q: What if my concrete wall is covered in plaster – can I still hang curtains?

A: Yes, in that case, you would use WallDog plastic anchors designed for plaster walls. Just drill through the plaster into the concrete, insert the anchors, and hang brackets.

Parting Notes

With a little planning and the right tools, any concrete wall can serve as a perfect base for hanging stylish curtains to add privacy and personality to your space. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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