How to Hang a Deer Skull on The Wall?

How to Hang a Deer Skull on The Wall

Hanging a deer skull on the wall is a great way to commemorate a successful hunt or simply to add a unique and rustic touch to your décor. There are a few different methods you can use to hang a deer skull on the wall, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

You can either use a mounting plate, hooks, or plaques, or you can simply opt for a DIY solution like a piece of nail through the spinal hole. Read on to find out more.

Methods for Hanging a Deer Skull

Mounting Plate 

Purchase a decorative mounting plate designed to hold skulls and antlers. Screw the plate into a stud in the wall, then attach the skull to the plate using small screws drilled into the back of the skull. Make sure the plate is centered at the desired height.


Screw heavy duty hooks into wall studs, spaced to match holes drilled into the back of the skull. Carefully hang the skull on the hooks. For a more secure hold, wire the skull to the hooks.


Build or purchase a wooden plaque with holders to mount the skull. Hang the plaque like a picture frame. This distributes the weight over a larger area.

Antlers Only

For just the antlers, use decorative antler holders mounted on the wall. Attach the antlers to the holders with heavy-duty hanging wire.

Pro Tips

  1. For heavier skulls, use toggles or molly bolts anchored into the wall to help support more weight.
  2. Wrap mount wires tightly around antler beams 2-3 times for a secure mount.
  3. Use clear museum wax to temporarily hold the skull in place while marking holes. This allows hands-free mounting.
  4. Angle spotlights on the skull to create dramatic shadows and highlights.
  5. Sprinkle borax powder on the skull and let sit overnight before bleaching to whiten and deodorize.
  6. Spray deer skulls with clear acrylic sealer once cleaned to protect and preserve them.

How much weight can my wall support for a deer skull?

Most standard walls can support 15-20 lbs mounted into studs. Heavier skulls will require extra anchors and wall reinforcement.

Where should I locate the skull in a room?

Visually balance the skull in the space. Center over a mantel or furniture, or hang in an open area to highlight.

What hardware is best for hanging?

For most skulls, heavy-duty picture hooks screwed into studs or specialty skull mounts work well. Heavier skulls may need bolts or toggles.

How do I clean and whiten the skull?

Soak in a bleach solution for 24 hours. Then let dry in the sun to naturally whiten. Wear gloves when handling bleached skulls.

End Notes

Following proper methods for mounting and displaying a deer skull can provide an attractive conversation piece for your home. Take care to securely fasten the skull into wall studs, and enjoy your unique hunting trophy!

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