How to Dispose of a Lava Lamp Safely Without Causing Any Harm

How to Dispose of a Lava Lamp

The retro lamp that is still in the household for its futuristic design is none other than the lava lamp. 

Maybe you bought one when you were in high school or got it as a birthday gift, it’s still in your bedroom. 

If it is still working then keep on lighting it up now and then. But if it is damaged, and it is time to say goodbye to your childhood wonder, you might be thinking about how to dispose of a lava lamp properly. 

It’s natural that anyone would be concerned about the chemicals that are inside the lava lamp globe. 

We are going to talk about the ways to dispose of a lava lamp and a few more things in this article. 

How to Dispose of Lava Lamp

Lava lamps are not hazardous as radioactive chemicals. Still, they have some chemical compounds like paraffin wax, mineral oils, and carbon tetrachloride. Some secret ingredients are also present which makes them unsafe for human skin and eyes.

With that said, you might be thinking of putting it in the recycling bin rather than the trash. Which is a big no. 

The things you should do if you want to dispose of a lava lamp are as follows. 

  1. Do not empty your lava lamp fluids if the glass isn’t broken. 
  2. Wrap the lamp in newspaper or foam material and then dispose of it in your trash.
  3. Some areas have a free lava lamp recycling system where you can take it and leave it for free. 
  4. If you have a broken lava lamp, suppose the glass, don’t pour the liquid into your sink. The wax will clog up your drainage system which is another inconvenience. 
  5. Rather dispose of the liquid in a plastic bag or zip lock bag. 
  6. In no circumstances, you should open the lava lamp. Unless you have safety gear on and have past experience. 
  7. The best thing to do is if you have the lava lamp box then use it to throw it in the trash. 
  8. Always follow the instructions that came with the lamp to dispose of it properly.

Can I Use Parts of the Lava Lamp? 

The glass globe, bulb, and other electrical components can be of use if they are still working. 

But without prior knowledge, you shouldn’t start doing a DIY with a lava lamp. Especially with liquids. 

Wear proper protection before doing any of these. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I throw a lava lamp away?

Yes. You can throw away a lava lamp in normal trash rather than in the recycling bin. Simply wrap it with newspaper and put it in the trash bin. You can also put it in a box after you have wrapped it in a newspaper for better safety. 

Where can I dispose of a lava lamp?

You can dispose of a lava lamp in your daily trash can. Some areas have free recycling facilities for lava lamps. You can take it to them and they will do the rest. 

Are lava lamps hazardous waste?

No. Although there are chemicals that are harmful to human skin, they are not hazardous to nature. So it is not hazardous waste. 

How to empty a lava lamp?

To empty a lava lamp you have to know how your lava lamp is built. Some have a top opening and some have an opening from the bottom. Normally some unscrewing will put apart the frame and you will have access to the fluids. Make sure you wear protective glasses and gloves before you attempt to open it. 


Lava lamps are a historic piece of home appliance. It is one of those things that are still on the market due to its futuristic design. But as hard and hazardous as it may sound, it is quite easy to dispose of them. Remember not to break it or get the fluid on yourself or in the sink in any way. 

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